Monday, June 11, 2012

Top ten - Sweets!

I make no bones about it... I am quite partial to sweets.

Ever since I stopped smoking it seems I've developed a bit of a sweet tooth.

And so I eat sweets......  Not the sweets as in Desserts, but sweets as in the ones you would find in your local shop's "penny tray" - Anyone remember "penny trays"?

Anyway, here, for the record, is a run down of my top ten sweets (which of course I couldn't do without acknowledging two people first - Rol for the inspirational top tens he produces and my Grandma who had a shop when I was a kid and she always had some "chocolate chewing nuts" or something to hand!!)

Ok, formalities done.... on with the countdown!

10 - Space Dust - Call it what you will: Pop Rocks; Moon Candy; Space Dust..... it's that sherbetty stuff that's loaded with carbon dioxide and it fizzes and pops on your tongue.... crack-a-lacking!

9 - Aniseed Imperials - I like Mint Imperials and I also like Aniseed Balls, but which is better?  There's only one way to find out.... F.... wait, what happens if you combine the two?  Aniseed Imperials.... that's exactly what would happen, and I totally love them.  One of my favourite fishing sweets.  They're soft inside like a mint imperial and hard outside like an aniseed ball.... it's win win.... except for the teeth!

8 - Riley's Chocolate Toffee Rolls - As a kid these sweets were considered to be far too "grown up" but the toffee and dark chocolate combination has left a lasting impression on me.  There were other sweets I'd put in the "grown up" category that I wouldn't buy but Chocolate Toffee Rolls?  Get some in!  Nt made in Halifax any more and not made by Riley's but I bet these are just as good.

7 - Mints - Chewy, hard, extra strong, extra strong with a hint of chilli, polo, imperial..... I love 'em all.

6 - Sweet Cigarettes - Although the red tip and "cigarette" nomenclature were long since removed.... they're now known as "candy sticks" - they're still substitute fags for me.... and I love them - I'm even quite fond of the temporary superhero tattoo that comes in the packet with them.

5 - Old Jamaica - A real old barnstorming chocolate smash hit that went away and has come back again.  Sure it doesn't have the old orange packaging with the pirate ship at full sail on the front, but it's still as rum-and-raisiny as it ever was, and although I normally ONLY eat high quality chocolate, this one makes it in to my top ten.

4 - Marzipan - Little marzipan fruits (those camp christmassy gifts) or chocolate covered slabs of the stuff..... we love a bit of marzipan!  Battenburg and Christmas cakes lathered with the stuff always get polished off with gusto.....  Get some Amaretto down you!!

3 - Coltsfoot Rock - We used to get these strange herbal sticks from the chemist.  I still love them.  They're such a strange thing, and when you eat them you can't help but imagine the machine that's extruding them, probably in mile long sections and then the blade that comes down and chops them before they set rock hard, with those fluted sides...... slurp!

2 - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - Peanut butter?  And piss poor American chocolate??  WIN!  Salty and sweet and totally ace..... all lying there in their little paper cases just waiting to be scoffed...... drools!

1 - Liquorice - It's a smash hit at number one and it's a massive "catch all" - Black and White Mints; Liquorice Allsorts; Panda Liquorice Sticks; Cream Rock; Poor Bens; Catherine Wheels....... I love all things liquorice!  Probably with the exception of them horrible liquorice root things that you get that's like a bit of a twig that you chew until it falls into fibrous, stringy pieces in your mouth and leaves you gagging!


  1. sweet cigerettes
    ( sweets designed by the devil)
    they taste like shit
    give me a box of malteesers anyday!!!!

    1. yuk.... all that vegetable fat excuse for a chocolate wrapped round..... well actually I like the middle bit, just don't like the chocolate bit.

      Leave my sweet cigarettes alone!

  2. OMG! You omitted Fruit Salads, Flying Saucers and Black Jacks! How could you you heathen!

    1. Actually.... I used to love all the sweets you've mentioned but if you've recently eaten a flying saucer they just kind of turn into a flappy mush in your mouth and they're not as good as the memory of them.... I do still occasionally buy them though.... as for Fruit Salad and Black Jacks, I used to love them but there are a couple of reasons why I don't eat them any more - there's only so many times you will buy a product that, left in the jacket pocket or any receptacle in the car will invariably turn itself to soup and leak over everything.... they are too chewy for my drail old choppers these days, but I am partial to a bit of Blackpool Rock (Black Jack) flavoured!!

  3. Coltsfoot Rock - lovely! And the hard liquorice sticks with the flattened end that we used to call Spanish.

    And on the subject of sweet cigarettes, do you recall the sweet tobacco that looked a lot like the real thing and came in a pouch, but tasted a lot nicer?

    1. Spanish Gold - the sweet tobacco that used to come in a little tobacco pouch shaped wrapper was ALWAYS my favourite sweet.... those little cocoa dusted strands of chewy coconut..... delicious. Wish I'd put them on my top ten, but I found a company that makes their own now and it was not quite the experience I was hoping for, although I did scoff the lot!!
      Did you used to make (what my mate calls) pop-a-lolly - where they used to get them right hard sticks of liquorice and put them in a bottle of water and shake them up every day for a week and make a liquorice pop drink? Me neither!!

  4. Texan Bars
    Swizzler lollies
    Sherbet Fountain
    Tooty Fruity (originals)
    Fizzy Cola bottles
    Traffic Light lollies

    Probably loads more, but these are the ones I remember mostly ... I did contact Nestle onces DEMANDING they start Texan Bars again .. They actually answered!!

    1. Paul... Welcome to my blog!

      Texans that returned were not a patch on the originals.

      Swizzle lollies and drumstick lollies are best left to people with better teeth than I!

      Sherbet fountain I used to love - had one recently and despite the fact that they've now "done away" with the cardboard tube and it's all plasticky and nasty.... the overall experience was none too pleasant! High sugar.... not much taste.

      We once tried to "sew" a tooty fruity with one of those old up-and-down footplate sewing machines.... all we did was to break a very old needle!

      Fizzy cola bottles like everything else these days are homogenous haribo crap.... admittedly they did used to be good..... and the cherry cola ones too.

      Spangles were great - except for the really horrible butterscotch ones in the "old fashioned" pack - orangeade ones were tops!

      Caramac I never really liked but we used to chew it up and spit it out onto cars on the motorway!

      Traffic light lollies - they are always so bloody sharp that you cut your mouth on them!! Not for me!

      There are zillions of nostalgic sweets that aren't made any more and I could make a blog out of 70s pop, crisps and sweets alone... I tried to pick things I would largely be buying now though... You find with so many of these things that if they did make them again they wouldn't be anywhere near as good as your memory of them.... some sweets are better left behind our rose tinted spectacles!

      Thanks for your input - hope to see you again!