Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bowling cam.

OK, despite the fact that it is indeed a "zen like" experience watching the grass grow at the bowling club...... Occasionally, something happens. I am going to keep this entry for posting "bowling cam" highlights to prove a point. If anyone spots anything good on bowling cam, then make sure you are viewing it on this page and email me the picture for inclusion.

My mum and Fred bowling.

Puffers and slurpers. Donated by DohDoh - A confirmed "bowling cam" addict.

Peter can't get his "strimmer" started.

The mower man cometh....

Rook - Yes it's a rook, just a common or garden rook. The trees you see beyond the bowling green actually hold a rookery, so it's not surprising that we get rooks. Rarely though do you see a rook on the bowling green. Rarer still does the rook actually walk with a limp like this one did - you'll have to trust me on that one.

September dawns over Outlane Bowling Club. White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits, or a pinch and a punch for the first of the month. Whichever you prefer. I am intrigued to note the shadows across the bowling green may be used at a later stage as some sort of sundial.... maybe??

Snow White. Honestly. Look carefully, and just above the date stamp at the edge of the bowling green you can see what appears to be one of the seven dwarves and Snow White engaging in some sort of perverse role reversal?

Floodlights. The first floodlit game of the season. This picture signifies the exact end of the match.

The Pete Fowlie trophy is hotly contested around these parts. I believe this is some sort of scoring discrepancy or disagreement about to flare up into violence.

My birthday. A man climbs up a ladder in the rain to fix a roof on the extension at the back of the property at the top right hand side of this picture. Happy birthday to me.

Shock, horror. The yobs are in town. Unprecedented levels of anti-social behaviour as one of these yobs urinates in a flower pot and they all take turns in riding their bikes on the bowling green. Disgraceful behaviour. Bring back the birch!!
Some men trying to steal the kitchen extension on the bowling club.28/06/12

Mum and Fred having a bowl (5/7/12)
Rain stops play 6/7/12


  1. I am completely hooked to your bowling-cam.... unfortunately, it is having an adverse effect on my ability to maintain a normal life-function. Day becomes night, night becomes day... and STILL I watch. H-E-L-P. Can anyone break this spell? If not, I fear my fate lies as described in the Bridget Jones Movie - in a pool of my own widdle, half-eaten by my otherwise trustworthy alsation dog 'Snuggles'.

  2. I've always found rooks to me far more common on chess boards than on bowling greens.