Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Out of the darkness into the light.....

It's Wednesday and this week that could only mean one thing.....

The landlord/lady (depending who you speak to) - return from their holiday and my grip over their public house reverts back to one of being a casual employee.  I have only one more evening shift to do and everything goes back to "normal".

It's been a tough week running the pub and I've probably clocked up around sixty hours - which doesn't sound like a frightening amount in a week until you realise that there have been two other people also working at the pub - the lad who has done the daytime shift will have done thirty six hours and my partner in crime, who works some evenings and weekends with me will have done perhaps thirty five or more hours.

It all adds up to a rather large wage bill, some tired bar staff, and a couple of sun-tanned publicans!

Despite my  fear and nervousness at the THOUGHT of dealing with the week.... it's turned out to be quite rewarding and relatively straight forward.  I have a methodical way of working and it's stood me in good stead this week.

Highlight of the week was surviving the "Ale Trail" on Saturday with the help of Antonia, Dawn and Mandy.

Lowlight of the week is probably the dripping tap that I've hammered into the barrel of Kelham Island's Easy Rider! (Which I don't think is my fault).

Highlight - Managing to deal with real ale for the first time (at a cellar level).

Lowlight - finding out that I have to be at the pub for the beer delivery with no warning.

Highlight - Putting three new barrels of real ale on during a busy Saturday shift.

Lowlight - A light-bulb exploding and tripping the fuse......  (a real head scratching moment).

Highlight - Managed to get a whole day off fishing yesterday.

Lowlight - Several times, when climbing into bed, late at night, I've remembered something I have to go back to the pub for!!


  1. Yonder hound looks as though he/she is being sent into the tide in some sort of Reginald Perrin ritual. Go on, Rover - walk out until it becomes too deep and don't look back ...

    Eating cats, drowning dogs - are you really that cruel?

    1. You'd have to walk a very ay at Formby to be out of your depth - and yes, I'm that cruel!!

  2. You have succeeded in making us realise just how hard a publican's life is if they want to make a living these days.

    1. It's hard and made harder by being thrown into the deep end, if only for a short, sharp spell - rewarding though.

  3. I know that you have had a difficult relationship with "work" so I would like to congratulate you on coping magnificently with the demands of the past week. Well done sir!

    1. thanks mister pud.... I don't necessarily mind "work per se.... I just feel better about work when I have 100% confidence in what I'm doing.... running a pub for friends while they enjoy some sunshine would not be something I would ever imagine I'd be good at, but despite my doubts, it's been reasonably good fun and I think we've done a bloody good job..... I'm on an actual training course next week, so fingers crossed with that one..... hope my brain hasn't totally turned to mush!

  4. Wonderful! Congratulations! You Done Good my son.