Saturday, May 19, 2012


Lame excuse for not posting a blog entry on Friday.... but I was fishing AGAIN!

The fishing was poor.  I didn't feel that great.  Went out for a couple of pints, and tried to maintain a "don't drink and blog" policy!

Anyway.... here's a recap of the latest action....

I spent four quid on Euromillions lottery tickets (I so rarely play the lottery but am sometimes "talked into it" by Dawn - inevitably, I won three pounds.... so even though I won.... they still managed to take a quid off me which of course dulls the edge of my victory slightly.

Went to Slawit last evening to the Commercial.... and it was marred by the presence of some sort of weird underage stag-do.... where some decidedly young people were drunk and arm wrestling.....  it made for an uncomfortable experience and I'm tolerant to most things Slawit has to offer!!  Bloody comer-inners!

Went up to Holmfirth for the premier event of the third Holmfirth Film festival, which was a double bill of "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" (by Georges Melies) - a classic tale of a journey to the moon from as far back as 1901 - a long lost and rediscovered and painstakingly restored, hand coloured version with a cracking soundtrack by those French electro rockers, Air, and that was shown with Marting Scorsese's film Hugo.... which won a load of three dimensional plaudits, but was screened in two dimensions.... thankfully.  Unbeknownst to me, the two films were inexorably linked and it was a really pleasant surprise and experience to see both of them together.  Coupled with the fact that I sat at the back near the bar and managed a couple of pints of real ale during the films..... result!

Straight on from that it was into Huddersfield to the 88 Noodle Bar on Cross Church Street.... a favourite fast food haunt of both myself and Dawn's.  Sweet and sour king prawn... szechuan stylee!!  Boiled rice.  Salt and pepper chips and a pot of Chinese green tea,,,,, ACE!

Spent the remainder of the day/evening vegging out to the TV.  Watched some of The Walking Dead (a revisit for me, but it's new to Dawn and she's really enjoying it) and then the final two parts of the most excellent Swedish/Danish hybrid "The Bridge" - best bit of TV I've watched in ages..... well done BBC for running it in double bill sequences on a Saturday night.... it's been great!

Bath..... and bed..... knackered!


  1. ending a day with THE WALKING DEAD
    sounds like a good day to me!!!!!!!!!!
    ps I like carol Peletier!

    1. strangely (I think there was some sort of directorial shake up at some point where they decided to start culling characters) I found myself not really having much "warmth" for many of the characters and by the end of the second series I was willing them to get bitten! I'm such a wag!

  2. What with you, Brian, and John all raving about The Walking Dead, it must be time I had a look I think...

    1. well, I've seen it once and I'm prepared to take a second sitting for the benefit of Dawn seeing them.... I wouldn't do that with many TV shows!! Although if you've never seen the swedish/danish The Bridge, it's WELL worth a download/watch!!

  3. Replies
    1. but when they put out the APB on the news... I remember seeing it!