Monday, May 28, 2012


This hot weather is too much!

Imagine if you would, a film named "Some like it quite warm" and you'll be somewhere near my thoughts.

I need variety.

Too much sun makes everyone go crazy.

For some reason it also brings out the boy racers and motorbikes that see the sun as an excuse for tear-arsing past my house.

I've spent the entire day, out in the garden, surrounded by a positive plethora of piscatorial paraphernalia!

I've washed and oiled, tidied and reorganised, unpacked and re-stowed all my worldly tackle!

Rods, reels, bait, weights, floats, hooks, cloths, wheels, handles, nets, boxes, bags, tubs, sticks, arms, heads, catapults, wallets, tubes, tools, they've all been spread round the grassy area I laughingly refer to as a "lawn", like an explosion in a fishing tackle factory!

And so, just like when I fish, it would appear that one side of me has seen more of the sun today than the other.....  my right arm's slightly singed and tingling and a bit crimson, and the left hand side is fine..... no doubt I also have "sunglasses" lines round my panda eyes and lines where the arms have gone over my ears!!  This is what happens when you sit for too long in the sun without actually thinking about being sat in the sun!!

I spent the final hour or two of the afternoon reading a book and nodding off, safe in the knowledge that both arms were being equally toasted, and that my next fishing trip will be quite pleasantly organised - it's so much easier when everything is where it should be.... Part of the "art" of fishing is that once you get sat down and fishing, you should have everything readily to hand without getting up and stomping up and down the bank looking for this or that, or indeed the other!!

So I've got a red neck.... a red arm..... some tidy fishing gear..... and a shed with a roof......

On the subject of "the shed" - as is so often the case, when I asked my friend, John, to come and help me fix the roof.... it soon became apparent that:
a) The floor fell out of the shed!
b) Half the back fell off the shed!
c) Lots of other bits fell off the shed!

Thanks to John we managed to get it all done..... we put a new lower frame into the shed, a new floor, a new panel at the back, a new frame for the roof, new felt on the roof, and some extra bracing and structural suppor..... it's good to go, and we put a little base down to raise the shed off the floor so it doesn't sit in it's own pool of piss, quietly rotting away any more!

Don't get me started on "shed envy"! (caution contains gratuitous shed shots)

Poorly shed......

Poorlier shed.... John surveying the rotten floor - shed on side propped up :(

Shed on the mend!

Shed looking better!

Shed best!


  1. I could do with that shed..... coould get a turkey in it

    "I've washed and oiled, tidied and reorganised, unpacked and re-stowed all my worldly tackle!"

    too much information!

  2. yes it would comfortably fit a turkey in it..... which reminds me of this - which is almost as good as this

  3. Sir, that shed is already looking healthier - maybe now you need to sit it on a Growbag and water it well!

    Blazing sunny days? After coping with the disgusting temperatures the most difficult thing is responding politely to all of the people who quip about "lovely weather, innit?" and "how wonderful it is". I've given up explaining that, like cat people and dog people, there are summer people and winter people!

    1. I like England for its mix of weather...... don't like it one bit when we get a pattern that lasts too long...... I need variety!!

  4. Good shedding that. Im loveing the surveying pic. I would have loved to have heard the thoughts in John's head specially in a Yorkshire accent!

    1. I can tell you EXACTLY what would be going through John's head..... "How did he manage to talk me into this..... for free?"