Saturday, October 01, 2005

Pinch and punch.

Today, as some of you will be aware, is the first of the month.

We have a ritual in our house. The first person to remember gets to pinch and punch the other person. I remembered (which is quite unusual for me) this morning and claimed victory.

Michelle is mortified!!

Victory, sweet victory is mine for a whole month.

I play a lot of games. Board games, computer games, mind games, puzzles, etc etc. I am a terrible loser, and an even worse winner. That makes this morning's victory doubly bitter for poor Michelle.

It's been a slow day. Got up real early and did my usual blog-slog around everyone's sites. Takes me about an hour to check all the ones I read now. Smoked a couple of cigs, and went back to bed and read for a bit. Had a couple more hours sleep.

Got up and pretty much wrapped up this week's Pogo badges. I am still working on my Pop-Fu personal challenge though. Watched loads and lods of food oriented TV. Don't ask me why, but I love to start the weekend by watching cookery and food programmes. I love the old reruns of TV Dinners with Hugh Fearnley-whittingstall - I am sure he'll forgive me if I spelled his name wrong.

This afternoon, my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew called round with some belated birthday presents.

Am just surfing now looking for something cool for my webpage. Not much to offer really, but Ahm posted thisw funny picture on my guestbook. I thought everyone ought to see it, it certainly made me chuckle.

Cool thing for today: (thanks Ahm)


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  2. That picture is funny. Glad you are having a relaxing weekend. You probably can afford a little rest after your biking excursion of last.

    I was wondering, have you found a way with blogger that you can categorize your posts? If so, please... share! :)

    Enjoy your cooking shows... maybe share a few lessons you have picked up on your next post? I am always looking for creative ideas...

  3. Hey there! Another good post today! Isn't it great having a significant other to share little rituals like that with? So cute! I loved to watch the pastry and dessert making shows back when we had TV. The things ordinary mortals can make out of sugar astounds me. Take care! {{{Hugs}}} -Jen

  4. AuntieJen (again!)Sunday, 02 October, 2005

    P.S. Thanks for the links in the comment on my site. Somehow, you always seem to make me feel better! I am trying to decide what my Charity of the Month will be for October, so many to choose from!. I will post it soon. -Jen

  5. The picture Ahm sent you... is it intentional or just coincidence that the two guys in the photo bear more than a passing resemblance to George Bush and his father?

    Would be an apt comparison - Nero fiddles while Rome burns and George fishes while New Orleans floods.

  6. Your comment on my site about icing Michelle's cake had me in stitches. I have one book on English cake decorating, it is vastly different from American methods. You most likely did use apricot, that is traditional. English cakes are more dense, American cakes have a lot more air incorporated into the batter. Our icings are also easier on the arms and wrists due to a higher fat to sugar ratio. Your icings have much more sugar and a more dough-like texture. Ours our more fluffy and creamy, easier to manipulate. The cake that the two of you made does sounds delicious. I bet after all that work, you didn't want to eat it!

  7. A slow day..... can i have one???
    Cant actually complain this weekend has been pretty chilled,have never watched so many dvd's lol
    Glad you chilled out xx

  8. Interesting point from Jen suggesting we make cakes that match out national character... English cakes dense and American cakes full of air. Anyone have any suggestions of other national cakes?

  9. hey fox!!!
    i'm so glad you had a good weekend!!!
    your blog is the only one where i can post a comment...and i can't post anything to my blog...
    (my PC is killing me)
    i hope to be back posting soon...

    have fun