Sunday, September 09, 2012


Partly on account of the fact that:
Yesterday I worked a fourteen and half hour straight shift behind the bar.
Yesterday I drank (it's a guess) a gallon of Easy Rider during the above premise.
I've pulled a piece of skin off one of my toes, and it turns out that it's the bit that touches the floor when I walk and it's stinging and pretty uncomfortable.
I have headache.
Having got to bed at sometime around three o' clock this morning and being back at the pub for line cleaning at nine thirty, I'm quite tired.

For those reasons alone.....

Thank God it's Super Searching Sunday......

dose anyone know if i can buy rileys choclate toffee rolls
As featured in my "Top 10 Sweets" list.  Rileys no longer exist as far as I'm aware.... And I believe they were based in Halifax?  I could be wrong.... but it's highly unlikely!!  Anyway, you can get these, which are, apparently, quite similar.  Also, I think you mean "does" and "chocolate".

"the harlot's room" melissa
What can I say?  It's a book about an autistic hooker.  I've read it and can't remember it.  Here's more information on it.

"i now smoke daily"
Well you should stop.  It's bad for you and it's very antisocial..... here preaches an ex-smoker!!

disney on ice let's celebrate pinocchio
Did someone really come here looking for this?  They should be looking for this!

sapnas curry
Now here's a blast from my past.... on Venn St. (a street famed in Huddersfield for its "ladies of the night") there was a taxi rank (that contained an arcade in the back with great games like Burnin' Rubber) and there was a little late night curry house called Sapnas.  It was really grotty and grubby but the food was rather good and the people that ran it were always nice and friendly despite being permanently troubled by inebriated clientèle (a common curry house complaint).  I am convinced that a friend and I once went there and woke up resting on each other across the table.... surrounded by empty curry dishes, the previous contents of which we promptly paid for.... and to this day I am not aware that we even ate a curry.... I hope this is true.  It was also the last place that I ordered a meal that contained meat.


  1. Oh dear Mr Fox, you have been working hard. Are you employed by the Kelham Island Brewery as a tester? You need to put your feet up while Dawn nips in the kitchen to make you a nice steaming mug of "Horlicks". Night night!

    1. too tired for milky beverages...... sleep is winning

  2. I (almost, but not quite) hesitate to ask regarding the difference between a fourteen and a half hour straight shift and the alternative shifts. Style and a certain je ne sais quoi, I suppose.

    Why exactly did you bite your own toe?

    1. a) straight shift simply meant that there weren't enough staff or enough planning to provide adequate cover..... thus..... fourteen and a half hours on my feet behind the bar without a break.
      b) I simply found a bit of skin.... started picking at it, and before you know I'd just about managed to absent mindedly skin my toe.

  3. Fourteen hours??? Are you mad???
    Give yourself a break!

  4. What a brain you have to write such delightful and vivid reminiscences after such a busy day.