Monday, August 06, 2012


I don't know where all this time goes to.....

One minute it seems I am resolving to get around the blog circuit and catch up with whatever everyone else has been up to, and the next minute it seems I've not only not done that but I haven't even kept up with my own blog(s).

These are the inherent challenges of being a lazy blogger..

I'll tell you a little about my day yesterday then.....

I went to the pub in the morning and cleaned the lines - it's one of my favourite jobs of the week, and because it's carried out whilst the pub is shut (for obvious reasons - obvious to me but I'll explain later) it's a task with no serious distractions.

On Sunday mornings the pub (rather like the Landlord/lady) is suffering from the effects of the night before - and in this instance, much to my chagrin, that involved a "disco" of all things.  There were plastic shot glasses, sticky surfaces, and empty fridges to contend with.

Because line cleaning involves a certain element of "waiting" time - whilst the line cleaner does its job in the line system, I always get chance to tidy the bar area so it's ready for the next person to take over control at high noon.

I always pour myself half a pint of cider (which would normally go down the drain) as a sort of pub tradition that I drink whilst carrying out the work..... cider DOES actually count as one of my five a day..... usually crisps count as another of those, and if they're cheese and onion flavour..... well, double bonus.

The first Slawit drunk stumbled through the unlocked door at exactly 10:17am to ask whether we were open or not!!  We were not!!  The second one was not far behind him, and it did take some time to work out exactly where this chap could get a drink from at "silly o' clock" on a Sunday morning.

Beer line cleaner is an extremely caustic mix of chemicals that is flushed through the beer system, allowed to stand for a while, then pulled through and flushed out with water..... the caustic nature of it makes it a dangerous substance.  For this reason, it's advisable not to do this when the pub is open.... and to do the task when you're not being distracted.

Lines cleaned - beer all looking perfect - off out to Huddersfield for a bite to eat and a nice cup of coffee.

In the afternoon we returned to the pub and had a few beers and a game of "rock n roll bingo" and caught up with a few friends.

In the evening we went down to Greenhead Park to witness the end of the Jamaican Independence Day Festival and we watched the men's 100m final of the Olympics on a "jumbotron" TV screen, and the atmosphere was terrific.  Wish we'd gone down there earlier, it looked like a great day out and it was totally topped off by a Jamaican one-two in the race...... great stuff.

Quote: "Now Paulette, what is it that we are drawing this raffle for?"..... Paulette presumably says something "off microphone" and the man with the mic says "Yes my love I know it's for the first prize but what is that prize?".... and you know what, I don't think we ever found out.

Quote: "And the winner is Mister XXXX from North Birkby...... Blacker Road...... well it couldn't be Whitey Road now could it?" - cue hilarity in the park.


  1. I do love all that posturing at the beginning of the sprint by all those wonderfully fast black runners. They are just amazing - and Usain Bolt triumphed again.

    Did you see the paraplegic who ran earlier in the 400m and how the winner exchanged name plates with him at the end because he held him in such respect?

    And NO Arctic Fox - a packet of crisps does not count as one of your five a day, any more than cider does - get eating that fruit!

    1. you mean the blade-runner? No, I missed it.

      As for fruit.... that's where the cider comes in!!

  2. AF
    it's a case of real life taking over from blog life....... having said this what does that make me?
    I blog everyday without fail..... how sad ( or lacking in a real life) am I?

    1. you know what? I'd disagree..... it just means I am too busy doing other things (doesn't mean one thing or the other is more important - just that big brother and the olympics are seasonal and soon will be gone).... once the olympics and big brother have finished it will free up some fairly sizeable chunks of quality time - my laptop being in pieces isn't helping matters either!!

  3. I have never seen "line cleaner" on a pub drinks tariff list. Let's forget all these wimpy drinks like lager and whiskey, what we pub goers really need is shots of best Slaithwaite line cleaner to blow our minds.

    1. pop down next Sunday and we'll see what we can do.... if you live long enough to endorse it, then we're onto a winner!!!

  4. 'Slawit' - I've not heard that in a long time.

    But as for Usain Bolt being the fastest man on the planet, I've checked and the track runs west to east, so that would make him the slowest, albeit very quickly.

    1. there's no other way to pronounce "Slawit" when you're local.....
      I think I'd run quite fast is someone was standing behind me firing a gun!!

  5. I love your 'everyday' life posts Fox. They always make me smile...

    1. Thanks Katherine.... It's the mundanity (if that's even a word) that I find fascinating.... the commonplace or everyday experience when recorded can change its complexion somewhat. Of course the readers are what make it live though :)