Thursday, October 20, 2005

Retail therapy.

I'm a sucker for a purchase.

Sometimes, nothing else will do. I need to consume.

Today, at lunchtime, I had the urge to buy something other than lunch. Somehow, lunch was not enough to keep me entertained or occupied. What to buy??

I went in the market and had a browse. I went to the second hand games shop and examined every possible Gamecube game on offer, both new and second hand. Nothing seemed to fit the bill.

Having resigned myself to the fact that I probably wasn't going to find anything that excited me enough to part with my money, I set of for the sandwich shop.

Now, there's a funny thing about Halifax (where I work). It probably has one of the worst centres for impulse shopping on the face of the earth. The market is nice and quaint, but the stalls lack some imagination. The rest of the shops, well, choice is somewhat limited. It's like a scaled down version of Huddersfield if that's possible.

Walking past a camera shop, I spotted the object of my desire, and walked in.

A full five minutes later, I walked out, being the proud owner of a new tripod.

Now, you might wonder why I am telling you this, and I might wonder that myself to be honest.

It's the therapy.

Does anyone else share this impulsive urge to buy things? What sort of things are you inclined to buy, and under what circumstances are you most likely to feel the need to purchase?

I find a sense of satisfaction in shopping. I admit, by my mum's and Aunty's shopping standards, I am but a mere novice. I have been told I am a good shopper though, whatever that means.

I felt a sense of relaxation wash over me the minute I had transacted the deal, and then doubly so when I bought a piece of spinach, feta, and cherry tomato quiche from the food therapy shop. Believe me, real men DO eat quiche, but only when it's homemade and has a wholemeal base!!

I have had several annoying instances recently when I have tried to photograph something, and the camera can't hack it. Close ups are too shaky. Long exposures are horrendous. Now I can rest easy, knowing I came, I saw, and I consumed, and my close ups should be rock steady now. Prepare yourselves for a rash of photos in my upcoming blogs.

I MUST say, how happy I am to see "Bah Humbug" taking a commanding lead in my online poll. I can't wait to cancel this year's festivities!!

Cool thing of the day:

Can't stop shopping. My next purchase may emanate from this site!


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  2. Coincidental tonight, my Foxy friend, that we are both blogging on the subject of photography.

    A tripod will be money well spent.

  3. Are you kiddin me fox you talking to a past master of spontaneous money spending lol my bag was electrical equipment video cables cameras surround sound stuff subwoofers...The immense gratification of opening a nice new box full of home entertainment euipment was too much to take hehe.
    mmmm just smell those lovely virgin components lol..
    actually a nice new pc would be nice.

  4. Yum, I made Broccoli Quiche tonight. I am starting to feel guilty for denying my old lust for photography. I have a tripod and very nice camera that is collecting dust. I must make more use of them !!!

  5. Oooh...retail therapy...I'm a full fledge subscriber to that one! If I'm upset, angry, depressed or feeling "unappreciated", retail therapy is a sure pull-out. It works each and every time. And what I buy varies with the symptoms. For small "hurts" small purchases. Really big, upset, deep long emotional rut, warrant deep pockets. Works like a charm. Enjoy the tripod!

  6. You have very good writing skill, great stylish english.

    I learn everyday.

  7. leaving a comment now as not to be a lurker. Shopping is near and dear to my heart, will come back to write you a proper comment later! ....CHARGE! :P

  8. I am back to leave you my proper comment!

    Does anyone else share this impulsive urge to buy things? YES YES YES. Especially when I am feeling down, or happy, or bored, or if it is a day that ends in "y"!

    What sort of things are you inclined to buy, and under what circumstances are you most likely to feel the need to purchase? I tend to buy things related to what ever I am currently obsessing over, like all of the books written by an author I just came across. Or really anything like that. If I find something I like I have this horrible greedy compulsion to OWN EVERY LAST PART OF IT. eBay does not help me in the least, 24 hour a day access to people who want to sell me ANYTHING and EVERYTHING my little heart could ever dream of desiring!

    And this latest photography kick has got me wanting new lenses and now... A TRIPOD!


  9. Ok I am going to quit hogging all the comment space right after this...

    I just posted a new photo album to my space and hidden in it is a picture that I took with you in mind. Can you guess which one it is?

    {hugs} -Jen