Sunday, June 17, 2012

More of the same.

Sunday searches start here.....

I could go on, at great length, about the fact that my bowling cam is up and running again.  I could tell you how I was on the verge of going up into the loft to look for my webcam when I found it in a packing crate on my desk, just in the nick of time....  but I won't!

Where does the Arctic fox live
Apart from the lovely capitalisation contained within this particular search..... the answer is, of couse, glaringly obvious.... the Arctic you numbskull.

SKYMAN Bernard Kops
An old favourite of mine from my O level English Literature classes, was this crazy little poem, that goes a little something like this.....

My God I'm dead--
the young man said
when he saw his battered head
petalled on the crimson sand
--oh mother come and meet me now
and take my hand--
his body like a fountain played
along the empty esplanade
a coca-cola sign winked on
and when the moon came he was gone.

Oh where to begin??  Firstly, I have no idea why you would ever type a url into a search engine.  Secondly, I don't think a url should have a space in it..... so if you were looking for me.... you found me.... if you were looking for Arctic Fox cold weather products??.... it's over here - Instead of a space there's a hyphen in it...... i.e.

pete burns plastic surgery
The guy's had lots of it.... and I'm not really going to go into that.  Move along now.... nothing to see here!

Oh no.... my pet hate..... first up, it's arCtic.... second up..... oh, it's you again isn't it from higher up this page..... typing urls into bloody search engines again......  there are no spaces in urls.....  if you want to search Google for "arCtic fox clothing" then that's all you have to type in, ok?  Well, me being generous and all, here's the link anyway!


  1. There is a sense of frustration running through your blog today AF. Add my sense of frustration to it as it has taken me five minutes to get your blog and then get the comments page. Scream!!!

    1. I think the Sunday searches always bring out a little bit of frustration in me.... and that's mostly because I pick the searches that provoke a response in me or that I find amusing..... I'm not really frustrated..... but was a bit hungover!! I feel your pain though regarding slow internet speeds - if the webcam thing proves TOO obtrusive to page loading times then I might drop the quality of it slightly.

  2. frustration or tiredness AF?

    1. bit of both - was up making hot dogs and pizza at about 3am after too many drinks!

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  4. Where does the arctic fox's mother's sister live? The auntarctic of course. Sir Chengines told me so.

    1. have you been hanging a-round with Sir Cumference again?

  5. My oh my - there's a wild party going on at the bowling club this morning. I think I just saw a sparrow land on a bench but I might have been mistaken.
    Notice you didn't report this search - "Arctic Fox communal showers Armley"

    1. as we speak there's a guy who looks like that old salty sea dog.... Sifta Sam off the salt pots if you remember him?

      As for your spurious search query, if it showed up in my stats I'd have used it...... now you've typed it, it would of course yield pretty good results!!