Monday, July 30, 2012


Back to school.

I've been sent back to school to study the finer points of running a pub.

It just so happens that the landlord/lady who runs the pub where I have achieved some form of employment, has been awarded a free place on a training course courtesy of the pub company from whom they rent their pub, and "tig, you're it!" or should that be "I'M it"?

So there's a pub which seems to think it's in Morley which is really more like in Dewsbury, and for the next five days I'm trying to explain to a guy who only understands "swot analyses" and the "5 P's of marketing" that his theoretical marketing and promotional strategies hold very little water when you're confronted with five guys in banana costumes who are on the "ale trail".

It doesn't take me very long to come to the conclusion that life would be much simpler if I kept my mouth shut.

On the plus side, the landlady/lord do keep stressing to me that they do eventually want me to manage their pub for them when they step slightly to the side in September or thereabouts.

It could, as George Formby predicted, all turn out nice again.

Employment Law tomorrow - hooray!


  1. Aw - bless! Short trousers, blazer and a cap again!

    Have fun ... and don't forget your games kit.

  2. If you had been in my class, I'd have been happy to keep you back after school in order to bring you up to speed - and I don't mean that in a Catholic priest kind of way!

  3. There's nothing like double HR if you're looking for a cure for insomnia. Love the photo by the way.

  4. af
    DONT WORK TOO HARD..... YOU'LL turn into Peggy Mitchell if you're not careful x