Sunday, August 12, 2012


Goodbye Olympic flame.... you'll be off on your way back to Greece or Rio or wherever it is that you rest inbetween games.

In fairness, I have to admit, that in the run-up to the games, and during the torch procession..... I was decidedly in a state of "meh" about the whole thing.

As it's turned out, I've thoroughly enjoyed the games, and not just our success, either as Great Britain OR as our great state of Yorkshire, but it's been a really great games.

Well done Great Britain..... now let's forget about the games and on Monday morning we can get back to remembering how the bankers are screwing us and we're all frikking skint, and the price of petrol will be going up again.

Ok, that's my Sunday morning rant over.......

Super Sunday Closing Ceremony Searches.

does the 2006 artic fox 19 b have an alumimun frame
I can confirm that the Arctic Fox 19b does have an aluminium superstructure.  I can actually go one step further than telling you that this is a fact, and actually prove it to you.  Click here for the evidence, and what could possibly be deemed as the most awful video I could ever imagine!  If this was a video on youtube I'd be UN-favouriting it.  Also note, aluminium is spelt A L U M I N I U M and there's a C in Arctic..... like ArCtic dammit!

litres to us gallons
Well this is interesting.... I would convert in this manner:
1 US Gallon = 3.8 litres = 0.83 Imperial Gallons

silverbacked earwig
Now I don't know one earwig from another.  I DO however know that Dawn is terrified of earwigs, based simply on the old wives' tale that they crawl into your ears and eat your eardrums and lay eggs in your brain.  Stupid really, but it's still making me queasy typing it.

confused face
The emoticon (internationally recognised) for a confused face is.....

the bait kitchen huddersfield
That'll be my mate Mark's shop then.... he has a facebook page and a website.


  1. Do you mean to tell me that that is not true about earwigs?

  2. I thought it was bot-flies... Oh, that's right, they drill into your skin and their newly-hatched larva wriggle underneath... Yuk, you're right, even writing about these things makes one feel squirmy.

  3. Is that you down in the underpass contemplating your next splurge of graffiti?

    1. cheeky beggar, it's actually Dawn.... I'm nowhere near so sylphlike.

  4. The Arctic Fox is very.. er brown. And I'm not sure about the easily lowered table - not something you want to happen when tucking into your bacon and eggs.

    1. I like camper vans but I hate caravans...... not sure what that says about me...... mebbe I was a snail in a previous life?