Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I have tried to stay away from controversial topics of discussion today. I realise that not everyone will agree with me on many of my views, and I find somehow, the expression of strong socio-political views through my blog, to be a cheapening experience really. I never started blogging to discuss news topics or current affairs. There are one million and one blogs and websites out there already that do it far better than I ever could.

It was just a rant. Nothing more, and nothing less. Not to be taken seriously or to be offensive. That goes for the whole of my blog really.

Having considered spice's eBay auction for a professional blog writer, I invested a little bit of time myself into researching a few of the craziest auctions I could find.... I was amused. Perhaps you will be too??

Come on lads, she's only cheap!!
Girls, fill your boots!
I sure hope the hair is from her head!!
We all need one of these.

Ok, well there were more, but those were the ones I remember. One guy wants to come and do odd jobs for a hundred pounds a day, but it must fit in with his shift pattern.... what the??

Michelle is full of cold, she's sniffling, hacking, snooting and coughing her way round the house, but refuses to take a day off work. She's effing mental!! I am getting dosed up on vitamins and Beecham's powders in anticipation.

I've burnt my arm on the grill... silly boy!! It happened a couple of days ago, and I keep rubbing it on the table as I type and it's rubbed it all sore and watery. Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is on TV and I've seen it before.... damn you to the kitchen of hell Channel 4!!

I'm munching on Reese's Cups. I loves 'em. Need more coffee.

I've done my Pogo badges for the week. I haven't done any of the important things that I should be doing. I have played far too much SSX and am thinking about buying the new version, amongst many other titles. I almost shelled out on a £4000 television today... what am I thinking?

Right, enough's enough! I am having one last SSX session and I am off to bedfordshire!

Cool thing for today:

I effing love badgers.


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  2. That's a new one - hookers who take Paypal payments - What next... dogging and piking up for auction?

  3. 4 grand hahaha go for it fox.
    hey i wanna put a bid in for the bloke who does odd jobs pffff

  4. Aw make sure you look after Michelle,if she's anything like i was last week she'll need it!

  5. take care of Michelle!!!
    make her a cup of hot tea and put there some vodka...but not too much. it tastes like hell, but it really works (on me anyway).

    be cool

  6. :( I missed two of the eBay auctions - they were taken down for being inappropriate! So I guess it just proves you know how to find the "good" stuff!