Monday, May 07, 2012

Sunday search

I know that the world of blogging goes a bit flat over the weekend.  Add to that weekend the snooker finals and you are not very likely to find me here either.....

Luckily for you..... the snooker finished early (Ronnie O'Sullivan really outclassed Ali Carter and gave us all a free evening!)..... and I hark back to the days of old when I used to try and have a look at what searches people had been using to find my page and to point them in the right direction......  So here's a revival of an old blogging tradition.....

tri wing screwdriver b&q
You won't get one at B&Q - In fact I DO know that a mate of mine was actually looking for a tri-wing screwdriver..... and in searching for it on the web turned up my blog and rung me up to see if he could borrow mine.....  random event!  Well a tri-wing is for taking consoles apart.... I use mine for the Wii and for the Nintendo DS..... I got it from here and they are REALLY cheap!  If you live lly, you're more than welcome to borrow mine!

whistle and ride
A phrase I inherited from my mum..... usually called to me whilst I was absent mindedly dawdling over something or other..... "whistle and ride" she'd say.... in typical female fashion, expecting the impossible, for a man to do two things at the same time...... Like Microsoft products, we are notoriously bad at multitasking.

my balls fox

royal doulton arctic fox
Such a tacky piece of paraphernalia would never grace the mantlepiece of Fox Towers.  I don't think Royal Doulton would even plumb these depths of tat.... but if you've got money to burn and are desperate for such an item.... send the money to me and I will make you one from blu-tack or carrots or something.

do arctic foxes use water for anything other than drinking
Besides making cups of tea and coffee and the occasional wash..... not much.... not even to wash my car!


  1. like the last comment
    reminds me of WC FIELDS being asked by he didn't drink wATER
    "fish fuck in it"

  2. I've got no idea how you search the searches to see how people arrive at your blog but I seem to recall that when I first found your blog I had simply searched for "skinhead cub scout leaders in Huddersfield".

    1. I used to use Blogpatrol to derive this information but now I use Statcounter! I think blogger itself will provide some sort of rudimentary information about search criteria....??? as for scouts..... I never touched 'em.... honest injun!

  3. I thought for a moment that the swimmer in the last photograph was an arctic fox but no - sadly - it is only a duck.

    1. Aha!!! Now you've fallen headfirst into my trap...... it's not just any old duck...... it's a Goldeneye!! First time I ever saw one and managed to snap that picture of it in the distance..... they don't stay above water for very long so it was a difficult picture to get hold of!!

  4. Replies
    1. ok a flathead screwdriver looks like this ... - ..... a posidriver looks like this..... + ...... and a tri wing looks like this..... Y ...... sort of...... if you get my drift?