Sunday, October 09, 2005

Angry fox!!

Ok, so you asked for the return of the angry fox, and you're gonna damn well get it.

I have been eagerly awaiting the release on Black and White 2 - The original was a funky game that uses "mouse gestures" for the controls, so you don't need to use a keyboard. The game designer is Peter Molyneaux, and he is a game God! Well, it's finally here, and I spent all morning installing the four CD's that it comes on. I managed to screw up the install towards the end of disk three, and started again.

Everything installed, and I sit down, and prepare to lose the next two weeks immersed in training and building activities, and the art of creature management.

You probably guessed by now, that this wasn't going to go too well!!

My video card does not support "pixel shader 1.1" so I can forget about that one!! What the frik pixel shader 1.1 is, and why I should care is another matter.

Deprived of some new gaming action, I turn to the trusty Nintendo Gamecube - I still have three insect types and one type of fish to capture to complete the sets on Animal Crossing.

Disc error!!

Dammit, I try a different game.

Disc error!!

The gaming Gods are truly against me today.

I am one pissed off fox.

Ok, so what's left... Paperwork.

Instead of having a great and exciting fun filled day of pure gaming ecstacy, I am relegated to doing my damn paperwork.

How the mighty have fallen.

Cool thing for today:

Highlight of my day.... What a day!!


  1. Awww...Poor FoX!!! There's nothing worse than sweetening your chops to dive into something and then....nothing. Sorry luv. Hope tomorrow is a better day. Help yourself to some warm trini hugs in the meanwhile...

  2. I suppose some comfort would have been a 'page cannot be displayed' message on the Inland Revenue website.

  3. hey!
    thanks for the tip.

    throw your video card away!!!


  4. Oh please, oh please send the gaming gods to my house and have them curse my husbands PC... I will trade you anyday... for he is sitting in his office playing away, while I have a honey-do list that touches the floor.

  5. Awww, sweetie, I am sorry to hear it.
    Bright side? Now that your paperwork is complete you know whether or not you can afford a new video card!
    You know, I have a mysterious bruise on my rear that I suspect came from when you jumped up and bit me! :P
    When I am having a rough day and require cheering up Shawn and I tickle-wrestle and I get all of my frustrations out. You can always start it by tossing a pillow at Michelle and then go from there... guaranteed to make you feel better! (just don't play too rough!)
    XXX Jen

  6. Ask and ye shall receive, my FoXy friend. Pictures of my two hell cats, er tom cats, are now posted on my site. As you will see I am an over achiever who doesn't do things by half measure. Their entire lives are documented in chronological order for your viewing pleasure! Happy Monday, if there is such a thing! -Jen

  7. Hi Fox,

    I know what you's kind of frustrating as a writer to put so much of ourselves into writing, and know people are reading it, but to not get feedback on it. Sometimes, it's just nice to know someone took the time to read it...and if they take the time to actually comment on what we wrote, wow, so much the better!!! :)

    I've actually gotten a few small writing tasks lately, for a small newspaper on the west coast (California) cool is that???