Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Nice weather...

... for ducks!

Curse this crappy grey weather and curse my crappy grey mood.

I think I suffer from seasonal affective disorder at a macro level....  I am up and down like a frikking yo-yo with these rainy grey days at the moment.  The knock on effect on my health and well-being is savage.

Run down.

Seems an age since I was merrily trotting across the hillsides in search of geocaches.  Donkey's years since I was out in t-shirt sleeves on the rocky outcrops of Calderdale.  Positively millennia since I wasn't coughing, or sneezing or spluttering.....

I've even resorted to taking some horse-pill sized fish oil tablets and drinking restorative tonic!  When you've been run down for a while you'll turn to bloody voodoo if you think it will make you feel better.

Even the discovery of post-festival mild supplies at a local hostelry for a vastly reduced price could only temporarily lift the hovering grey clouds from the summit of my crown.

My day of fishing was a gentle mood lifter but the rain of today is squeezing the life out of mood again.....  I know it's good for the gardens and crops and stuff and I know we need it..... but it stops me being outside!!

On the plus side, I DID watch a couple of films today - which of course you can see on my films page... I watched Dark Star and Four Lions today - I did laugh out loud at both films too.

Rain rain go away...... piss on someone else's day!


  1. Ah, an outdoors man. You'd enjoy New Zealand.
    Regarding your run-down-ed-ness: I recommend a big bowl of my special decadent pumpkin soup (much nicer than a bottle of vitamin B capsules), and lots of mandarins off my tree.

    1. your recipe looks lovely.... but.... and I am showing myself up here.... there are only two foods in life that I am not keen on.... one of them is tomato and the other is pumpkin..... that's not to say I don't eat them..... I just wouldn't order them!! I think it's probably more a statement on the quality of produce that we have here in England..... I've eaten tomatoes in other countries that were actually ok.... but I've never met a nice pumpkin!! Perhaps I'll give it a go and see what happens..... we usually have to wait until halloween before our shops even carry pumpkins though! I'll be dead by then hahahahaha

  2. Be happy with our weather - at least it keeps the Romans away.

    You have surrounded yourself Sir with sugary palliatives; try tea made from fenugreek seeds. Tis a manly thing for one doth boil the seeds until the water is the colour of old Collie pee.

    NB pee from an old Collie is NOT an efficacious substitute, even though it has a similar taste.

    1. you're right, those are not the remedies I am looking for.... in fact that photo was actually taken some time ago when I was suffering from a different incarnation of deadly manflu.... of course us men don't like to moan about it, we just get on with it and you'd never know we had it!! The picture was a precis of the activity that I'd undertaken that day. I swear by honey and lemon normally.