Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Miro miro on the wall

I like modern art I do......

I believe anything can be art.... and depending how you look at it.... it might as well be!  That's just me.

Recently my mum passed me an article, which of course she was goading me with.  The item was about a new exhibition at the Hayward's Gallery in London.  The exhibition is comprised entirely of "invisible" pieces.

Examples: A movie shot with no film; invisible ink drawings; a plinth once stood on by Andy Warhol; a piece of art paper that an artist stared at for one thousand hours (over a five year period).

I read the article and remark that I would go to look at it.... "I thought YOU might" offers my usual discouraging, disparaging mother.  She paints watercolours with several local art "groups" and has no time for the frivolities of modern art.  "I could have done that" is her almost perpetual response..... "yes you could mother, but you didn't" my only reply.

Look, this modern art isn't just about throwing things about.... there's a thought process and a reason why it happens the way it does.  The "invisible" art pieces are all about their concepts....  The ideas behind the "works" are not hindered by the presence of an image... simple..... I'd go to see it... why not, it would amuse me and I'd enjoy it.

Today I've spent the day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park amongst some great examples of work of many types and in fantastic surroundings.  The very place at Bretton Hall, the pieces in their places, the walks through, the trees, the whole ambience.... it's a symphony of art.

I've stroked pieces by Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Joan Miro, Andy Goldsworthy, Winter and Horbelt, David Nash and many others besides.... real, solid pieces that you can actually interact with.  It's a great place and I always find it soothes my soul.  I love it.

The current "main" exhibition is a bunch of Catalan, Joan Miro's work and it's really stunning.  Lots of great paintings and some crazy sculptures.  Lots of information about Miro and his work....  like living monsters!

If you are lucky enough, like me, to live within striking distance of the Sculpture Park and you've never been, then what are you waiting for?  If you have to travel further to get there, then I suggest you pick a day and make the effort at least once...... despite the (in my opinion) rather pricey car parking charges which have gone up from four quid a day to seven pounds fifty a day.... there are no other entrance fees to pay.

So rather than pay eight quid each to see a bunch of invisible art.... why not pay a bit less or a full carload of you to see some REAL pieces!


  1. I have been there twice and on both occasions felt thrilled by so much of what I found there. Thank you for informing your loyal fans about the Miro pieces. I'll try to get along again before too long. Like Phillippe Petit, the sculpture park cries out - "What are we doing here? What is life for?"

    1. sometimes I DO actually say something semi-worth listening to......

  2. I love modern art (as well as un-modern art) - but I don't think there are more than a couple of dozen pieces in the world today. I don't count Emin et al's rubbish as art; it has no soul and very little to tickle the cerebellum. Mostly I think they're just having a laugh at the idiots with the money. The real stuff reaches out and grabs by the lapels. That said, the idea of an exhibition of invisible pieces distinctly floats my boat!

    1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to have their interest piqued by the thought of invisible art!!

  3. when we lived in sheffield, we would go to the Sculpture park every sunday
    I do miss the place

    1. don't think I could afford to go every week with their new parking charges!! I'm sure YSP misses you too John!

  4. Love the Sculpture Park!! Don't understand anything about art, but somehow love this park - and Miro, of course!! As do my kids, turns out my 6-year-old daughter knows more about modern art than I do, just recently we had to go to Barcelona (like Huddersfield but with blue skies and no marmite) to check out Miro and Gaudi stuff for the kids!
    Somewhere, if you rummage about my blog you may find the post I did on Miro in YSP too - back in, ooh, ahh, March, (rummaging done for you).

    On a more relevant point, can't you park for free on a nearby layby about 10 minutes walk away, if my memory serves me right?