Monday, May 14, 2012

Top 10 - Biscuits!

Just for a change, and inspired by Rol (the master of all things top 10), here's a top ten of my own.......

10) Pink Wafers - Not particularly bothered which brand of pink wafer I go for... they're all good.... crispy and creamy and flaky and about forty percent sugar.... you could do worse!

9) Disco Biscuits - And before any of you get the wrong idea - These are little shortcake biscuits with a chocolate things and little smarties things going on... you get them from Aldi.

8) Fruit Club - When I was a nipper, I managed to procure a whole box of fruit club biscuits.... I savoured them so much that by the time I got to the end of the box they'd gone a bit soggy.

7) Amaretti Biscuits - Big ones... small ones.... I'm not too bothered... that marzipan flavour and extra crunchiness makes this a princess amongst biscuits.  I like the ones that come in a sort of twisted tissue paper wrapping... delicioso!

6) Crispy Flute - Usually I'd get the Marks and Sparks variety of these, but those sugary curled up tuile biscuits are irresistible.... I can slurp a bit of black coffee through them like a large bore drinking straw and then scoff them up before they go too soggy and fall into the cup.

5) Lotus Caramelised Biscuits - Now these biscuits are majestic.  First time I ever ate them would have been in an Amsterdam coffee shop.... and lord knows, at that point, I can only imagine how hungry I might be.... luckily for me, I can now buy them in supermarkets in massive packets instead of one at a time!!

4) Lemon Puffs - Oh that lovely crispy sugar glazing on the biscuit and the dreamy zingy lemon filling.... heavenly.

3) Plain Chocolate Digestives - Still a golden oldie for me.... but the plain chocolate version is SO much more sophisticated than its downmarket milk chocolate cousin.  Add to that a lovely Digestive biscuit and it's a no-brainer!

2) Fig Rolls - Oh how I love thee... let me count the ways.... I particularly like a fig roll that has a rich filling that includes those lovely fig seeds that pop delightfully between your teeth.

1) Garibaldi - Tada!!  The king of all biscuits.  Don't even bother breaking them into their "marked out" suggested pieces..... eat them by the slab.... dunk 'em if you like, but love them all the time!!

Agree to disagree?  Got a particular favourite that didn't make my list?  Let me know, and I'll try to find an amusing but disparaging response!


  1. 10.wagon wheel
    9. club
    8. kitkat
    7. hob knob
    6. garilbaldi
    5. milk chocolate digestive
    4. jammy dodger
    3. jaffa cake ( it is a biscuit)
    2. white chocolate club
    1. custard cream

    fig roll is a cake! ( tuts loudly)

  2. Wagon Wheels used to have cinnamon in them and now they don't so they've gone down in mine and GloZell's estimation!!
    Milk chocolate digestives have such a low chocolate content they might as well be smeared with margarine!
    Don't get me started on the jaffa cake debate/debacle!
    White chocolate is not chocolate - so that doesn't count!
    Fig roll is NOT and has never been a cake!! You couldn't put candles in it could you!!??

  3. fig roll is NOT a cake!
    its ridiculous to think otherwise

    1. hang on i'm confused... are you saying fig rolls are cakes or aren't you?

  4. Oh dear, my top ten biscuits are so easy to disparage (and it is the disparagus season here in Loncolnshire). In no particular order:

    Ginger nuts (McVictuals only);
    Digestives (McDittos);
    Rich Tea (McYouGuessedIts).
    [Repeat 1 - 3 as necessary to make 10]

    All else is mere sugared frippery although I did once have something made with peanuts that lifted my pith-helmet in delight and surprise. I think it was of foreign origin though and was quite uncertified in terms of dunking safety.

    1. I used to like a digestive with butter slapped on it!
      As for the peanut based biscuit, perhaps this is the thing to which you refer - quite delicious and I'd actually forgotten about them myself! Hellema Peanut Cookies

    2. The very thing Sir - nuttiness in a biscuit that brought a smile to my teeth. Damn it, I'm going to have to go and buy some now ...

  5. What, no Jammie Dodgers?

    They do a White Chocolate Club? Why has no one told me?

    1. Jammie Dodgers are not my favourites... the shortcakey biscuit thing is far too pedestrian and the jammy middle is far too meagre for my tastes! As for anything with white chocolate on..... why... just why??

  6. Chocolate digestives with caramel?

    1. too much like a twix that's been under a steamroller!

  7. How on earth could you possibly omit McVities' gingernuts from your biscuit list? These are the best tea-dunking biscuits known to man and the sucking sound created when drawing tea back out of the biscuit is like music to my ears. Possibly these particular biscuits are too manly for your liking.

    1. they used to be round but now that they're lozenge shaped.... meh! Besides.... you can't call them "ginger" nuts anymore .... they're strawberry blonde.... racist!

    2. Racist? Not at all ye honky! I'd be more than happy to suck on a strawberry blonde.

    3. there is no emoticon to suggest how this makes me feel!

  8. Disco biscuits always but only on special occasions! ;Px

    1. they're a biscuit for any occasion...... they often turn non occasions into special occasions!