Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A little knowledge

A little knowledge is not only a dangerous thing.... it's downright annoying!

Me and my mum rub the wrong way at times.  She doesn't see why and I have a short fuse as far as it goes.

Take for example our conversation earlier today about some flag stones in the garden..... she wants the flag stones lifting up and putting back down again so that all the edges join up and there are no toe-stubbable steps between them.  The area where the flags are is on a slope and the flags at the bottom of the slope are to stay where they are.

She INSISTS.... positively INSISTS that she wants the flags levelling off.... which to me suggests making the flags level.... i.e. lift them all up and put a spirit level across them... i.e. make them level, hence the process of levelling.... she INSISTS she is still correct in that simply making them join up irrispective of their pitch... i.e. so the edges are level with the next flag and so on is actually "levelling" them....

Further to this she suggests that the flags can be lifted and then bedded on some sand (which of course is also a half arsed measure and the sand will wash away in the first rain and leave wobbly unLEVEL flags).

It's not.... it never will be.... and you'll never convince me otherwise..... unlevelled paving stones whether their edges meet up or not are not level!

It goes on for some time and my voice becomes raised.... I firmly believe that if somebody is stupid enough, that all you have to do is shout the correct information into their mind to make them smarter.

Rant over......

I leave you with this little conversation that ended without me responding.....

Mum had some mail for me... It's an old legacy mail shot from a bank that I used to deal with when I lived at home with my folks.... some twenty plus years ago..... junk mail.

I give the items for mum to recycle.....  I tear off my name and address and any information that is personal and say "I'd normally shred that bit", to which mum replies "well I'll just burn it." - I miss having an open fire.

Mum then goes on to point out that rather than recycle half of the letter and burn the bit with details on......

"well it all gets recycled into ash even if it burns doesn't it".

I roll my eyes, bite my tongue and refuse to rise to the bait!

I'm not sure she grasps the concept of recycling!!


  1. In a similar vein I HATE completing jobs with Chris
    too much arguing not enough doing!
    you have my sympathy AF

    1. appreciated.... and returned in kind...

  2. Strap a flagstone to the bottom of each of your mother's pink fluffy slippers and tuck a spirit-level between her toes.

    Or get her out onto the flagstones and ask her to show you how it's done (with the first three or four dozen).

    Whatever you do though, be gentle. We had a neighbour once, when Ford Capri cars were fresh and young. The lady of the house knew that she had to put oil into the engine if she ever wanted to be independent and non-girlie, so she did. She filled it to the top of the rocker box cover, right to the top ...

    1. controversially..... one less lady driver on the road.... apparently they can't read maps either!?!?!