Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Honesty the best policy?

Premise: I tell the truth and everyone loses out, or tell a lie and Everyone wins.

Well I told the truth and wish I hadn't. Now nobody is happy!!

I think my dream apartment is crumbling to dust before my very eyes.

More on this another day..... I don't want to jinx the outcome of an important phonecall tomorrow.

I am totally full of "man-flu".

I can feel the bronchitis setting in.

I really don't need this right now.

It's been a cold, wintery, sunshiny day. Lovely stuff. Puts me in mind of a lovely techno song, which I lent out, and never received back... Mr. Ford are you listening??? (I'm not mad, 'cos you've given me an excuse to blast out the following lyrics to wind up my blog).

Sitting on a bench in the sunshine,
Filling up my belly with a fine wine.
All loved up in the afternoon,
Kissed my baby,
And my heart went BOOM!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Feng Shui....

*** post update update ***
I've added a link to download my current blog song.... it's over there on the right, under the media player. Right-click the link, and select "save target as".... or summat similar!!

I've just been to view the most gorgeous executive, feng shui, hardcore apartment.

The apartment in question is built inside an old woolen mill. The front of the apartment opens out through double French doors onto a private patio. In front of the patio is a private garden. In front of the garden is a three acre lake (private to all residents). To the right of the patio, the lake runs down a weir, and disappears right under the apartment.

I'm in love.

It's expensive, and totally insular, I can't do anything but move there. The thought of that place in the summer days is like a holiday waiting to happen.

The only drawback to this deal (other than the price) is that there is no mobile phone signal there. Tragic. I am sure I will survive though, and will soon become readjusted to using the landline.

And so.... I need to put together all my documents, and get my act together to go to the estate agent tomorrow, and make it happen.

I'm gonna rent the place with Ade, one of the guys I work with. I think he's as excited about the pad as I am. Now, never mind "a problem shared....", it is true, that "a rent shared" is truly "a rent halved"!!

I am open for bookings for the summer months.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hanging on.....

I feel like I am finally turning a corner.

I'm turning a corner, and someone forgot to shut the door properly, and I don't have a seat belt on, and any second now I could fall out.

It's a corner though.

Beyond the corner, there's a big hill to climb. I can't tell whether it's a short, steep hill, or a long gradual one, but I know I should save some energy for the ascent.

Once again, I can't thank people enough for their support.

My mum, on the other hand, thinks that blogging is the work of the devil. She can't abide the fact that relative strangers can comment on my private life.

To put things in context, my mum, on hearing my decision to move out, created a list of things I could do to save the relationship and to not move out. Can you believe she thinks that Michelle and I, having children, would be some sort of solution??

So, I say, welcome bloggers, virtual pals, and anonymous lurkers. Come in and read. Make a comment if you feel the need. You're all welcome to give advice, as long as you won't be offended if I don't use it.

Sometimes an outsider's perspective is more insightful than those close by.

Tomorrow is Monday, and it's a new week. It's been one of the maddest weeks of my life this week. Goodbye to it, and good riddance.

Out with the old, in with the new!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

You know you can not hide.....

... From what's inside!!

I'm adding a new song to my web page.

While the music's playing, I'd like you all, in a Uri Gelleresque gesture to touch your monitor and sing along. Give Michelle and me your positive vibes, and you never know.....

The house hunting has begun.

I've been to a few estate agents, and got the local paper, and I am now looking for an apartment near to work. It's making a lot of sense to me now.

I'm sure I've said all this before, but, in order to see the bigger picture, you sometimes need to take a step back. That's all I am doing. I hope Michelle can start to feel as positively about it as I am.

It's still a big shock though.

If you can't be bothered to send us your vibes, perhaps you could make a donation to my apartment fund.... The buttons down there on the right hand side!! Ha Ha!!

Thanks everyone... And I mean EVERYONE.... I've got some great friends, who are very understanding, and your help through this difficult time will not go unrewarded.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A trouble shared....

..... Undoubtedly leaves two or more people feeling as effed up as YOU were!!

I'm appreciative of support that's manifesting in many forms at the moment... Especially to Michelle.

I've got so much work to do to reconstruct my psyche... I'm drained, and flat, and truly exhausted by the last week's feelings.

Some people have commented (daily) that they've never seen me so low. It's true... I have been down at times, and I am somewhat manic, but it NEVER lasts this long, nor has it ever felt as hopeless.

I DO know that it won't always be like this.... And hopefully that's the first step on the long climb back up the ladder.

Worked late...

Came home....

Watched Nanny McPhee - And, funnily enough, really enjoyed it for what it's worth.

And now, on to my revelation.

I have been brooding for a week or more, over feelings that surfaced in me last year. I am doubting my strength of commitment. Michelle and myself are stuck in a routine, and a rut, that neither of us is particularly enjoying.

For the last week, I have felt like I have had my heart broken. Sick to the pit of my stomach with it.

I have decided, no doubt foolishly, that after seventeen years of living with Michelle, I am moving out.

We are not splitting up, and my moving out is a temporary measure.

Sometimes, in order to see something, you have to stand back from it.

The decision has been very hard, and very painful. It's interesting that in the twenty four hours since I announced this to Michelle, we have both experienced strong emotions... I really believe it might not be a bad move.

What do you all make of that then?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So many songs...

... So little time.

I have a collection of music that is growing daily.... It's funny how when you're in a frigging mood, that no matter how much music you have, and no matter how seemingly randomly you pick precariously through the tunes.... Every last song seems to damn well fit your mood, and in my case, drags me further into the well of despair.

I have picked a little bit of Royksopp for you. Kev, I hope your speakers do it justice.... I love the little heartbeating bassline that trundles along....

Stay or forever go......

I am very busy at work lately, in fact the whole team is terminally "snowed under" to a level that I haven't witnessed before. I think I am putting in longer hours there so I don't have to think about anything else.

Play or you'll never know......

I've lost my appetite for games lately. Nothing can drag me from my sombre mood. I am really glad to see that Jen seems to have inherited my previous passion for gaming addiction.

What heaven decided........

Trapped... That's what I am feeling. It's taken me a long, hard, few days to identify the root of my depression. To try to quantify where my dark feelings are rising from. I am feeling mildly better that I have, at last, found a word to explain it. Finding a solution is another matter. Change is inevitable.

You can't deny it's..........

Based on the readership of my blog, it's been very difficult for me to explore my recent mood. It's times like this that I wish I had an anonymous blog. I used to get great value from being able to explore deep feelings without friends, relatives, and colleagues reading about it. I no longer have the luxury of a free psychiatrist!!

All you've been waiting for.......

I need sleep. I need space. I need change. I need light.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Say it with a song.

What better way to say how you feel than through the power of music?

Just in case it isn't working, or you don't have your sound turned on... Boo!!

In case you wanted to turn it off (or play it again for that matter).... It's way down there on the right hand side along with all the other buttons.... Go on... Right at the bottom. Watch you don't accidentally click on the donation button by mistake though!!

Emma (Brooky, not Polgara, in case there's any confusion - Brooky is a long time lurker here on my website), I know you can't hear this song at work, but if you could you would be laughing now!! You have to listen to it somewhere else I guess!! I effing love this song, and what an apt start to my blogging musical career it is!!

My mental state is showing no sign of an upturn... The mood is definitely black.

Confusion is the order of the day.

This is so unlike me.... I pray for a ray of light.... A sign.... Something to bring me guidance.

I guess times like these are when religion could take hold.... Yikes!!

I think I am going to run away to Canada and hide in Spices new garage (possibly dressed as a cat).

Mebbe I just need a soothing massage courtesy of the new place that's opened up near work... Roxanne's.... Second thought's, would you trust a masseuse who blurs out their face?? Shame it doesn't say on the rota what day Aaliah is working... Grrrrr.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Every action force...

.... Has an equal and opposite reaction force.

It's not only a law of physics, but it's the law of karma.

Understand your actions and be prepared for the reactions!

Easier said than done.

I've got a tangled web of candyfloss where I used to have a brain. I can't see past the fog in order to make the right decision. My mind is flooded with thoughts and pictures and potential conversations.

The diceman might have had something?? (Jay I know you don't agree!!).

I am in a state of confusion... Which way to turn.... Positive decision, or no decision at all.... Easy road, or hard road... I am going to hide under my duvet until my brain will leave me alone.

Fugged up fox!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The perfect recipe....

... For carnage!!

13 work mates
A handful of Flatliners
A brace of Mojitos
A handful of pills
A bottle of pink champagne

Carefully peel and dice the work mates.

Wash work mates thoroughly, and place on a bus into Huddersfield.

Take the flatliners, the mojitos and pink champagne and pour them into a bucket.

Soak the work mates in the resulting bucket of loopy juice.

Randomly distribute pills amongst the work mates.

Bring to the boil.

Reduce heat and simmer for an hour.

When the lid's blown off and the work mates have been thrown out of a nightclub, place in an overcrowded taxi on a roundabout journey.

steep work mates in more alcohol, and let rest.

After three hours, turn the work mates out of their beds, and you are left with the perfect carnage!! A hole in your bank account, big enough to drive a bus through, headache, and general nausea.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Currently on loan.....

I have officially checked my brain out of work. It's stamped with a return date for Monday morning, and I have all weekend to enjoy it. I hear the fines for late returns are quite hefty though.

I am actually going out tonight.... Outside of the house and into Huddersfield, with my work mates and we are seriously gonna be painting (at least part) it red.

I had a couple of funny things to tell you all today... But I am damned if I can remember what they were... Cue puzzled expression on the fox's face!!

Ok, I remember now.... The first one is about an email I received. It sounds a bit like one of those Nigerian Prince scams, but I thought I would have a bit of fun and reply.... I hope I get a response. So here's the email with my reply underneath it.

Dear King_weezil,

Hi! Where are you, haven't seen you for a long time, how is it going? I called you yesterday, but you did not answer. The case is urgent so I decided to contact you via email. Guess, what I'm writing from? From my new notebook which my friends presented me the last week! They told me some interesting news: the other day they saw a report on the TV about a company which declared search of business partners worldwide.

My friends have entered their partnership program and got the opportunity to take financial credit of $150,000.00 USD and opened their first computer shop. I also decided to become part of this business. All this is so simple that even I understood the basics. Unbelievable but it really works! Now I do all the paperwork to get financial credit. Take a look at their website:


This is the best offer I've seen in my life and I assure you that it works! If you have problems with money at the moment, don't worry, i will pay for your initial order from the credit I've took, after that you can take your own credit, this is the way my friends became official partners of the company and opened their computer shop without investing their money. Call me as soon as possible, the business worth it.

Oh and this month they give expensive presents to their new partners.

Check this link right now: http://www.esprino-group.com

I'm so sorry I have taken so long to reply to your e-mails. When I received you last one, I was just about to leave work and go on holidays and I was extremely busy. When I returned from Holiday's I got your e-mail but I thought I would wait to I went back to work to e-mail you so I could send you photos as the hotmail account takes so long to upload them.

Love to all

Tahaila Van Kleef
Executive Support Officer
Director-General's Office
Level 13, 111 George Street
P.S. Please don't forget to visit this site:

My reply:

Dear Mr. Van Kleef,

I am afraid you may have the wrong "King_Weezil"!

I received no "missed call" from you yesterday, so perhaps you ought to also check that you have my correct phone number.

I am incredibly pleased that you have a new notebook. What brand is and what are the specifications? It sounds very interesting. Congratulations to you and your friends on opening the new business. I wish you all the success with your new venture. I DID take a look at the website you supplied, and to be honest, it isn't very professional. Perhaps we should discuss rates, and I could create and host a new website for you that doesn't look so poor?? Let me know where to send the invoice and I will be happy to advise you of my rates. I assure you, my price will not even put a dent in the $150000.00 dollars you are currently sitting on.

Hope you had a really great holiday, and are returned to work with vigour and enthusiasm for your new venture.

I look forward with great interest to seeing your holiday photos and look forward to developing your new website soon.

Love to all your family.


I await suitable response and will keep you posted!!

The other funny thing was a link to google maps.... A friend sent me this and I nearly fell off my seat laughing.

Open this link and zoom right in!!

Ciao for now muchachos!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'm choking!!

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.....

I have no bandwidth left with which to blog!! I am chock full of uploads and downloads, and I don't know whether I am coming or going.

Once again, thanks to the good people around me, I have gleaned enough information to launch me back toward the sharp end of the internet.

I am a confirmed Torrent fan!!

With regard to Spice's comment, if anyone has a copy of "LFO - Frequencies" on CD to lend me, then I'd be prepared to do pretty much anything in return.

Mission for tomorrow - buy lots of LFO CDs from t'internet!!!

Next mission - Find out how to convert mp3 files to an mp4 that'll be compatible with my phone!!

Life's very good at the moment. What is there to whine about....??

I need bed...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I must be getting old.....

I used to be at the cutting edge of the internet.... I always knew what was hot and what was not.

I rode the heady heights of the original MSN that used to come bundled with Windows 95. It wasn't even based on the internet in those days. It had cool chat rooms with elevators to private rooms, and you could use the "not so funny" Comic chat program.

I used to be a chat room host on MSN, and got free MSN access for doing six hours a week.... Helping the newbies, schmoozing the lovely ladies, and generally being an all round good egg.

I surfed high on the crest of the ICQ instant messaging wave. I was one of the first hundred thousand people to sign up for it until someone snagged my prestigious low numbered account.

I was playing mp3s before you were all born.

My usage of peer to peer software for downloading movies and software and mp3s used to be legendary... And all this over dial-up connections!!

I no longer know what the cool tools are.

I downloaded imesh and can't find anything I want....

Anyone know what the good peer to peer things are these days?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Bloody hell....

I am spitting blood... I've only been tagged by the lovely Polgara... Two entries in one day is probably more fox than you'd care to see.... Blame Emma.

Spill the bile. Spray the venom!!

1. It no longer contains my blog.
2. Because I don't have an MSN space blog, I can't use my profile to sign my comments, and I have to edit all the fields manually.
3. Most of them are crap!

1. How many gods can there be?
2. Name a war that wasn't inspired by religion.
3. It's a bit ambiguous for my liking!

1. Politicians.
2. Spin!
3. Corruption.

1. Meat.
2. Humble pie.
3. My hat.

1. Trousers on women that are blatantly too short... It turns my stomach.
2. Those velour lounge suits that chavs and Jodie Marsh wear.
3. Pierre Cardin!!

1. James Blunt
2. New r&B.. Proper R&B rules, but this new pap is just rotten, and it isn't R&B at all.
3. Speed garage/Happy hardcore

1. Roy "Chubby" Brown
2. Bradley Walsh
3. Derek Acorah

1. I don't understand them.
2. They don't understand me.
3. Just sometimes I wish they wouldn't all be pestering me for sex ALL the time.

1. Quality Street.
2. Incompetence.
3. Shyness.

1. Too many of them can't take the pace... C'mon you can do more than three months.
2. Lurkers... I hate you I hate you I hate you!!
3. Sometimes the temptation is to offer advice when it's not really necessary - I do it all the time.

1. Mortgage
2. Getting out of bed
3. Bills, bills, bills.

1. People trying to stop me being wild and free
2. Tidying my bedroom
3. I've made so many immature mistakes with the ladies!! D'oh!!

1. Spice
2. J
3. Spoilechile

Oh lord, it's only Monday night.

I am in fine spirits. The full moon is resplendent in all its glory. Spring is in the air.

I just can't shake the feeling that this week is starting to drag its heels already. It's been a long Monday already.

One thing I DID hear about today... Are you listening Katt?.... Some Finnish scientists have only invented the air guitar that you can actually play. Here's the article in full. I look forward to the day when I can kick Jimi Hendrix's ass into next week.

I've eaten far too much today, and am now rolling around the living room, with my arms and legs in the air and whimpering like a poorly dog.

I suppose you've already guessed, but it IS Monday night, and of course the soap marathon is in full flow.... Now where did I leave those razor blades.... This would be an ideal opportunity to have a shave. Only joking.... I currently have, possibly the longest stupid goatee beard I've ever grown!! I'm such a lazy pig!

Damn these soaps... I could be watching a movie, or playing a game.

The good news for today, is that I finally got my old mobile phone number transferred to my new phone. I no longer have to cart around a multitude of phones, and adapters, and chargers, and I can finally rationalise my pockets!!

Why not head on over to the Guinness website and take a sneak peek at their new TV advert... As always it's cool..... VERY cool!!

I would like to wish all my blog readers a happy Valentine's day for tomorrow... If you have forgotten to get a card or a gift, then it's probably too late now, and the fox is laughing in your face. This is the first time in a long time, that I've actually bothered to do some stuff for Michelle. As a rule, we don't observe such commercial entities.

Well, in order to avoid the soaps, I'm away to have a nice soak in a bubble bath and listen to some Rossini!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

If I had words to make a day for you.....

I'd sing you a morning golden and new,
I would make this day last for all time,
Give you a night deep in moon shine.

I always cry at the film Babe!! I'm such a big old softie really. I cried at ET too, you know the bit where he is in the stream and he's gone all white and funky.... "Don't die ET... Don't die", I sobbed.

And so, it is the full moon. I'm really pleased about it. The full moon means a lot to me, and one memory I can recount....

I travelled half way round the world to Thailand... Stayed in Bangkok for a while, and then flew down to Koh Samui. The plan was to visit the legendary full moon party on Koh Phangan. When it actually came down to it, we never actually made it the last few miles to the party, and viewed the cloudy skies of Koh Samui. Caught a fleeting glimpse of said moon. The next day we travelled to Koh Phangan, and apparently it had been so cloudy that the moon never put in an appearance at its own party. I will never know why I didn't actually make those last few miles.

Incidentally, the trip to Thailand was my first ever website that I created. I put all the photos up there, and wrote a little travelog to go with them. I never kept the photos or made a backup of the website, and you can guess.... My friendly ISP deleted it and almost all my memories of the craziest time I've ever had!!

I have had a banging headache all day today. It's now driving me to distraction. Unless I get some respite from this demon behind my eyes, I can feel a sick day coming on tomorrow. I sat for a while, with a bag of frozen prawns on my head.... Then I tried the frozen mixed vegetables, which in all fairness were a better soother than the prawns.

Funnily enough... While typing this, I ran off to look on the web for one of those old fashioned ice bags to put on your head... Admittedly, I've been gone a while and come back, but now my headache's gone.

It's official... Bloggin' is good for your noggin!!

Whatever happened to Fry's Five Centres chocolate bars?? If anyone can find me a picture of one for nostalgic reasons, I will gladly award copious karma points.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nodding dog.

Like the aforementioned novelty motoring accessory, famous for advertising an insurance agency which is NOT the one that I work for, I have been enjoying the value added bonus of listening to my MP3 collection while at work.

I've caused a few raised eyebrows by sitting at my desk playing air guitar to Black Sabbath, and the Beastie Boys actually prompted me to jump up on my desk and scream Sabotage, much to the chagrin of my employers.

The new phone I got - The imate kjam, if you remember I posted the link a few days ago - is totally ace. I bought myself a one gigabyte mini SD memory card for it and chocked it full of some rockin' tunes.

I think in future, a bit of classical might be more in order to prevent a recurrence of me spinning round the office on my chair all day.

In all fairness, I haven't really got much to write about. The week is going well. I am motivated, and productive. I am enjoying work, I am enjoying being at home. I'm getting a decent night's sleep and getting out of bed at a reasonable time. All mundane and thoroughly "normal", which, for me is quite strange.

It's only Wednesday and I've already put in over thirty hours at work. Let the good times roll.

The mornings are getting lighter. I am seriously happy to notice that the days are gradually growing longer again. The birds are once again singing in my heart.

Ten points awarded for the most smug, and boring blog entry of all time.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Translated, it means "I doubt".

There's a game called Perudo, or Dudo, or Liar's Dice.

It's a fantastic game, and one I haven't played in a long long time. I hereby vow to dig out my dice and set them rolling... Anyone wanna come play? I am an excellent liar... Maybe I don't even own the game?? You will never know.

Ok, so I doubted that this was going to be a good week. I was expecting a tough time at work. I was engulfed with self doubt, and in retrospect, I know this is a common problem I have.

In dark times, I need to remind myself, that like a proverbial cat (in so many ways), I will always land on my feet, and seemingly have nine lives (Unless I'm playing Space Invaders and then I only get three).

Things are going ok, in spite of my worry and self doubt.

I have done some proper blog "tweaking" tonight.

I have updated "Previous Polls".

I have created a new poll.

I have updated my "Fave Blogs".

I have updated my "Random Shopping" section.

I have added the "Save a fox" donation button as a permanent feature.

I have updated the "This season I will be mostly" section.

I'm so bloody good to you!! What do I ask in return? I ask you to leave a comment, make a vote, save a fox, view the previous polls in which you may have participated, observe the moon, come play Perudo with me and Michelle, visit some of my blog pals, visit some of my favourite links. Live, love, and laugh as often as possible - or any combination of the aforementioned.

Good fry!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sometimes up, sometimes down....

.... But always around!!

It's been a bit of a see-saw weekend.

Friday was a proper hard day at work for me, and I fear this week is shaping up to be another bugger of a week.

Friday night, got my new phone.... Charge for eight hours before use.... dammit.

Saturday, got up with a proper bad headache. Felt like I had a hangover all day, and I hadn't even been drinking!! What sort of a con is that??

Played with my phone most of the day, and played some Pogo. Caught up with all my Sky+ recorded programmes.

Sunday, woke up, played pogo until my ears fell off. Went to the bowling club and renewed membership fees. Had a lovely couple of pints of Websters Best... Yummy. Came home and had a snooze.

Whipped up a couple of delightful onion and emmental omelettes, and chilled out with a movie.

The movie in question was: Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. I have to admit that I quite enjoyed it, simple as it was. The dark aspect of the movie worked very well to set it apart from similar offerings.

Now, I've just finished Michelle's Pogo badges for her (she's such a Pogo wuss). I've updated Worcester Dan's blog address (which I've been meaning to do for a while). I've FINALLY gotten round to visiting all your blogs, and tried to read as much as I could to catch up again - Apologies to everyone for an unprecedented length of absence... I'm such a bad fox!!

We had the wren in the garden this morning.... I totally love the wren, it's a beautiful little mousey bird, and always appears to have such a jaunty demeanour. Heartwarming to see the little critter hopping about and scaling the walls.

Ok, it's nearly time for bed... Fox growls!! So many games to play, and only so many bloody hours to play 'em in!! Never enough.


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Anyone for a quickie?

Due to the fact that certain people have taken yesterday's rant as a cue to go and do exactly what I said I hated... (They have embedded random comments amongst my blog, which I now refuse to search out) .... I think it's called sadism!! I have decided to list one more foxy eff off.

The thing that pisses me off more than anything in the world is when people randomly send me money.

Please, please, under no circumstances must you attempt to send cash, cheques, or paypal donations.

In other foxy news... Something which I forgot to mention... I scored the second consecutive "pinch and a punch" against Michelle on the first of February.

She went to bed early, and I stayed up. I set the alarm on my phone and promptly went up to bed at about ten minutes past midnight and woke Miche up to deliver the goods.

Sweet, sweet victory.

Se was mortified, having only recently got rid of the black eye from the first of January. She's getting very good at covering the bruises with carefully applied make-up.

I am tired, and tomorrow is Friday, and I have a massive load of work on tomorrow.

Remember.... Whatever you do, don't click the paypal button and send me money.

Good night!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

One more.....

To add to the list of "things that piss the fox off", I have discovered a new addition.

When someone leaves a comment on my blog, I receive an email to my hotmail account, which tells me the time and date of the comment. It tells me who posted the comment. It tells me the content of the comment.

It doesn't tell me: Which blog entry the comment was lodged against.

Normally, this doesn't represent a problem, as the comments are fairly self explanatory, and usually relate to the current day, or only one or two days ago at most.

Here's a summary of one of my most recent comments:

From: HGH (anonymous-comment@blogger.com)
Date: 31st January 2006
Comment: can i get more info?

And so, having received this in an email, my curiosity was piqued. If I could possibly proffer more information about something for HGH, then I'd happily oblige.... But where's the comment??

I began to go back through the last month's postings, and all the comments.... No sign.

You can imagine....

I diligently have been searching every blog entry, and every comment for HGH for the last hour and a half.

I finally found the comment. And can you guess where it was??

Well, let's just say it was the second posting I ever made here on Blogger. I've searched through January, December, November, October, right back to the beginning of September.

And after all that, what do you think they wanted to know more about?

Your guess is as good as mine!!

Here's the original post, please feel free to revisit it.... But for fox sake please don't comment on it.

Feel free to post advice to HGH against this entry, and at least we all might be able to find it.

If you're HGH then please feel free to elaborate as to what it is you want.

Pissed off and going to bed.