Saturday, October 08, 2005


1) Name something that really gets your goat!: Blog questionnaires!

2) Do you look like someone famous?: Right now I look like Angry Kid!

3) Have you ever vandalized someone's blog?: No, but the thought is appealing... I've left several nasty comments though!!

4) What is the first thing you notice about the preferred sex?: The sheep try to run away!

5) What really turns you off?: Blog questionnaires!

6) Do you speak any other languages?: I speak fluent typonese!

7) What magazines do you read?: Razzle, Big 'Uns, and Gun Mart.

8) Do you watch MTV?: No, but sitting here typing is giving me DVT!

9) Do you like Michael Jackson?: Only when I was a small child! He doesn't call any more!!

10) Has anyone you were really close to passed away?: Well I was once waiting for a bus and the woman behind me was quite close... Someone told me she's dead now, but I don't believe them!

11) Name some people who are NOT allowed to do this quiz: Everybody, anybody, somebody, and nobody!!

Damn, I hate questionnaires so much... Can you tell??

The problem I have with questionnaires specifically, is that they deprive me of people's creativity. I mean, sure it's great to read facts and figures about blogging buddies and stuff, I even did my own "Foxy Factfile" earlier this week, but it wasn't done in the style of an interview!!

Some days, blogging is easy, we all have great days when bizarre or funny things happen, and it makes great blog material.

Other days, the blogging is hard. I sometimes sit down and have nothing to write about. This is only natural. Not every day can be a barnstorming blogging extravaganza. The days when I have less to actually write about have been some of the days when I have pulled a proverbial blogging rabbit out of my blogging top hat!!

To me, the questionnaires have a viral quality... One person starts, everyone follows... It's nothing short of herd mentality, and it's about as much fun as email spam (which I ranted about previously).

Oh, well, I'm ranting to myself now, as I imagine everyone who has succumbed to the "dark side" and filled in the current rash of questions will have long since fluttered off to read someone else's answers...

Rant over... You can relax.

Coll thing for today:

Here's a little picture of a Blu-Tack model I made to brighten up my working area. Before you ask, it's an arctic fox of course!!


  1. Wow, do I dare comment? Please excuse me as I tend to my wounds from the lashing I just received. Sorry you hate the questionaires. I rather like to see people's answers, but I guess they are not for everyone. Take a deep breath,and relax... the worst part of the infection is over... Sorry we disappointed you so much...

  2. Sounds like you might have a slight, minute, teeny-weeny, itty-bitty problem with questionnaires FoX! hahaha...ok promise to never tag you...but the blue tack fox is fair game, have him prepare his answers.

  3. Yay... the angry Fox is back....

    Shame you didn't do all the questions, I thought you were very inspired.

    I'm wary of blue tack - I find it can be a bit clingy at times. (cat laughs so much at it's own joke it nearly chokes on a fur ball)

    Now over to Jen for the last word.

  4. (spoken in my best Yoda voice)

    Bother you not the questions, young Jedi, but the answers.

    I crack myself up.

    Thanks Spice for the Last Word and kudos to you on the new shiney thing!

    {{{Hugs}}} FoXy, you sound like you need them! -Jen :P

  5. But Fox, sometimes the creativity can be IN the answers. I know I was laughing at Spice's and smiling at yours.

    Razzle, Big 'uns, and Gun Mart, huh? (grin)

    The fearless Vampire killers was on last night? Dang! I missed it.


  6. Excellent

  7. Did the cat really get the Fox? Well, got his tongue anyway... :)


  8. Do you have any of these for sale and are they in a variety of flavours?