Sunday, October 02, 2005

Park and ride!!

Got up at about 8am.

Coffee and bike maintenance. What to do with a pushed out piston on my hydraulic disc brakes?? Well, I thought, and I thought, and I got the tools out. Carefully (actually pretty frightened) I managed to strip the disc system down, got the pads out and forced back the pistons, put the weel back... it was still not right.... three or four more attempts at the same and no better.

As a last ditch attempt, I removed the hydraulic unit, and tried it all again. Apparently it was the reseating of the hydraulic unti that fixed it.... Am I good or what?? Fixed by mistake... Resounding success!!

10am - Bike ride with Riv and Len. We took in some proper chokey (the ruts in the ground are so deep and narrow that your pedals don't fit through easily) single track stuff round the edge of Wessenden. Very nice, very picturesque. I found that my legs still haven't forgiven me for last weekend yet.

Came home, had a bath, watched Shrek2, which I totally love.#

Am thinking about food.... perhaps curry.

Am also thinking about cake.... and the concept of each country having its own definitive confectionary....

France = Egg custard, or anything else yellow.
Iraq = Bombe Surprise of course.
America = Victoria Sponge, light and fluffy and full of hot air.
Scotland = Chocolate fudge cake, cold, thick, and chock full of deep fried calories.
England = Lemon drizzle, damp, sour, and leaves you with a bitter taste.
Italy = Fairy cakes, what else??
Australia = Any cake with a file concealed in it!!

Ah well, that's a good proportion of the world insulted. Anyone got any more that I can ensure I have no readers left by the end of the week?

I guess I oughta be going and putting my crash helmet on now, and wait for the abuse to start pouring in. It's so easy to talk me into something.

Cool thing for today:

Apology Generator - Guess this could come in handy!!


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  3. For the Dutch I'd suggest a space-cake and how about rice cakes for the Chinese.

  4. Bike Maintenance??? I am truly impressed. I can just about manage greasing the chain on my bike and even then I'm sure there would be lots of shaking of heads and tut-tutting if the act were ever witnessed.

    Oh, and for the record, Trinidad's Cake would be a Rich Fruitcake recently kidnapped and being held for an undisclosed ransom.

  5. Very interesting concept, FoX. I would have to say it ranks similarly to your random shopping theory. I am wondering, as I know you are interested in moving to here, what you would choose for Canada?

  6. I absolutley loved Battle Royale and am really surprised it isnt more widely known even if just for the concept or is it just that i havent heard of it lol

  7. Oooh and itlooks like i might get to try some Zubrowka due to your comment,cheers hun :)

  8. I read no such harshness in your posting the other day...i like brutal's the basis of our friendship :)
    Hope the monday is going well. I'm a about to start my neverending search for employment :) -Rey