Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Thankfully a day off.... I mean a whole day off.... nothing to do but sit around and think..... so I thunk and I thunk, and here is the kink......

Struggled through the four hours at the pub last evening and even managed to get through a little bit of work..... a bit of tidying here, a bit of cleaning there, spreading my germs almost everywhere.

I even stayed behind after work for a couple of pints of Guinness..... a drink I used to consume in rather startlingly large quantity before I discovered the joy of real ale.  They say Guinness is good for you, and while I did sleep rather soundly for the first part of last night. I did have to retrieve Dawn from the sofa in the lounge at about four o' clock to apologise for what must have been unbearable snoring.....  I spent the rest of the night on the sofa and went back to bed when Dawn got up...... complicated stuff.

I'd like to think that the copious quantity of snot pouring out of me is a sign that I've broken the back of this particular bug!!

I've just been up the road to the postbox to post a rather pleasant birthday card (a delightful little scene of Berwick) to my Aunty and I noticed some rather wonderful things along the way.....

Firstly, I am always amazed at how active your brain can be......  it just never shuts up!!

Did I lock the door?  I'm sure I did!

BT Openreach van..... you can bet he's not making my broadband go faster can't you!!

A funny looking metal disc on the pavement.... looks like a bit of a petrol cap?

The small piece of land for sale/rent - must look it up.

No chickens in Peter's field this morning..... and I never noticed the gateway that's been bricked up in Peter's garden wall before..... and his wall looks a bit lopsided, might need looking at.

Logs.....  a massive stack of logs at a house that's been built but never quite finished..... been going on for a couple of years now..... we could use them logs at the pub.

Jet black elderberries.   Must be nearly Autumn.

Gravestones..... and some tiger lillies growing around them......

Garish gold painted stone lions.....

Post collection 4:45pm but 11:30am on Saturdays.... typically useless to me.

I cough up some phlegm and head back down the road.

Ruby red rosehips.  Autumn's not far off.
Ah, there are Peter's chickens.... I cluck at one plucky soul which has made its way right up to the wall at the side of the garden..... and I wonder how you could turn Peter's field into a little fishing pond..... how would you stop it leaking?  surely you don't just dig a big hole?  What kind of features would I put in if I were making my own fishing pond?

I kick the weird metal disc and it scoots off, rolling down the road.... it seems to be some sort of rubbery metal disc thing and I have no idea what it is..... it veers slightly to the right and rolls round the back of the BT van.

Crab apples.  Must be Autumn.... wonder how 'Udders Orchard's apple pick went?

As I pass the BT van I realise I've forgotten to take notice of the piece of land I wanted to look at.....  I turn back round to look and notice the estate agent's name and think to look it up when I get home.  I also notice the BT van is wide open and looks stuffed full of equipment in little drawers...... at that point the BT man appears in front of me, as I'm looking backwards into his van...... he probably thinks I was thinking about pinching his gear......  

A tiny, adorable ginger and white kitten standing in the lounge window of a cottage I passed, looking out, probably wondering where all the balls of wool have gone.  The cottage, once owned by a driving instructor and his wife..... we refer to them as "Aspire" and "Tilpey" based on their cars and registrations.... I think they split up and moved out so the kitten must belong to the new owner(s) - can't remember if it's rented or sold.  Remember to tell Dawn about the kitten.

I squash some greenfly on my rose bush.

It's not far to our postbox!

driftwood shelter at Cheswick


  1. Or maybe the kitten is the new owner of the house? That's the way they generally behave anyhow.

    1. you're quite right..... as it was once explained to me.....
      3000 years ago, cats were worshipped as Gods......
      Cats have never forgotten this!

  2. You poor sad creature Foxy - you are not thinking of going to live in that beach hut are you (having just spent a night in the spare bed to get away from the farmer's snoring, I have every sympathy with Dawn)

    1. I can sympathise with both yourself and with Dawn.... I am a snorer under normal circumstances but when you add bubonic plague and Guinness into the mix...... well, it's a roof raiser!

  3. That's an interesting piece of writing Arctic! Well done!
    Regarding the copious amounts of snot, I think you are missing a trick. If transferred to small plastic vials, you could sell the stuff on e-bay "Genuine Yorkshire Snot". You'd make a killing.

    1. it was simply an attempt to recall a fraction of what passes through our minds in a given time period.... It was an interesting way of mentally recalling the little journey - thank you!!

  4. I do that too. But, sadly, these days I cannot remember even a fraction of my mental activity by the time I have walked back through the gate.

    Get well soon.

    PS. The snot description could probably have been omitted.

  5. Dear Mr Fox,
    It is twenty two days since you last blogged and I am getting heartily sick of clicking on your link to find no activity. Come on man - pull yourself together - unless of course you are now deceased - in which case please accept my insincere condolences.
    Yours etc.

  6. I echo Katherine and Yp

  7. In case you're reading this Foxy, Happy New Year! I expect you're busy pulling beers for punters and have had no time to relax yet.