Saturday, May 12, 2012

Folk off!

Just a quick trip out today to Holmfirth for their annual folk festival weekend.

For those that don't know, Holmfirth is a "village" that seems to hang quite firmly from the coat tails of "Last of the Summer Wine" which is a British sitcom that you watch once you've retired (because you recognise your friends in the various characters).

Holmfirth is awash with references to the show.  Wrinkled Stockings tea rooms.... Sid's Cafe..... Compo's fish and chip restaurant......

A friend once told me that (after Bill Owen the actor that played the character of Compo in LotSW) they were renaming Compo's Cafe...... to De-Compo's Cafe!!  Boom boom!

I've never been a fan of the show, nor have I embarked on any themed ride or event that goes with it.  I suppose it's alright for the comers-in and the old folks....

They DO have some cool things that happen in and around Holmfirth though that don't tip a nod to this heinous sitcom.  One such event is the annual folk festival that's been running this weekend....

Really it was just a chance to head on up there.... and drink a couple of local ales.... watch a few street performances (all the free stuff for my shallow pockets) and have something to eat.  All of which happened in glorious sunshine.

We saw some samba drummers.... a few troops of morris dancers..... some street theatre about St. George and some crazy battles and a strange horse creature..... and a sketch involving two chubby guys dressed as Olympic athletes doing some sort of routine that was actually much more amusing than it sounds.....

Good clean fun for all the family.


  1. I went to Holmfirth many years ago
    I had a hangover
    and was sick on a grass verge on the way home

    1. poetic! it's not a good place to have a hangover!!

  2. Lovely beetle!
    I like clean fun.

    Sounds like John's fun was a little more grovelly...

    1. it's a tiny beetle i saw this morning - REALLY tiny!! There's nothing wrong with clean fun..... especially during daylight hours!!

  3. I was there on Friday to catch Justin Currie at the Picturehouse.

    1. I won't even pretend to know what a Justin Currie is..... perhaps it's like a korma?