Monday, October 24, 2005

Can I have a house too?

On the way home from work today, having put in the best part of a ten hour shift, and it being Monday, and the fact that it was dark when I arrived at work, and it was dark when I left work, and I have career doubts on top, you can imagine I was not in the most sympathetic of moods.

On the radio there was a lady discussing her problem with moving up the council housing chain. She has four children, and lives in a two bedroom house, oh, and a husband too. Apparently the councils are not building enough low rent family homes to accomodate people who find themselves in this situation.

Now, pardon me just a cotton picking minute. Did the thought that they might be running out of space by the second child not occur to them? Should breeding like rabbits automatically qualify you for a better home? Have they never heard of family planning? I tell you, straight and simple, she ought to be sterilised!!

I'm not normally moved to such anger over an article, but the thought of my local taxes going to pay to move such short sighted people up an increasingly treacherous property ladder, is too much to bear.

The price of houses in this country is already stretched to bursting point. I struggled to get the money to buy my own house, and I earn a comparitively decent wage. I don't have any kids, mainly because I don't consider myself to be responsible enough. I understand that this choice is mine, but in all honesty, if I can get a better house by throwing caution to the wind, then I might be tempted to buy a chinese baby on eBay!!

What is this world coming to??

In other news.... the world continues to bite our collective asses. Bombs in Baghdad. Riots in Birmingham. The craziest storm season in America, resulting in the National Hurricane Centre running out of its 21 pre-allocated storm names, and resorting to greek letters!! Bird flu is heading our way. Fuel crises around the globe. The list goes on....

So, would I be wrong to assume that the problem is simply one of too many people, consuming too many goods, using too many resources, in too little space. So, the solution is simple, we must all put pressure on our local councils to colonise another planet, and then we can all have bigger house.... in fact, eff it, let's have a frikking planet each!!

Cool thing for today:

Stake your frikking claim now, and hope some family of forty three will get desperate - there must surely be gold in them thar hills.


  1. Just bought a house on mars fox lol
    sounds like your missus has hidden your gamecube i told you too much fun doesn't go down too well hehe.

  2. I couldn't agree more. We have the same type of attitudes here in America. I used to work with a lot of people in housing projects and on welfare, but a lot of them still continue to breed like rabbits. A good majority of them think the world owes them something and should continue to pay for them to procreate, although we are also paying for them to have free healthcare and birth control, they would rather bring yet another starving child into this world. Its a vicious cycle and I suggest that something done... like a required class be taken to help these people learn some reasoning skills. Personally, I find this skill just as important as learning how to read... but thats just my opinion.

  3. I hesitate to write this, because it is an unpopular opinion, but it is my belief that if you are unable to support yourself and are receiving government assistance, then you should be required to pick up the funds in person, each month. At that time, you will be given a contraceptive shot (yes there is also male contraception in the works for this method!) prior to receiving your working citizen funded "paycheck". This way the tax payers can be assured that their money will not be usurped in the form of higher and higher taxes so that the poorest can enlarge their caste.
    Feel free to delete if you get flamming comments from mine. I don't want to start a war. (Well, I do, just not on your site!)

  4. hmmm,can someone tell me why im doing 4 jobs and housing my lodger without having any kids just to hang on to my 2 bed terrace?? You mean all i have to do is be thoughtless and careless and not only will i get a bigger house but i can work from home.....
    Damn think i need those reasonong classes!!

  5. I'd even go one step further than Jen. Having children is not an automatic right, it's a responsibility which is earned when you are mature enough and secure enough to bring them up to become contibuting members of society.

    As we progressively overpopulate the planet and use up it's increasingly scarce and finite resources we need to address the issue.

    I suggest we think about implanting all children under the age of 16 with some form of contraceptive and which would only be removed when they are in a position to offer their own children a safe, secure and loving home.

    As nature has always found an effective way of restoring the natural balance of things it would be better for us as a species to impose some self regulation rather than suffer the consequences of nature's inevitable backlash

  6. AMEN! Crystal is right: we have the same epidemic here in the's just amazing to me how people continue to have children an then get MORE money from the government each time a child is begat. Ridiculous. I'm with Jen: people should be FORCED to pick up their government checks and at the time recieve a contraceptive shot...we've outrun our resources as is...amen to your frustration. YOu're not alone.

    p.s. I'm back :) -rey