Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Luxury vacation for the first person to read this.....

First and most importantly: Spare a thought and a prayer for the passing of one of the funniest men of all time. Ronnie Barker. Ronnie died at home (yesterday), peacefully, following a long period of heart troubles. My memories of childhood and indeed adulthood (I still watch Open All Hours and Porridge reruns - weeping with laughter) are tinged with the colour that this great comedian gave us. Roll on a massive season of Ronnie Barker reruns on the BBC - I await it with tears of sadness and a heart full of joy. Thanks for the laughs Ronnie!!

Ok, self promotion again... it's becoming a habit, but it seems nobody notices my new "features" unless I specifically point them out!! Remember, the blog is SUPPOSED to be dynamic, fluid, liquid, it has many faces, and can change at a moment's notice. I am keen to expand my little blogging empire as much as I can. I like to try to introduce little elements that make people click things. Last time it was the "guestbook" over there on the right hand side... A few people actually went ahead and signed it. It looks good, you can use little smilie faces in it and it even gives you a little flag from your country.... it's very sweet, but then what do you expect from the Fox?

Dammit, a whole day ago, I added a "polling booth" and so far, not one single person has used it!! (except me testing it of course!!). C'mon folks wakey wakey rise and shine, the early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!! Don't make me blow my own trumpet again.... it plays havoc with my neck!!

Foxy factfile:

a) I have been bitten by three dogs in my lifetime, and knocked to the ground by a dog once!!
b) I have no desire to find "old school friends" through "friends reunited"!
c) I have felt like I was instantly going to die, approximately four times!!
d) My random acts of kindness sort of spontaneously stopped.
e) My mobile phone has too many features, and the ones I want to use are rubbish. It is the size of a housebrick!
f) I am still searching for my elusive talent.
g) I smoke TOO many cigarettes.
h) I don't drink alcohol very often, but when I do, I don't do it carefully!
i) I have a sort of addictive tendency. Whatever I get involved in, there are no half measures, it's all or nothing, baby!
j) If I wasn't the spitting image of my dad, I would swear that my family picked up the wrong baby!!
k) Why do lurkers annoy me so.... sign something instead of creeping round with your slippers on.
l) I watch films. I'm quite critical of them. I hate Hollywood's standard fodder.
m) I haven't exercised for 20 years. A week ago (for my 37th birthday) I managed a 40 mile bike ride and climbed over two mountains!
n) I hate alarm clocks, they put me in such a bad mood.
o) I work to live. I do not live to work.
p) Pretentious?? Moi??
q) I took magic mushrooms when I was 13, and every subsequent season until I was in my mid twenties. I wouldn't even consider taking them now.
r) The first single I ever bought was an opaque purple vinyl 7" of ELO's "Sweet Talkin' Woman".
s) The second single I bought was a pink vinyl 7" of Squeeze "Cool For Cats".
t) I can't live without mouthwash!!
u) Last thing I bought online was a Minuora swing arm!!
v) Tax... I hate paying it, and hate doing the paperwork.
w) I am one lazy blogger.
x) I am the world's worst vegetarian. I used to be strictly vegan.
y) If I was on death row, and could order a final meal... it would be crispy duck pancakes. Yes, I know!!
z) This was the hardest blog entry ever!! (so far it's taken me about 4 hours!!)

Some responses, which I am notoriously bad at keeping up with:

Mr. Hodge: Yes, how ironic that the first comment, and for that matter the first comment(s) nearly every day in my lovely blog are total spam. The term Trucking Factoring lends itself to the great spoonerism that has something to do with Tractoring!! It is great to have your company on my blog though mister. Your presence in Hudds is missed by this fox!!

Kev: Tomatoes, you're right, they make be SO angry. Have you ever noticed that, if you buy a cheese and tomato sandwich, and the cheese is touching the tomato, it sort of bleaches the cheese, man!! It makes the bread go soggy. The tomatoes we get in England are dire... all water and no flavour. (Fox waves his hand) MSN is not the blog tool you are looking for.... The force is strong, but together we can rule this puny planet!!

Spoilechile: Trinidad and Tobago - Now that sounds like a dream for us dreary Brits!! I am always more than happy to welcome a new face to my space, but especially as you've brought a new country with you. Welcome, pull up a chair, can I get you a drink?

Jen: Viruses and viral spoofs are equally annoying as chain spam. I've cleaned up my fair share of viruses over the years. It is believed that the first viruses ever written originated in the Eastern Bloc (possibly Bulgaria or Hungary, I don't remember). The concept was, that the IT staff would be paid even if the systems were down, and they couldn't work. They got paid so little that they realised the best way was to "engineer" a system outage!! Hey presto!!

Regan: Brutal honesty... you took the words right out of my mouth. "brutal honesty" is one of my favourite expressions.

Crystal: There is no direct way to actually "categorise" blogger entries, but I will tell you this much (don't tell everyone or they will all want one)... there is some sort of fudgey workaround if you can be bothered. It involves having a blog for each category, and a master blog I think.... hang on, I am sure someone can explain this better than me... (Fox disappears into the undergrowth of the interweb, foraging for information nuggets).... (Fox returns amazed at the quality of the information he has turned up)... This page teaches you, not only how to make categories, but how to automate the process!! Don't say I never give you anything: Damn, I am SO good!!

Cool thing for today:

A quick question. The penny black was the first adhesive stamp. How was the penny red a first?

PS: There is NO luxury vacation!!


  1. Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

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    Come and check it out if you get time :-)

  2. Thats a good question of the day.
    Here's something I read about Penny Red:


  3. Lazy blogger??? I think not!!

  4. Few comments about fox-fact-sheet:

    c) I have felt like I was instantly going to die, approximately four times!!

    May fox live long...

    g) I smoke TOO many cigarettes.

    Don’t worry about that, there is a Russian proverb: "Non-smokers and Non-drinkers will die healthy"

    I) I have a sort of addictive tendency. Whatever I get involved, there are no half measures, and it’s all or nothing, baby!

    An addiction is a partially experienced experience. That means that we have experienced things but we haven't experienced them consciously, fully, and we have not used the experience for what it is meant to be.
    Addictive tendencies are normal; all of us have them. I have never met anyone who does not have a craving for something.
    So do not worry about that (if you are)

    d) My random acts of kindness sort of spontaneously stopped.

    But It did work for me "as contagious" ever since I read your blog.
    My granddad (deceased) once said me, over the period of 200 years (when British ruled Indian-subcontinent)
    we did learn many things from British, like the "the feeling of aristocracy", "the art of atrocity." I do not know what he really meant by this...

    But I have learned from you (the new British generation) the act of random kindness :-)
    I practice it quite often.

    w) I am one lazy blogger.
    Correction: I am a great blogger.

  5. Ah!, the old penny red - the first stamp to be sold and used outside of the UK. Amazing what you can glean from Stanley Gibbon's Stamp Catalogue.

    Oh! Just for Jen... my own employment reference work is Stanley Stamp's Gibbon Catalogue. It lists all known gibbons, their habits and political affiliations.

  6. And you can never actually scrape all the seeds of your lettuce damn those pesky red heathens..
    first single bought ....caroline status quo.lol
    p.s embarrasing kevski confession:
    as a kid i used to be in the status quo fan club hahahaha.

  7. Take poll - check.
    Sign Guest Book - check.
    Check out Fox's site in case there's something else that's new and he's testing to see if we're paying attention - check! :)

    Sorry luv, promise to be more observant and not just geedily jump straight into reading your post to get my daily laugh out loud fix!

  8. NO! YOU are the dirty the triple blogger!

    I am going to go google gibbons. I get the feeling that there is more the joke than I am fully appreciating.

    What is this business about beautiful bodies? You are an incorrigible flirt! But I just melt for compliments, so bring 'em on!

  9. Thanks FoX for the info. I would never say you haven't given me anything, because you have given me daily laughs, encouragement, a wealth of new knowledge, and so much more. Thank you! Its like one stop shopping here! Anyway, I would love to answer your poll, but...

  10. afternoon to ya! just trudging away on my 'puter for some employment ops. Yes, I think I will be getting a no-brainer job until things look up for me. Im running out of time and money. btw, i think everyone will agree with me...i think "lazy blogger" was a bit over the top as a description for you...you're pretty avid in my book. cheers. -rey