Friday, June 29, 2012


Just getting ready to nip out for a swift Chinese meal, followed by a couple of beers in a local hostelry.... and preferably one where they know how to pull pints! (As it turns out the pints were not up to their usual and my exacting standards)

I DID work last night..... a decent shift and my pints are getting slightly better but you still get the stupid/awkward punters who test your resolve.

A guy nurses a pint of John Smiths Smooth for over an hour and then wonders why it's flat.  I'm drawn into this as if it's some kind of legitimate discussion.

The other annoying thing about last night, is just as I climbed into bed..... I began to wonder whether I'd turned the gas off checked that the windows were closed.  This is so infuriating because it reminds me of my Grandma who would go back to her front door a number of times to make sure she'd actually locked it,

So, at some ungodly.... after midnight anyway, I find myself driving back down to the pub to empty an ashtray and check the windows!  I slept better afterwards.

Lazy day - the calm before the storm of Saturday...... Full belly.... Big Brother to the max...... time for bed said Zebedee!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Cheryl is dead..... long live The Henhouse Five plus Too (Also)!

No, Yorkshire Pudding..... remove your head from the cooker..... she's not actually dead.... I simply had to remove her particularly offensive brand of music from my web page and replace it with something more, well.... Foxy!

So, go on people, treat yourself by clicking the little arrow thing.... under the webcam.... over there.... look.... it's right there under where it says "music player".... click it..... with the mouse..... single click..... left mouse button.... no your other "left"!!!

I dedicate this track to John Gray and his collection of Fauna and flora.... if the rain doesn't stop, we'll have to change his name to Noah!

More bar work tonight.... wish me luck with those pesky pumps!

You would imagine, given the number of text messages and emails that I receive on a daily basis offering compensation for the "accident I had" or the "insurance I was sold" that I'd never have to work again!!  Sadly, this is not the case!

Rest assured, I'll be saving up some pennies to put towards some mosquito free fishing membership!

As a complete sidetrack - of which I am a consummate master - And I presume this will only work if you live in the UK..... try this!  It made me giggle.

Well, it's about a gajillion percent humidity today and it's dark enough to be the middle of winter, but with rain, and temperatures reminiscent of summer..... only one thing for it.... coffee and Judge Judy it is then!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A man....

A man walks into a bar....

And says "Hello, do you need help getting this thing going?"

"Have you any bar experience?" ask the licencees.

"Of course!" replies the man, "I drink in bars all the time!"

Several hours, and several badly poured drinks later, the licensees look at each other and begin to wonder what they've done!

Well, that's a brief summary of my new career as a bar-person!  A complete and utter U-turn in career terms from the world of compu-ting! that I have left...... and a return to work that I did some twenty years ago in order to prop up my meagre YTS (Anyone remember THAT ripoff scheme? - which was the second worst paid work I've ever done - the worst being the canal restoration scheme I did, paying a paltry ten quid a week on top of my dole money!).

So, nothing to get too excited about.....  I'm doing a few hours work.  I actually believe I can make a difference to the pub that have offered me the work, and I am hoping I pick it up as quickly as I know I am capable of doing.

So far the only drawback has been that pulling real ale on a hand-pump that DOESN'T have autovac system attached (meaning you have no margin for error) is "testing" to say the least, and I lie awake at night worrying about wasting beer, serving flat pints or people asking if I can "stick a flake in the top of it".

All I need to do now is to make sure I keep my hours secret from my mum so she doesn't decide to pay a visit!

Perhaps at some point I'll tell a few "character" based tales that this endeavour is easily capable of producing.

Right now, following a day of fishing at Tony Riley's Pond in Brighouse..... I'm suffering......

Picture this.....

I arrived at the pond yesterday morning at about half past seven in the morning..... as soon as I opened the car door, the mosquitoes were everywhere.....  I got all my tackle out of the car, loaded up my trolley and made my way down to where I was going to fish.

By the time I reached John, who was already fishing, he'd already been bitten, and I was going to take no chances.....  I got out my bottle of Autan and liberally applied it..... head, ears, neck, chin, hands, wrists..... everything uncovered, now covered in insect repellant.

So, I start to get my fishing gear set up..... seat, baits, rod rests......  As I put my rod together and start to thread the line through it, I'm crouching down behind my chair resting the rod on the chair back......  another rather sensitive part of my anatomy , where tshirt and jeans no longer meet, becomes dangerously exposed and of course......  

The mosquito bite on my arse is now so large and sore.....  it's actually making me sweat!!

Not a great start...... and over the course of the rest of the day I got a bite on my wrist and now I've had time to assess the damage, I've got nine more bites on my ankles..... I took the precaution of tucking my jeans into my socks, but they've actually bitten THROUGH the socks!!


I have to consider the possibility of finding somewhere easier to fish.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where is it?

You all know the deal by now.... you go looking for something and inadvertently end up here..... and I, rather charitably point you in the direction you should have been heading in the first place.....

It's the Sunday searches!

hippopotamus um bongo
Well, there were a whole heap of characters in the "Um Bongo" adverts and song....  It was the hippo who took an apricot, a guava and a mango....  I've rattled off the lyrics to the song several times in my blog, it's my ONLY party trick, and I'm not about to do it again, but you can find a totally dope picture of your hippo here, and you can see the last time I sang the Um Bongo advert here.  (incidental note - seems Yorkshire Pudding was needling me all the way back in 2007!)

chuff a duck
Not bloody likely guv'nor!  Not sure why someone should be searching for such ill mannered phrases unless of course they are interested in the etymology (is that even a word?  wonder where THAT word came from!?!?) - well, I can only suggest that the term "chuff a duck" is a derivative of the previous rhyming term that involves doing unspeakable things to Donald and his nephews, Huey, Duey and Louie!  The interesting thing about hippopotami (see above) and the verb "to chuff" is that when you put them together, you would end up with a "chuffapotamus" which is a slang term for a minger with a big arse.... apparently!

there's nothing in the garden spike milligan
I've tried and tried and tried.... well I spent a couple of minutes with various search engines.... trying to understand what the "searchee" required with this term.... Usually I can find something that vaguely relates, whether it be a quote or a piece of writing or something.... but not in this case.  Please award yourself a gold star.... I've been "foxwhacked".
arctic fox soldier
Is that something like a Dog Soldier?  Which was a great film, especially when the cow fell off the cliff!  didn't half make me jump.  More likely you meant something like this.

the arctic fox blog
Hello...... you found it.  Unless you meant this imposter

I know I've gone a bit "linktastic" this week but perhaps someone, somewhere, will enjoy following a couple of them?

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Well, tempus really does fugit!

I've been trying to get back to my blog for a few days and write something but events in the non-virtual world have conspired to keep me otherwise engaged.

Jobs ranging from chauffering duty to dog walking..... from finishing a game on my Wii to collecting my weekly Pogo gaming badges...... from dining out to dining in.....  they all require time, effort and varying degrees of concentration.

Today marks a sort of special day, and this is partly the reason for my Saturday MORNING blogging activity.... I mean, who would write a blog on a Saturday morning?  Despite the fact that Dawn is working today (a rarity for a Saturday, but she is providing "cover" while her boss is away at the Isle of Wight mudbath festival) - The OTHER thing which marks this as a day to remember is that......

For the first time in almost six years, I am about to embark upon a day of paid, actual, real world work.

It's a fairly daunting prospect when one contemplates the water that has flowed beneath the bridges of Fox Towers....  Having had a trial run at this particular activity already on a quiet day..... I find, for one thing..... my eyes have indeed turned into apple pies!  That is to say, they are about as good for seeing through as apple pies might be..... they are old and tired, and I need to remember my crappy "reading glasses" that I got from a pound shop (for which Huddersfield is famed) - The concept of cheap "readers" is that they basically strap two cheap magnifying glasses over your ocular units in the vain premise that you gain a temporary ability to be able to read, before said lenses render your eyes completely useless!

I'd like to give more details about this particular "engagement" that I may be embarking upon, but it would be premature and foolhardy to do so at this point... rest assured, it will all be common knowledge soon enough and you'll all be welcome to come and press your noses against the glass to watch this fox gliding gracefully on the surface whilst flapping like a mad duck beneath the surface trying to maintain an air of competence!

Suffice to say, I think I would rather be returning to work after a self imposed absence of a term that on my curriculum vitae creates a gap which suggests I may have been detained at her Majesty's pleasure for something akin to murder, than sleeping on a ferry trying to get to the mud on the Isle of Wight..... not my cup of tea at all.

So, wave goodbye to the days of being a carefree, penniless, unemploy(ed/able) free agent of the past, and embrace the prospect of being an overworked, underpaid, wage slave of the future!

"Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you'll live... at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!"

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

They say....

Make hay while the sun shines is what they tell me, and whilst I have no fields, nor do I have grass quite long enough for the purpose of turning into animal feed, it did seem fitting to mow the lawn as the skies darken around me.

In true British fashion, I find myself blogging about weather!  Idiot!

I've mown the lawn and strimmed a little bit around the edges.  I've put a few more stones onto my little dry stone wall in the garden where the tree-that-used-to-be, used to be.  I've pulled up a few buttercups and puled out a load of daffodil and bluebell leaves that were going yellow and rotten.  I've weeded between a particularly overgrown patch of flagstones..... and then sat down and drunk coffee in my garden.

Following on from that..... I took a few photos, and organised some software so that I could make a Hockney-esque photo mosaic or "joiner" as he calls them.... and this small process has taken me the rest of the day - time flies when you're tinkering with computers!!

Anyhoo.......  without further ado..... here's my first effort at creating a joiner..... which also displays the fruits of my hard work in the garden....... see how nicely all that ties together now?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Castle Hill

If you know anything about Huddersfield, you'll know that above it looms the ancient monument and settlement site of Castle Hill.

It's believed that there have been settlements at the site for over 4000 years and is regarded as one of England's most important early iron age hill forts.  When you stand near the tower it becomes quite apparent why this might be.... it's such an obvious outpost location and would be easily defended.

I shan't go into any detail about the hill because all the information you would care to read about it has already been written and can be seen in all its spurious glory along with everything else anyone cares to write about anything at Wikipedia!  Here is the page for Castle Hill and here is a page that is obviously spurious.

(I believe the spurious pages on Wikipedia are called "mountweazels" which is very pleasing!)

Ok, so today we (Dawn, Ben and I) went walking round the iron age hill fort on a largely circular circuitous route of the hill.  The weather and company were all perfect and we three all had a good time.  The largest downer of the day was having to drive frantically around a series of pubs in bad traffic trying to find one that was open at 2:00pm on a Tuesday afternoon....... Black marks are given to The Lockwood and Rat and Ratchet for being closed!

Ah well, here's some statistics..... 5.7 miles with 892ft ascent.  A pleasant stroll!

Monday, June 18, 2012


I don't know what it is about my "" email address that makes people use it!

(and before anyone (I'm looking in your direction Mr Pudding) gets smart - the xxxxx bit is merely a mask over the actual first part of the email to save it from further abuse)

Some time ago.... in a galaxy far far away.....

A lady named Jemma started placing orders with "" to buy clothes. She bought a whole series of items ranging from underwear to Peppa Pig clothes for very small children.

I only know this because the email address she used to register on the "" website was in fact MY email address.... and subsequently I received all her order confirmations, her delivery schedules, her requests for payment.... etc etc. Now, most of these emails are automated and as such, you can't reply to them.... so I emailed Next to tell them of the error.... no response..... I logged on to Next using Jemma's details and changed her password a zillion times to try to flag something up.... no response..... I ordered a thousand catalogues to be sent to Jemma's address..... no response......

Eventually (possibly two or three years) I tracked down Jemma on Facebook and got everything sorted, but it wasn't an easy process.

And now....... I'm getting others......

Joan used my email address to apply to for a "payday" type loan - i.e. short term at extortionate interest rates - Poor Joan only needed eighty quid (£80) to last her until pay day..... the thirty day loan would have to be repaid at one hundred and ten pounds and eighty pence (£110.80) - now, even I can see that that's a bit steep..... but as they say 360% per annum fixed or 5160% APR. Suffice to say, Joan's application was rejected anyway, so she's probably living rough by now.

And then there's James......

James wanted some.... well.....

Subject: request for quote
contact name = james xxxxx
contact number = 02xxxxx1323`
contact email =
comments = hi, please could you provide a quote for cleaning 8 single road
gulleys/drains for our client in segensworth, hampshire.
many thanks,
james xxxxx.

A simple enough request you might think....... but......

Hi James
Unfortunately this is not a job that we are able to carry out.
Thanks for your enquiry.
Nick Ruxton
Drainline Services LTD

Bad luck James..... your drains truly floweth over.... and worse still, you'll never receive the email telling you that they cannot attend.  Perhaps you'll read about it here?

And then there's our mystery customer, with a mystery demand..... but rest assured, this email response to someone using my email address is NOT for me!!

Dear customer,
Please let us know the link of the dress you need so that we can contact our factory to see if we can make it arrive in time
Best regards ,u07

(I've done some snooping on this one and the "u07" really refers to Jane White at "" but we will never know what the offender's request was.... perhaps it was a prom dress or something for a cruise?)

And so dear customers, it would seem that my email address is being used and abused the world over..... please take more care when ordering or typing your email addresses otherwise you'll end up with a surplus of catalogues being delivered to your house with overflowing drains where you can no longer afford to live and your dress never arrived in time for the eviction party!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

More of the same.

Sunday searches start here.....

I could go on, at great length, about the fact that my bowling cam is up and running again.  I could tell you how I was on the verge of going up into the loft to look for my webcam when I found it in a packing crate on my desk, just in the nick of time....  but I won't!

Where does the Arctic fox live
Apart from the lovely capitalisation contained within this particular search..... the answer is, of couse, glaringly obvious.... the Arctic you numbskull.

SKYMAN Bernard Kops
An old favourite of mine from my O level English Literature classes, was this crazy little poem, that goes a little something like this.....

My God I'm dead--
the young man said
when he saw his battered head
petalled on the crimson sand
--oh mother come and meet me now
and take my hand--
his body like a fountain played
along the empty esplanade
a coca-cola sign winked on
and when the moon came he was gone.

Oh where to begin??  Firstly, I have no idea why you would ever type a url into a search engine.  Secondly, I don't think a url should have a space in it..... so if you were looking for me.... you found me.... if you were looking for Arctic Fox cold weather products??.... it's over here - Instead of a space there's a hyphen in it...... i.e.

pete burns plastic surgery
The guy's had lots of it.... and I'm not really going to go into that.  Move along now.... nothing to see here!

Oh no.... my pet hate..... first up, it's arCtic.... second up..... oh, it's you again isn't it from higher up this page..... typing urls into bloody search engines again......  there are no spaces in urls.....  if you want to search Google for "arCtic fox clothing" then that's all you have to type in, ok?  Well, me being generous and all, here's the link anyway!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Tinker, tailor, soldier, procrastinator!

My car's broken......  not only is it broken, but the required part is not available until the seventeenth of July, and that's slightly over a month away..... when they said "one month next Sunday", I don't think anybody was laughing.

The particular part that's broken is a spring..... they make the wheels go up and down into the potholes that the council leave for us.

Now this spring is a special spring.....  you can only use a spring manufactured by the original car manufacturer because it's so rare that nobody else would want to make it.  The spring only fits my particular model and only those of that particular model that were made in that particular year!

It's a "one off" and I presume the original car manufacturer are manufacturing the part on that basis..... there is no stock of it.

So, I'm housebound..... which is less painful than it might originally sound in comparison to being egg-bound!

I'm wishing to be fishing!

So, I've spent a little bit of time getting back to my blogger template...... I've resurrected the "music player" featurette and also have paved the way for a future re-release of the ever popular "bowling cam" widget.... so keep your eyes peeled over on the right hand side of my page for when THAT goes live!

The "music player" function is a nice simple affair.... and I've (rather against my usual style) made sure that the player doesn't automatically start, which could result in heart failure for any number of blog visitors who have their sound turned up too high and have yet to be notified.... and it shouldn't piss you off too much because now YOU.... yes YOU....  You sat there in your vest and pants, slobbering your cornflakes all over the keyboard...... can start and stop the music at will...... I will probably change the tune weekly or so, in order to give you a chance to have a listen should you so wish.  If you look on the right hand side under the "bowling cam" there's a little arrow.... if you click that it will play some music.... if you click it again it won't play some music....  even YOU can manage that!

* [edit] - Apologies to those of a nervous disposition for my first choice of "music" - it sums up my dark mood and reminds me that if Armageddon were coming down the road, it would be accompanied by this excellent track..... one of the best gigs I ever went to blah blah blah.....
** [edit] - Cheryl Cole has now replaced my music of choice!  Blame Yorkshire Pudding for that one!

Bowling cam is another matter all together!

I've lost both of my webcams!  As soon as I find one of them, OR as soon as I find a really cheap, nasty, horrible, low quality piece of plastic that purports to be a webcam..... it will be up and running.

To make these little doo-hickeys do what they're intended to do..... I've had to install my own little web server..... so the stuff you'll see is actually coming to you live(ish) and sort of directly from the computer in my bedroom..... and of course if you're not seeing or hearing anything, then I've switched my computer off or my house has burnt down and you should call for a fire brigade or something......

And so, this merely proves that point that..... 

"one man's car part is another man's web server" - (Confucius)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Top ten - Sweets!

I make no bones about it... I am quite partial to sweets.

Ever since I stopped smoking it seems I've developed a bit of a sweet tooth.

And so I eat sweets......  Not the sweets as in Desserts, but sweets as in the ones you would find in your local shop's "penny tray" - Anyone remember "penny trays"?

Anyway, here, for the record, is a run down of my top ten sweets (which of course I couldn't do without acknowledging two people first - Rol for the inspirational top tens he produces and my Grandma who had a shop when I was a kid and she always had some "chocolate chewing nuts" or something to hand!!)

Ok, formalities done.... on with the countdown!

10 - Space Dust - Call it what you will: Pop Rocks; Moon Candy; Space Dust..... it's that sherbetty stuff that's loaded with carbon dioxide and it fizzes and pops on your tongue.... crack-a-lacking!

9 - Aniseed Imperials - I like Mint Imperials and I also like Aniseed Balls, but which is better?  There's only one way to find out.... F.... wait, what happens if you combine the two?  Aniseed Imperials.... that's exactly what would happen, and I totally love them.  One of my favourite fishing sweets.  They're soft inside like a mint imperial and hard outside like an aniseed ball.... it's win win.... except for the teeth!

8 - Riley's Chocolate Toffee Rolls - As a kid these sweets were considered to be far too "grown up" but the toffee and dark chocolate combination has left a lasting impression on me.  There were other sweets I'd put in the "grown up" category that I wouldn't buy but Chocolate Toffee Rolls?  Get some in!  Nt made in Halifax any more and not made by Riley's but I bet these are just as good.

7 - Mints - Chewy, hard, extra strong, extra strong with a hint of chilli, polo, imperial..... I love 'em all.

6 - Sweet Cigarettes - Although the red tip and "cigarette" nomenclature were long since removed.... they're now known as "candy sticks" - they're still substitute fags for me.... and I love them - I'm even quite fond of the temporary superhero tattoo that comes in the packet with them.

5 - Old Jamaica - A real old barnstorming chocolate smash hit that went away and has come back again.  Sure it doesn't have the old orange packaging with the pirate ship at full sail on the front, but it's still as rum-and-raisiny as it ever was, and although I normally ONLY eat high quality chocolate, this one makes it in to my top ten.

4 - Marzipan - Little marzipan fruits (those camp christmassy gifts) or chocolate covered slabs of the stuff..... we love a bit of marzipan!  Battenburg and Christmas cakes lathered with the stuff always get polished off with gusto.....  Get some Amaretto down you!!

3 - Coltsfoot Rock - We used to get these strange herbal sticks from the chemist.  I still love them.  They're such a strange thing, and when you eat them you can't help but imagine the machine that's extruding them, probably in mile long sections and then the blade that comes down and chops them before they set rock hard, with those fluted sides...... slurp!

2 - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - Peanut butter?  And piss poor American chocolate??  WIN!  Salty and sweet and totally ace..... all lying there in their little paper cases just waiting to be scoffed...... drools!

1 - Liquorice - It's a smash hit at number one and it's a massive "catch all" - Black and White Mints; Liquorice Allsorts; Panda Liquorice Sticks; Cream Rock; Poor Bens; Catherine Wheels....... I love all things liquorice!  Probably with the exception of them horrible liquorice root things that you get that's like a bit of a twig that you chew until it falls into fibrous, stringy pieces in your mouth and leaves you gagging!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

When no news isn't....

No news isn't necessarily good news.... but it's news nonetheless!  Or is it?

Ok so it's my usual Sunday cop out searches!

zarch archimede download
"Ere Wevz have you played Zarch on the Archimedes?"
"Ave I f@%£k"
So goes the infamous story of how a friend introduced me to a game that is largely, to the best of my recollection, a sort of version of Virus on the Atari ST, which I actually HAD played and would have illicited a much more friendly response.  So you want a rom of Zarch for the Archimedes do you?  Well look no further!  #in fairness it's a really difficult game to track down and I think this is largely down to the fact that the Archimedes has been relatively impossible to emulate??

artctic fox blog
Usually someone misses out the "C" in arCtic fox and spells it thusly.... "artic".... and THAT makes me angry, and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry!  In this instance, notable only by the fact that I've never seen this particular mistake in my search criteria before.... they've added an extra "T".... well, it's a new one on me... and rather strangely, despite the odd spelling, I do rank number one in Google's list given that particular search!!  So, rather than have to point someone in the right direction..... you've actually, despite your poor spelling, found the right place.... well done.... sort of!
white phase arctic fox
Blue in summer; White in winter.... that's the Arctic fox way of life.... it's all about the camouflage innit!

folk off 
Same to you with knobs on!

jimi hendrix long hair

Salty slug racing on a boring rainy afternoon!  come on lane 2!!!!

Friday, June 08, 2012


Watching the rain streaming down the windows in my lounge and the distorted image behind it.....

Harry Potter's later years in Lego Hogwarts, and my deftly flicking wand wiimote that conjures the "cruciatus curse" resulting in a cascade of multicoloured virtual bricks......

Playing gin rummy against a great-grandma from Georgia with Oklahoma rules in force......

Destroying my brain with a daily double dose of Big Brother entertainment shows.......

Car, half packed, ready for a fishing trip that has yet to materialise, weather too wet and too windy to make the effort......

Not one of these things makes for an interesting blog.... or at least I should say, not one of these things makes for an interesting blog Or a blog that I haven't written before!

In truth, I'm feeling far too flat and far too demotivated to summon up the energy.

Here's a link to the planning application for the destruction of Cupwith Reservoir - there's a prize for the first person who makes it through the "documents" section without falling asleep, and there's an additional award for the first person that can actually find out a valid reason for the reservoir being drained!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Insert Big Brother sized pregnant blogging pause!

Normal service will be resumed as soon as I can tear myself away from the tellybox!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Let's not say goodbye

I've long been a fan, nay, a devotee of a local piece of water, known as Cupwith (which we locals pronounce cup-earth).  It's not a big piece of water and probably matters not to anyone but the wildlife and those of us who knew Cupwith as the boundary of our childhood territory.

Recently, for some unknown reason, somebody in their infinite wisdom deemed Cupwith a large enough body of water that it be officially classified and recognised as a "reservoir".

I am guessing that Cupwith's upgraded designation now means that the local water company and council have an added responsibility to push paper around on its behalf.  The long and short of this is that a friend recently pointed out to me that a planning notice had been issued to the effect that Cupwith is now to be drained off, finished, done away with.... it's about to become an ex-reservoir!!  Health and safety gone crackers!

Of course, the closing date for objections to this planning proposal has long since expired and as such we have simply to sit back and watch this majestic piece of water turn into a muddy "puddle".

Anyway, in a fitting tribute, I've been up to cup-earth and took a few photographs.... you can see them here!

Oh Cupwith, this isn't goodbye, it's merely au reservoir!

Sunday, June 03, 2012


It's just another rainy Sunday.... warm, but boy, is it wet?

Went out walking yesterday and the weather was decidedly "muggy" so I'm quite glad that this rain will be clearing the air.  It started raining towards the end of our "abbreviated" walk, and it's been raining since....  the bowling green out back is completely waterlogged.... the golf course, through which I have just besoddenly dragged a god dog was in danger of capsizing.

Bad day for outdoor sporting it would seem!

So, it's left to me to provide you all with a bit of an alternative to jubilee celebratory activity overloading yourselves, and I choose to do this by bringing to you (insert fanfare).....

Search Engine Sunday.......

to whistle
I'm making a massive assumption in this response, but..... You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.

arctic fox diagram of the ear
Surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be a decent diagram of an Arctic fox's ear.... anywhere in the known puniverse.... so for the benefit of science, I've taken it upon myself to create one for everyone to be able to refer back to, and here it is:

harry hill trombone solos
Oh, this old chestnut.....I used to own quite a few really good tunes with Harry Hill trombone solos in them, let me see if I can't find them.... (you have to pause, looking at this sentence for at least fifteen minutes to emulate the "real-time" aspect of me going off searching my library of files)...... (ok files found.... wait here fifteen minutes while I find out how to embed an mp3 into my blog - at which I will undoubtedly fail and link you to the zip file containing the trombone solo mp3 files)....Click this (you'll have to download the "harry hill" file from there and unzip the mp3 files and play them for yourselves)!

kia ora crow
Let's set the scene.... you're sat in the ABC cinema and you've just watched the Disney cartoon that was the prequel to the forthcoming main event of some such film as "The Cat From Outer Space" or "The Apple Dumpling Gang" and inbetween the two films you get chance to queue up down the steps to visit a vendor of intervalistic treats.  You might visit a lady with a badly illuminated tray who is selling tubs, or in the case of one Huddersfield cinema, they had a little kiosk that only lit up in the interval and was halfway down the right hand side of the cinema embedded in the wall....  Anyway.... during said interval, there would be a few adverts playing on the screen......
One of the adverts would be the "Pearl and Dean" advert ..... pa pa pa paaa pa pa pa pa PA puh paaaa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa paaaaaaaaaAAAA YEAH!
Another such advert would begin..... "Your projectionist tonight is Eric." etc...... and went on to urge us to buy Kia Ora
Anyhoo...... the Kia Ora brand eventually spilled out of cinemas and into our supermarkets... eventually being advertised on our tellyboxes, where there was obviously no reference to our projectionist, Eric.  So they had to make up a new face for Kia Ora and it ended up as this whole sketch with some kid, some crows and a dog.... now deemed officially racist (just read the youtube diatribe that accompanies the video), but I can't imagine anybody was offended at the time.... anyway, here's a link to the crows and here's a link to Eric (lest we forget!)

top 10 biscuits 2012
Would you "Adam and Eve" it.... Someone actually came looking for biscuits!  Well you may all be aware, or not if you were too lazy to read it earlier, that indeed, I DID produce an official and legally binding "top ten" of biscuits that not only spans the year of 2012, but any other year you'd care to imagine!  Here's that very article, which is, rather imaginatively entitled "Top 10 - Biscuits" - It's the hyphen that makes it so special!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

On the other hand....

Been too busy with Ubuntu and walking to do any blogging.....  I am just going outside and may be some time!  So, let me leave you with this famous quote!

"The decay widths have higher-order perturbative QCD corrections, and these are particularly important for the  decay which dominates over a wide range of (light) Higgs masses. The main effect is to cause the quark mass to run from its "constituent quark" value at  to a lower value at ."