Thursday, October 13, 2005

Let the games begin!

First, I got my Gamecube swapped (under warranty) and it was none too painful.

Then, I came home switched on the Gamecube, loaded Animal Crossing and caught the last species of fish in the whole game - A feat I have been trying to achieve for twelve months!!

Then, I played some Pogo. It's personal challenge marathon week, so in addition to the two standard badges, you can pick three badges that you missed the first time round. I polished off the two standard badges, and did half of each of the other two. They launched a new game thisw week called QWERTY, which is a bit like scrabble... I am a demon at all word games!! Watch the blood flow, the Fox is on the prowl.

I am a happy and gamed-out Fox.... So much so, that I haven't visited any of your blogs, and nearly forgot to update my own!!

I'm very happy at getting my Gamecube swapped. They even gave me the new joystick in return for my old knackered one. Fox tips his head back and laughs out loud.

Other than that, not much doing. The documentation I have been working on at work has reached semi-completion and has been sent off to the communications team for "prettying up" - believe me it was fugly as chuff!! Wretched screenshots and little graphics and stuff everywhere, alignment all to pieces, and generally it looked a bit like my blog!!

Ha Ha thud... Fox laughs his head off.

Right, the shortest blog in the history of the Fox... I am cutting, showering, and running to bed... Might just play some more Pogo first? Like you didn't expect THAT!!

Cool thing for today:

UNICEF bombed the Smurfs??? Some might say, not a moment too late!!


  1. good at word games eh
    sounds good this qwerty whats the address? we'll see who's good muwuhahaha.

  2. I can live with that. Then we can move on to ethnic cleansing in teletubby land.

  3. Tell me what to do! I'll parachute in if i have to!!!

  4. Aaah....gamecube be blessed...Happy FoX is so much more fun than Angry FoX!

  5. I am glad to see you are in good spirits... gaming seems to have a way of doing that to some people. Me? I am horrible at them all and get rather stressed...

  6. Yes, you are weird...but that's what makes you so loveable.
    Okay...must go see a bank about a car...take care. -Rey

  7. Yes, you are weird...but that's what makes you so loveable.
    Okay...must go see a bank about a car...take care. -Rey

  8. Hey Fox!

    First, I LOVE the picture of Jenna Jameson on your space today!!!

    I just want to bring to light something that I suspect won't make the front-page news...that would be the case of Ayotte vs. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.

    I have a complete post about it on my space, at:

    Thanks! Please feel free to read and comment on y our opinion!

    -David / BootJockey