Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lazy Sunday.

Hugh Hefner A.K.A. The Arctic Fox's alter-alter-ego, steps out of the shower.

He dries himself down with a lovely cotton bathtowel.

He pulls on his favourite smoking jacket and ties the rope at the waist. Slips feet into cozy slippers that fit where they touch, and clasps his trusty bubble pipe between his teeth.

Sitting on the sofa, surrounded by the ladies of Playboy Mansions, watching endless re-runs of neighbours, Hef starts to ruminate on the events of last evening.

The evening began with a post dinner cocktail with showbiz celebrity Bez. They had chatted about old times, and smoked fine Cuban cigars.

On to a dance hall, where Hef tripped the light fantastic like a "celebrity come dancing" finalist.

Bright lights, big sounds, and a journey down memory lane to some lovely old tunes. Hef is gently reminded that they don't actually write songs like this any more.

A couple more drinks and into the early hours. Full moon looks longingly on at the revellers below.

At the end of the evening Hef rides home in a chauffeur driven bus, and arrives back in time to catch the dawn chorus.

A splendid night, and one which they all agree, must happen again soon.

In case you wondered, these events are fairly real, except I went out to an old school factory records evening at the Manchester Academy. Everything else you have read is probably a by product of cheap chemicals still washing around in my brain. I accept no responsibility for anything!!

Hello, and goodbye for now!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

When the rain falls...

Green and pleasant land indeed.

Had a wickedly good and reasonably indulgent night out. Visited a few bars around Huddersfield and got a bit squiffy with the guys. Happy birthday to my brother-in-law indeed.

Today, as always, there is a conversely equal price to be paid for said debauchery. I'm taking things VERY slowly today, and have just (almost) finished a stack of housework. The apartment is almost habitable again.

It's a gloomy, grey, rainy day. The weather is somehow in keeping with my sombre mood. The greyness is shattered by the blooming and blossoming of all things green in the valley of playboy mansions. The world is coming to life, and it's a joyous sight to behold. A range of dark brown and maroons, right through to day-glo fluorescent lime greens are painting a lovely picture through the windows.

I really must get out walking and cycling some more.

I'm very tempted to grab my umbrella and go and take a walk round the lake. The vertical stripes of rain are no match for a sturdy golfing umbrella, I am sure. I can't help sitting here, wondering what all the fish are doing!!

I'm hungry, but don't know what to eat. I'm thirsty but don't know what to drink. Funnily enough, I just remembered as I typed that.... Earlier on I was in the supermarket, and couldn't find any magic cure all soluble vitamin tablets - I made a mental note that I probably had some at home somewhere, and lo and behold if I haven't just found them!! One shot wonder!!

I'm half tempted to plug in the gamecube and indulge myself in a little video gaming. Should I?

Manana bananas!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

"Time for bed"

... Said Zebedee!!

Spring has totally and utterly burst the banks of winter boredom.

Every day there's a new surprise in the world outside.

The trees are now coming into leaf. My rhododendron is flowering beautifully. There's a myriad of fish in the lake, and they're all hungry. The swifts swooping and dipping across the water picking off insects. It's all happening so fast.

As you probably gathered, I've returned (albeit reluctantly) from my little venture to Scotland during last weekend.

It was the most fabulous time.

Managed to do some walking, some shopping, a bit of eating and drinking... And unusually for Scotland, the weather did not disappoint.

I have a few photos that I was going to build into my blog, but I can't be bothered just at the minute, so I'll get round to that later.

It's been a mental week at work. So busy, and on restricted hours, I'm really struggling to make the grade. A real shock to the system after the pleasantries of the weekend.

Still, it's a lovely day at the mill. I'm going shopping in a bit for my brother-in-law's birthday present, and I'm off out drinking tonight to help him celebrate. Something to look forward to.

You might even say it's far too nice a day, and I've got far too much to do to be sat here blogging, and of course you'd be a hundred percent correct!!

Those fish won't feed themselves!!

Muesli is pretty nasty if you don't put enough milk on it.

I've been swimming this last week, and riding my bike.... I can't wait do do more of both. I can feel my legs strengthening again already.

Ok, I am gonna go finish my breakfast/lunch/brunchtime bowl of muesli, and get a bit of Pogo action.

Happy days!!