Sunday, June 03, 2012


It's just another rainy Sunday.... warm, but boy, is it wet?

Went out walking yesterday and the weather was decidedly "muggy" so I'm quite glad that this rain will be clearing the air.  It started raining towards the end of our "abbreviated" walk, and it's been raining since....  the bowling green out back is completely waterlogged.... the golf course, through which I have just besoddenly dragged a god dog was in danger of capsizing.

Bad day for outdoor sporting it would seem!

So, it's left to me to provide you all with a bit of an alternative to jubilee celebratory activity overloading yourselves, and I choose to do this by bringing to you (insert fanfare).....

Search Engine Sunday.......

to whistle
I'm making a massive assumption in this response, but..... You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.

arctic fox diagram of the ear
Surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be a decent diagram of an Arctic fox's ear.... anywhere in the known puniverse.... so for the benefit of science, I've taken it upon myself to create one for everyone to be able to refer back to, and here it is:

harry hill trombone solos
Oh, this old chestnut.....I used to own quite a few really good tunes with Harry Hill trombone solos in them, let me see if I can't find them.... (you have to pause, looking at this sentence for at least fifteen minutes to emulate the "real-time" aspect of me going off searching my library of files)...... (ok files found.... wait here fifteen minutes while I find out how to embed an mp3 into my blog - at which I will undoubtedly fail and link you to the zip file containing the trombone solo mp3 files)....Click this (you'll have to download the "harry hill" file from there and unzip the mp3 files and play them for yourselves)!

kia ora crow
Let's set the scene.... you're sat in the ABC cinema and you've just watched the Disney cartoon that was the prequel to the forthcoming main event of some such film as "The Cat From Outer Space" or "The Apple Dumpling Gang" and inbetween the two films you get chance to queue up down the steps to visit a vendor of intervalistic treats.  You might visit a lady with a badly illuminated tray who is selling tubs, or in the case of one Huddersfield cinema, they had a little kiosk that only lit up in the interval and was halfway down the right hand side of the cinema embedded in the wall....  Anyway.... during said interval, there would be a few adverts playing on the screen......
One of the adverts would be the "Pearl and Dean" advert ..... pa pa pa paaa pa pa pa pa PA puh paaaa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa paaaaaaaaaAAAA YEAH!
Another such advert would begin..... "Your projectionist tonight is Eric." etc...... and went on to urge us to buy Kia Ora
Anyhoo...... the Kia Ora brand eventually spilled out of cinemas and into our supermarkets... eventually being advertised on our tellyboxes, where there was obviously no reference to our projectionist, Eric.  So they had to make up a new face for Kia Ora and it ended up as this whole sketch with some kid, some crows and a dog.... now deemed officially racist (just read the youtube diatribe that accompanies the video), but I can't imagine anybody was offended at the time.... anyway, here's a link to the crows and here's a link to Eric (lest we forget!)

top 10 biscuits 2012
Would you "Adam and Eve" it.... Someone actually came looking for biscuits!  Well you may all be aware, or not if you were too lazy to read it earlier, that indeed, I DID produce an official and legally binding "top ten" of biscuits that not only spans the year of 2012, but any other year you'd care to imagine!  Here's that very article, which is, rather imaginatively entitled "Top 10 - Biscuits" - It's the hyphen that makes it so special!


  1. Ah, Pearl and Dean - they ran a great cinema! Two films - main attraction and a full-length bonus one beforehand ... ice-cream in tubs with wooden paddles ... tartrazine on tap ... smokers on one side, non-smokers on the other ... pocket-money ticket prices ... but you tell the yoof of today that and they won't believe you.

    1. up until the "smoking ban" we had a local independent cinema where you could smoke in the three seats at the right hand side..... they still have intermissions and the projectionist greets you at the door!!

  2. You dragged a god across a golf course? Which god was it? As you live in Huddersfield, I imagine it was Allah... or perhaps "The Koran" doesn't allow him to be dragged across golf courses so maybe it was dog-headed Anubis.

    1. ok you got me on that one.... while Firefox includes a fairly reasonable smell checker, it has yet to invent a sensible "logic" checker, which would obviously have picked up on the fact that I am an atheist and coupled with the fact that everything I say is a lie.... would promptly have exploded in my face!

  3. Speaking of dragging Gods (or gods) around, I've just seen the Avengers, where Thor and Loki get kicked around a fair bit - a film which would have made me cry if I weren't a YorkshireMan, having waited 40 years to see it - only thing I caan remember about primary school is playing at being the Avengers, thanks to the comic collection of a Hell's Angel (ho ho, almost wrote Hell's Angle - acute?) uncle of mine .....
    anyway, wasn't going to say all this till I saw YP's comment, I actually logged in to say I've downloaded the Harry Hill files, not as I know who he is, but for the simple reason of being impressed that you know how to upload, or link, or whatever it's called. Well done, and thanks! That's one mean trombone ....

    1. Harry Hill does a TV show called TV Burp.... and he also voices-over on You've Been Framed - he is a funny character who usually raises a smile in the Fox Towers compound..... you should see if there are any biut of TV burp to watch on youtube or something - it's basically a weekly digest of stupid TV clips with a funny dialogue that ties things together.... worth the effort!!
      Glad you managed to download... unzip.... and play the media files.... which is actually only as difficult a task as putting them online for people to use.... I was trying to set my own web server up for this purpose but got a bit sidetracked.... it should happen soon though and I'll try to resurrect my bowling cam and a few other whizz bangers!