Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sixes and sevens.

Good grief, I have missed another blog day.... I am really starting to slip up.

'Tis Sunday, and truth beknown, I have somewhat of a hangover. Didn't drink particularly copious amounts last evening, but I feel very rough today. I suspect the Schneider Weiss?? Mebbe it was the mojito? Could it have been a Corona? Even an Erdinger? Likely it was long island iced tea!!

Didn't really get up to much yesterday, just bummed about in the house in my underpants for the best part of the day while Michelle went into town to do a bit of shopping. I played a few Gamecube games, a little bit of Pogo, chatted to a few people online, stressed over the fact that my paperwork is now two months out of date. Didn't stress enough to actually tackle it yet though!!

Went round to chez spice and had a quick rant about digital photography, inspired by my site that I linked to in yesterday's post. I am thinking seriously about doing a photography course.

Michelle has me trying to buy some bloody Oreos from somewhere now.... of course they can't be the inferior ones manufactured under licence in England, they HAVE to be the American ones, imported!!

I've been into town this morning and collected my car from last evening... did a bit of shopping, and now it's time to kick back and watch Goodbye Mr. Chips - a classic old black and white!!

Cool thing for today:

Sweets from around the globe.


  1. Hungover - I'm not bloody surprised.

    I'll send you some Oreos from the States - but you'll need to e-mail me your address.

  2. Sounds like you had a good weekend too hun,and yeah i loved the extra hour,as you know i really dont get enough sleep lol

  3. A hangover???!!! See!!! That's what you get for not drinking Guinness!!!!!!! Hahahaha. I think a few of us missed posting yesterday....obviously as a result of an interruption in the time space continuum, some sort of blog black obvious aberration that had nothing to do with us of course. Or alcohol. Or sloth. Or....

  4. you bought that fookin tv yet dude
    i wanna see a pic of it

  5. What is it about guys playing video games in their underpants? Shawn does it too... "training" him out of the habit before our daughter gets old enough to ask questions... :P
    I'll send Michelle Oreos too! I can get them at this wonderful place called Sam's Club, a big HUGE box full. So many Oreos, so little room in stomach!

  6. hi
    what games do i create???
    i'll tell you if you'll play with me!!!


  7. long island ice tea is particularly treacherous ... watch out for that stuff