Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where is it?

You all know the deal by now.... you go looking for something and inadvertently end up here..... and I, rather charitably point you in the direction you should have been heading in the first place.....

It's the Sunday searches!

hippopotamus um bongo
Well, there were a whole heap of characters in the "Um Bongo" adverts and song....  It was the hippo who took an apricot, a guava and a mango....  I've rattled off the lyrics to the song several times in my blog, it's my ONLY party trick, and I'm not about to do it again, but you can find a totally dope picture of your hippo here, and you can see the last time I sang the Um Bongo advert here.  (incidental note - seems Yorkshire Pudding was needling me all the way back in 2007!)

chuff a duck
Not bloody likely guv'nor!  Not sure why someone should be searching for such ill mannered phrases unless of course they are interested in the etymology (is that even a word?  wonder where THAT word came from!?!?) - well, I can only suggest that the term "chuff a duck" is a derivative of the previous rhyming term that involves doing unspeakable things to Donald and his nephews, Huey, Duey and Louie!  The interesting thing about hippopotami (see above) and the verb "to chuff" is that when you put them together, you would end up with a "chuffapotamus" which is a slang term for a minger with a big arse.... apparently!

there's nothing in the garden spike milligan
I've tried and tried and tried.... well I spent a couple of minutes with various search engines.... trying to understand what the "searchee" required with this term.... Usually I can find something that vaguely relates, whether it be a quote or a piece of writing or something.... but not in this case.  Please award yourself a gold star.... I've been "foxwhacked".
arctic fox soldier
Is that something like a Dog Soldier?  Which was a great film, especially when the cow fell off the cliff!  didn't half make me jump.  More likely you meant something like this.

the arctic fox blog
Hello...... you found it.  Unless you meant this imposter

I know I've gone a bit "linktastic" this week but perhaps someone, somewhere, will enjoy following a couple of them?


  1. I'd like to Like the Like t-shirt please.

    1. (insert radio DJ voice) you just did!

  2. Wish I could go linktastic A.F. Whatever I try to do at the moment, if it involves Google, takes such a long time that by the time anybody's blog comes up I have gone to sleep with boredom. Sorry I have not visited more (see reason above.) Have a good week.

    1. sorry to hear of such troubles.... try switching browser to Firefox or Google Chrome or something and see if it helps? (or .... in true "techie" style..... I suppose you have already tried switching it off and on again?)

  3. now I am NOT an expert in female "toilet parts" but I am sure that "chuff" is a slangey name the working classes used to call a vag!

    1. I am aware of different "meanings" of the word "chuff" as in "tight as a gnat's chuff" etc...... but in the term "chuff a duck" it's used as a verb and the only way I know it to be used in that way would be, as in "chuff me sideways" where it substitutes the "F" bomb! Can't believe I am discussing this really!!

  4. Quote - "Yorkshire Pudding was needling me all the way back in 2007!" No mate! I was stitching you up! Hence the spell at H.M's pleasure. Following on from Mr Gray's remark, sometimes I feel like a right chuff!

    1. not like the Pudding to capitulate to puppy dog's eyes quite so easily..... are you feeling alright sir?

  5. Thanks for the Barn Owl link A F - I have just had a look and it looks just what we need. I shall go back later when I have more time.

  6. Been away from Yorkshire for quite a while, so you're gonna have to help here - is "minger" pronounced with a soft "g", like "ginger", or a hard one, as in "finger"?
    While I'm here, I've also been away while those cousins of yours, the Arctic Monkeys, have become popular. This, plus the fact that I've always tried to avoid Sheffield for obvious reasons, mean that I have no idea what a "mardy bum" (as in the song) is, or who might say it - any chance of help?
    Thanks in advance, he says while desperately looking for his AM CD download, to see whether I wrote Ar(c)tic with or without a C ....!!

    1. "minger" as in "singer" - a quicker "g" sound than say "finger" where the "g" is quite pronounced.
      A "mardy bum" in my best guess would be someone who is miserable - complains a lot etc.

      Hope that helps?

  7. Re. the Milligan search... this is what they were looking for (someone put it in your comments):

    There's nothing in the Garden,
    and unless I'm losing my sight,
    there was nothing again this morning.
    It must have been there all night.

    It's hard to see a nothing
    or even where its been.
    This was the longest nothing
    That I have ever seen.

    I locked all the drink in the cellar
    so nothing could get at the gin,
    but by skwonkle o'clock in the evening
    nothing had got in!

    So I bolted the doors and windows
    so nothing escape,
    I called for the local policeman
    who was armed with a helmet and cape.

    'I hear there's been a break in
    and you have lost something of worth.
    Can you describe the intruder?
    Yes he looks like nothing on earth!'

    Spike Milligan

    1. aha..... well thanks for pointing that out to me.... and very nicely done - I appreciate that.