Friday, October 14, 2005

T-Shirt slogans.

I have a few ideas for good slogans on shirts....

  • Hoof Hearted?
  • Whale Oil Beef Hooked!!
  • Iced Ink!!
My, how we laughed!

The final piece of my birthday present from Michelle arrived today. She's bought me the complete Eerie Indiana DVD boxset. I have been searching for this (on and off admittedly) for a long time. I didn't even know they DID a complete box, as I've only seen the odd episode crop up on eBay. I am thrilled.

Got a busy old weekend going on this weekend, hope I get chance to keep up to my blogging!!

Personal challenge marathon on Pogo has gone well. I finished five whole badges this week. My 2003 collection is finally complete! If anyone wants to join up to Pogo then head on over, sign up and drop a pogo email to wevzyboy through the messages option. I will grant you a free five day pass to the exclusive members only section.

I got a visit from another website to my blog today... The site in question is a blog that just contains links to other Huddersfield Blogs. Inspiringly enough, it's called Huddersfield Blogs!! I am quite honoured to be a "feature" on another site, but heck, what must your average person think when they stumble into my regular rantings?? If you ever wanted to know anything about bloggers in Huddersfield, then head on over.

It's a shame I don't have anything worth saying in my blog that people would be generally interested in. I don't really have a purpose for my blog other than to collect a few of my ideas for a bit of fun. If I want to read witty political debate, or catch up on the news, then there are a zillion websites out there to read, I couldn't possibly compete with either quantity or quality of these other sites.

I guess what you get here, is just a random rant.

The mayor of Animal Crossing came to my house and gave me a golden fishing rod. He is a tortoise with a top hat, and he's called Tortimer!! Go figure! I now have a fish shaped weather vane on the top of my little house. Animal Crossing has to be one of the most bizarre games ever invented. It's "real-time" and the months and seasons coincide with reality. The shop has proper opening hours. The creatures conform to set daily routines and stuff. It's a flipping weird virtual ecosystem. I've been playing it for a year, and still haven't caught all the insects. I don't have a full art collection either. Oh, the stress.

In case you didn't work it out, there isn't really any point to the game of Animal Crossing. There are no real missions or objectives. The point of the game is to keep your village in good condition. Be nice to the other creatures. Keep a clean and tidy house. Have fun!!

Today's addition to my blu-tack menagerie, was a penguin, sitting under an umbrella drinking a can of coke. My talents are wasted... well something's wasted. I shall endeavour to capture a photo of said object d'art for your delight and delectation. I took one on my phone today, but don't know what the quality will be like, or indeed the whereabouts of my phone.

Right, well, I guess that's about it, so get out there and print some of my T-shirt slogans, and make a fortune selling them on eBay.

Cool thing for today:

Huddersfield Blogs - Good, simple idea.


  1. "I guess what you get here, is just a random rant"

    ....wouldn't have it any other way FoX! Hope you have a great weekend and find the time to throw an arbitrary rant our way!

  2. You must be doing something right! You have some loyal follwers that wouldn't return if you weren't interesting!

    Let me know when the t-shirt are done. Maybe you should make up a few with a blog logo or something...since you are now a star featured in the Huddersfield Blogs....

    "Artic FoX creator of the random shopping theory" etc, etc

  3. Another slogan for you.

    Huddersfield: Wear The Fox Hat?

    Ha ha!

  4. There's no requirements, all you have to be is a Blogger from Huddersfield.

    Please, spread the word and help get more Huddersfield bloggers listed.


  5. i've just helped hermony find her way home she'd left her lights on hahaha (animal crossing)