Thursday, June 14, 2012


Tinker, tailor, soldier, procrastinator!

My car's broken......  not only is it broken, but the required part is not available until the seventeenth of July, and that's slightly over a month away..... when they said "one month next Sunday", I don't think anybody was laughing.

The particular part that's broken is a spring..... they make the wheels go up and down into the potholes that the council leave for us.

Now this spring is a special spring.....  you can only use a spring manufactured by the original car manufacturer because it's so rare that nobody else would want to make it.  The spring only fits my particular model and only those of that particular model that were made in that particular year!

It's a "one off" and I presume the original car manufacturer are manufacturing the part on that basis..... there is no stock of it.

So, I'm housebound..... which is less painful than it might originally sound in comparison to being egg-bound!

I'm wishing to be fishing!

So, I've spent a little bit of time getting back to my blogger template...... I've resurrected the "music player" featurette and also have paved the way for a future re-release of the ever popular "bowling cam" widget.... so keep your eyes peeled over on the right hand side of my page for when THAT goes live!

The "music player" function is a nice simple affair.... and I've (rather against my usual style) made sure that the player doesn't automatically start, which could result in heart failure for any number of blog visitors who have their sound turned up too high and have yet to be notified.... and it shouldn't piss you off too much because now YOU.... yes YOU....  You sat there in your vest and pants, slobbering your cornflakes all over the keyboard...... can start and stop the music at will...... I will probably change the tune weekly or so, in order to give you a chance to have a listen should you so wish.  If you look on the right hand side under the "bowling cam" there's a little arrow.... if you click that it will play some music.... if you click it again it won't play some music....  even YOU can manage that!

* [edit] - Apologies to those of a nervous disposition for my first choice of "music" - it sums up my dark mood and reminds me that if Armageddon were coming down the road, it would be accompanied by this excellent track..... one of the best gigs I ever went to blah blah blah.....
** [edit] - Cheryl Cole has now replaced my music of choice!  Blame Yorkshire Pudding for that one!

Bowling cam is another matter all together!

I've lost both of my webcams!  As soon as I find one of them, OR as soon as I find a really cheap, nasty, horrible, low quality piece of plastic that purports to be a webcam..... it will be up and running.

To make these little doo-hickeys do what they're intended to do..... I've had to install my own little web server..... so the stuff you'll see is actually coming to you live(ish) and sort of directly from the computer in my bedroom..... and of course if you're not seeing or hearing anything, then I've switched my computer off or my house has burnt down and you should call for a fire brigade or something......

And so, this merely proves that point that..... 

"one man's car part is another man's web server" - (Confucius)


  1. As you are an obliging sort of chap and a damned good egg to boot, I am sure you'll honour requests to be played on your new-fangled "Music player". I'd like to hear Cheryl Cole's new album "A Million Lights" due out on June 18th. Only four days to go. I can't wait.

    1. blow your speakers to a bit of "Cheryl" as I think she is known these days.... unfortunately, as my ISP in their wisdom have now blocked piratebay I am resigned to using "A N Other" means to get my freak on..... there's just this one track.... not the full album...... but how's that for service Pudding? PS - I will edit my page so as to not make people think that Cheryl is associated with armageddon coming down the street!

    2. it's awful - keep the volume controls handy and hover your mouse over the pause button..... BE WARNED!

    3. Ooo! I've come over all breathless. Don't you just love the purity of Cheryl's singing - unaltered by technical wizardry. Also the lyrics are keenly crafted and embroidered with subtle hidden meanings. Thank you Mr Fox, you've made my day.

  2. So what did I miss by having to listen to Shezza instead? Damn that YP!

    1. you missed out on a piece of music called Genesis by a French electronic masters Justice..... I saw them at Somerset House a couple of years ago and they were truly mind blowing..... not everybody's cup of tea but..... they are mine....