Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Walking wounded.

Seems like the nearest and dearest are all falling foul of the dreaded winter lurgy. Strange flu like symptoms, coupled with bronchial madness, and phlegm, are flooring those around me with some ferocity.

I have picked up my stethoscope, and gladstone bag, and begun to administer all manner of treatments, ranging from champagne, right through to Nintendo. I think I was born to heal. Suffice to say, nobody is getting better, but they don't mind being ill so much when I have prescribed.

Frosty mornings and fog are the daily occurences now. I snapped this pretty sunrise during my inaugural cig break the other morning. Please enjoy this sunrise over Huddersfield.... Spice, don't get TOO homesick now, and don't be too mad that I only had my phone/camera to hand.

Christmas shopping is almost complete, and everything's neatly wrapped and under my lovely tree. I am almost set to enjoy christmas on my own (as everyone is going to be tucked up in bed drinking flu remedies). There is still the matter of a couple of birthdays inbetween now and the big day..... it never rains.... It damn well gets wet though!

I have even updated my seemingly unpopular "random shopping" blog, with a couple more choice items.... You REALLY should head on over and take a look.

I think I might go "all-out" and fully update my blog to a fancy blogger template, so you never know, I might lose everything.... if not, see you on the other side.... good luck!

On the other hand.... now that I've just snipped my finger with a pair of scissors, and I have an unhealthy addiction to Age of Empires III, perhaps I'll just sit here and cry for a while!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Chapter and verse....

I have been trying for the last eighteen months to finish, restart, and finish again, a Harry Potter book. I was excited when it came out, all that time ago. Tonight I finally finished it, and in doing so, I've probably learned a little more about myself.

I always feel that reading is a solitary occupation. I am not one that finds it easy to flip briskly through a book, when surrounded by distraction. I hate reading a few pages, only to find that my mind's been elsewhere, and that I haven't actually registered the printed words that literally went in one eye and out the other.

So, I've finished the book. It's late. A little too late for normal people. A sense of loss, emptiness, and loneliness has encompassed me. I usually feel like this at the end of a book, and realise that this is why I so often leave the final few chapters of books unread for prolonged periods of time.

I should be in bed. My mind is elsewhere. This is one night where I should not be alone, but then how would I have finished the book?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Had a good lie-in this morning..... and within 2 hours of getting out of bed, I was fast asleep on the sofa again.

The "unemployed" mode is kicking in!!

Spent all day avoiding the things I should be doing... AGAIN!

Tomorrow I will try harder... I promise.

Babysitting my nephew for an hour or so tomorrow.... first time... so wish me luck.

Did you check out my "random shopping" blog yet? No?? Why the hell not?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


To take three ladies to a shopping centre is not the wisest thing a man can do.

Admittedly, I also had shopping to do, and am renowned as quite a good shopper myself. Unfortunately after a mere seven hours in said shopping centre, I must admit, the time has come to hang my shopping boots up in shame.

Let me just say that I thought the word "renowned" should be spelled "reknowned" - Can anyone clarify whether this is right or wrong?

In other news, something I have been threatening to do for a while, has actually come into being today. I have started a completely new blog to highlight my random shopping theme. Go have a look and leave some comments and stuff - Random Shopping!
Life's lessons.

In life, there are a few valuable lessons you learn.

Never walk under ladders.

Don't cut your toenails with your socks on.

Always say "please" and "thank you".

Always photograph items of random shopping.

And of course, having spent a lifetime working on an outward appearance that is designed to conceal the "true" me, you should NEVER judge a book by its cover...... sometimes it is hard not to:

Monday, December 11, 2006

Trying to get in the mood...

This week, I will be mostly trying to get in the christmas mood.

The vast majority of my christmas shopping is done.... only a final foray into the world of shopper's heaven, tomorrow, can lay this beast to rest.

I've watched Polar Express (pass the puke bucket), and It's a Wonderful Life (to which I sobbed loudly). It would appear that my trusty copy of "The Muppets' Christmas Carol" has long since vanished, and I am sad about this.

I've downloaded Nat King Cole's christmas numbers, and listened to some of them.

The presents I HAVE bought, are all wrapped and labelled, neath the festive tree that I have assembled.

The bits to "make and do" are mostly made and done, and I've completely bust my back assembling a specific item today, which I obviously cannot name.

I've eaten christmas cake, and mince pies with brandy butter.

Rather than feeling like St. Nick himself, I am still not getting the joy of christmas. It's just not working. My bank balance is dwindling, and the back spasms are really not helping. I am still feeling like Uncle Ebeneezer.

This year, I have coins in the oven, ready for unsuspecting carol singers.... Oh the joy!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

It's official....

I drank more than I intended, or indeed wanted to.

Last vivid memory was standing at the bar, ordering the demon drink "After Shock" - For those that don't know about this unpleasant drink.... you're missing nothing.

I always end up in a tangle after drinking it.

Consequently, ten minutes later, and I felt myself swaying. I made an early exit.

Woke up this morning with the mother of all hangovers, and in fact still reeling drunk. Not a good start to the day. A full 6 hours after getting out of bed, and I am just starting to come round. I have looked at two glasses of water, a cup of coffee, and the kitchen sink. I've finally managed to drink a cup of tea and ate some nice brown toast.

I am on the mend. Mostly attributed to the use of my lovely retro ice pack for my terminally swolen brain!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Herman's hermit...

One week into my term of unemployment, and I already have a beard that reaches my knees, and my toenails are three feet long.

I haven't been out of the house, and only get out of bed in the morning to impersonate a large dog when the postman sticks his hand through the letterbox.

I have doubled sealed all the doors and windows with electrical tape to stop the germs from getting in, and have developed a new flying boat, aptly named the "Murky Turkey". I envisage a day when we will all fly on the water.

Some of the above may be more true than other bits.... I leave it to your imagination to decide.

I AM actually going out tonight.... it's a free bar, and it's through my former employer. I am really not in the mood for it, but I really want to see the guys I have been working with for so long. Note to self: Because it is free.... does not mean I need to drink it all!

I'd rather be staying in an watching TV, but as that's all I do all day anyway, it would seem kind of churlish of me.

I need coffee and food to prepare for the onslaught.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bark at the moon....

With the winter solstice looming over the dark horizon of Foxley Towers, December's full moon brings a wash of colour and light into the night sky. Not all the colours are ones I immediately recognise, but the overall palette is definitely singing in the tone of madness.

I sometimes consult my biorhrythms. It's not something I have ever been proud to admit. I regard it to be a science not dissimilar to that of horror-scopes and fortune telling, although I have to accede that it seems to have a more scientific basis than Justin Toper, his wild hairstyle, and his £20 per question mumbo jumbo.

Strangley, I find that my biorhythms make sense when I feel a strange mood. I think I need to consult them today. I am supposed to be doing some consolidation and paperwork today. I have no excuse to put it off any longer..... Procrastination kicks me in the balls, and I am updating my blog, wincing at the mountain of papers around me.

I promise myself that after I've finished the blog, and done the paperwork, I will try and work out why this cloak of madness is descending upon me.

In other news....

Pray, two minutes silence for the passing of Greig's bunny rabbit.........

.... ok that's long enough.

I bought more jigsaws... not sure this was my best ever move, but the strange compulsive nature of them soothes my soul. Also bought a special jigsaw cloth thing that rolls up, so you can put the thing away... This means I might be able to actually use my dining table during the next month!!

I am smoking too much.

I am going to do my paperwork..... see y'all later.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Even when....

.... I've got nothing to do, I STILL manage to miss a day's blog entry.

Spent Sunday in recovery mode, trying to re-establish my body's chemical balance. Not drinking so much on Saturday night really made things a whole lot easier.

Was great to see Chris, Chris, and Emma, and to hear their fantastic news. You can ask Emma yourself!!

Trying to stay warm at the moment, as the weather's taken a decidedly grizzly turn. Galeforce winds, and rain. It gets dark at about 3:30pm and that's never a good thing. The seasonally adjusted disorder doesn't take long to grab hold.

I guess it could be worse.... On a normal Monday morning, by this time, I'd have already done an hour and a half's work.

Recovery yesterday.... Ikea today.... I don't know which is worse! Well, at least both days have preoccupied me so much, that I have conveniently forgotten about the mountain of paperwork that I need to get through.... This is going to be the age of consolidation for me.

Still need to try to assemble something decent out of my phone camera, from the amazing DJ Yoda night on Saturday. The phone doesn't like low light conditions, and they take a whole lot of processing to make something half good. If I manage it, I'll post a few, but for now, they'll have to languish on my hard drive, as shaky blurred images.

Breakfast beckons.... and then the dreaded M62, followed by a hearty side order of Ikea.... The indigestion is setting in just thinking about it!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Every day.....

...... in every way, I am getting better and better.

Managed a sleep-in this morning. Got up at about 8:30ish.

Bit of a Baileys induced hangover.

Am going out dancing tonight.... The weather is a bit cruel, and there are only buses back from Manchester, so I might have to take the option of driving it. Never something I enjoy on a night out, but it's probably the best option, and I am sure my head will thank me in the morning.

I bought a christmas tree yesterday. An artificial one, and it was a bit of a bargain. I am usually a total humbug at christmas, but thought I would make the effort.

Tried putting the tree together today, and lo and behold, it comes in forty.... yes four zero.... parts. Bloody hell. I wrestled it for an hour or more, and called in the reinforcements. My mum came round and helped me finish off. It looks quite good, but now there's artificial snow and fake pine needles all over the house. Makes me realise I need to go out and buy a few more decorations.... looks a bit isolated as the only festive item in the house.

My sebaceous cyst is flaring up again. This is a long running story, and it's about two years since I had it cut out of my face, by what can only be described as the "butcher of Huddersfield". I knew he had made a mess of it.... and now.... bloody hell it is well sore!!

I am (predictably) on a Pogo bender!! I am badging like crazy this week.

I finished a 1000 piece jigsaw this week.... Snow White and the seven dwarves.... Not sure what to make of jigsaws, there's something unholy about them, but I can honestly say it's been a comulsive mix of pleasure and pain.... as my back can testify.

Spice - How are you fixed in January for me to come and see you? Would it be ok? Let me know if it would be alright please.

Have you looked in my guestbook lately? Who the heck is "aaa" - They leave a lot of comments in there, but I can't decipher them.... there's a prize for anyone that can.

Post update update: New polling booth - New music - Updated my "This season I will be mostly" section - Updated polling archive.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The first day of....

Well, to be honest, I am not sure I know what this is the first day of.

I guess it could just be the first day of December?

It could even be the first day of advent, when all the kids get to open the first door of that calendar that's been beckoning from the kitchen sideboard for a week or more. They get to eat a chocolate robin or christmas tree.

On a deeper note, this could very well be the first day of a new chapter in the book of Fox. Today I am officially unemployed. My contract has ended and I don't really have the desire to go looking for another one. I don't even have an up-to-date CV!!

It's no surprise that my contract ended, it's been coming for a while. I have made no plans, no provision, no road to follow. This is a deliberate measure, like Luke Reinhart, let us see how the dice fall, and fall they did.

7:45am - Day 1 of unemployment, and the first morning where nothing would phase me. I turn over in bed, pull the covers a little tighter around my shoulders, and drift back into deep sleep.

7:46am - Bang.... Crash.... Smash

7:47am - I am standing outside the bathroom, surrounded by blood, broken glass, hair products, skin products, candles, and shock.

The bathroom cabinet has detached itself from the wall, and spilled its overladen stomach full of cosmetics, asunder.

If this is an omen for the new chapter of my life, then I am starting to be a little afraid.
New Beginnings.