Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just when I thought it was safe to go back to the water.... and sit down and do a bit of fishing......

I'm ill AGAIN!

The whole house in which I reside is in a state of free-falling illness...... everyone's coughing and spluttering.......

Sleep patterns have gone to the dogs.... one person seems to have gotten a bit better and then someone else gets a bit worse.......

I thought I'd had the bronchial thing.... I'd had the flu..... the abscesses at both ends of the scale........

Now, after approximately two whole days of feeling almost well...... the chronic taste of death in my trachea accompanied with a bucking bronchi that feels like a tongue that's been burned by molten cheese straight from a toasted sandwich.

Hot... cold..... dry, non productive wheezy cough.  What joy.

Illness is strange..... eventually when you've been ill for a period of time, you begin to forget what it's like to feel normal.  What it's like to go through a day without even noticing how you feel...... the luxury of being able to take your health for granted.

I've not been this run down for bloody years, and if it were just me on my own then I'd be getting worried about it by now....  it's nice to have some sickly company on this particular ride!

The plus side of this is that I've taken to making myself a rather nice Hot Toddy.... and here's my recipe:

(I usually use a nice big tumbler that measures about half a pint - a nice thick walled glass tumbler keeps the heat in best)

Put enough runny honey into the glass to cover the base.... a good teaspoon works for me.

Add a good dash of lemon juice... I'm using bottled but I am sure fresh would be much better and I'd try for about a quarter of a lemon's worth.

Add whisky/rum/brandy in desired quantity..... I don't overdo it but I've been using a nice 12 year old Tobermory single malt.  Probably a decent single measure.

In a plastic jug I put a teabag and enough water for the drinks I am making..... 1 teabag is usually enough for two glasses if you put enough water in and brew it well.

Pour the steaming hot tea into the glasses to fill them to the top....

Give a gentle stir but not too much..... it's really nice to have a final syrupy mouthful at the end of the glass with the last bit of honey.

And, as Father Jack might say....... Drink!


  1. Replies
    1. i've never had a good dentist.... mechanic OR doctor!! I am beginning to think it's all a conspiracy!

  2. How about "My Way" and white lilies with a collection for Kirkwood Hospice?
    P.S. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    1. a burning raft made of disused oil drums and twigs.... gently floated out onto scammonden dam... accompanied by the wombles playing "remember you're a womble" will suffice!! But I want the wombles to play live..... no records.... and donations to a donkey sanctuary!

  3. Hmm. Are you using that old trick with the green vegetables? The one where you not only bring them into the house but also eat lots of them?

    Bugs seem cleverer these days than in my youth, they mutate and migrate. In the past a cold was a cold was a cold and flu was flu but just afore Crimbo last year I passed the same cold to myself five times in six weeks, very slightly different symptoms in each incarnation. I blame the CIA, the CBI and the BBC.

    If you absolutely can't get well soon then, please - at least take a couple of days out to go around kissing traffic wardens, Typhoid Mary style.

    1. on your advice I've raided both our fridges and made a lovely stew and a curry..... all from scratch with fresh veg to the max!! Enough to keep me going for a few days!

    2. against your advice I did not kiss a single traffic warden.... honestly.... i've been at home all day..... no there was nobody here with me..... you'll never take me alive coppers.....

  4. I can symapthise, having just come down with my second cold in 6 weeks. Right when I don't need it!

    1. hope you feel better soon Rol.... gete some fresh fruit and fresh air..... it's doing me a world of good!!

  5. What about the same concoction but instead of lemon juice, you float a chunk of lemon in there with 4 cloves stuck in it ? Works for me ... I think.

    1. it's got to be worth a shot.... but cloves SO remind me of the absecess I've had on my teeth when hours and days of clove oil soaked swabs have helped to dull the pain - not a favourite memory!!