Sunday, July 08, 2012

You know the score...

... socks and shoes off at the door!

Cleaned the lines at the pub and can't tell the difference when water or Carling is coming through them!

Enough pub speak...... let's do the Sunday Search Shuffle.....

hearth slabbing scunthorpe
Sounds like a new extreme sport that's begun to show its face in the Scunthorpe area.  Now, I won't pretend to know what "hearth slabbing" is.....  but I will pretend to know that Scunthorpe was once renamed "sconethorpe" in the early days of internet parlance.... and the reason was that some offensive language filters wouldn't let you use Scunthorpe's original name.... figure it out for yourself and get back to me if you think that's true or not!  Anyway - if you want to know about "hearth slabbing" it's covered here!  As for that particular thing, based in Scunthorpe, well I'll leave you to find that out for yourselves.

arctic fox animations
Shall I go round and dance about on the webcam?

outlane grave yard
It's small, but it's perfectly formed.  See bottom of this page for a picture of it!

jimi hendrix hair
He had lots..... and it looked really cool.  Look at this!

a whole heap of: cow from huddersfield; arctic fox blog; um bongo lyrics; there's nothing in the garden spike milligans!
These have all been covered in previous weeks and I don't wish to go over them again...... move along now!  The problem is that every time I mention these search items, I am presuming that the "algorithms that be" on our various search engines, are shunting me up the rankings!  Catch 22!


  1. re the webcam...
    I DARE YOU!!!!

  2. Last Thursday morning you could have seen me delivering cups of tea to my parent units on that very bowling green!!

  3. Hearth-slabbing? I can't be bothered to look it up on the internet - it might be rude and it is too early in the day for that!

    But I thought it was what went on at my Auntie Gertie's in Huddersfield when I was a kid - scrubbing steps and sills with a yellow stone every morning. Surely folk still don't do that - do they?

    1. that was "donkey stoning" - and generally I think they just paint them on these days.....