Sunday, May 13, 2012

Desperately seeking....

What do you want?
We want information!
Whose side are you on?
That would be telling. We want information.... information..... information......

Well you've come to the right place then haven't you? Because here at Fox Towers, it's another "search engine Sunday".

I know I've said it before, but for the benefit of those that are still not in "the know" I will say it again.

Sundays are piss poor for blogging.... nobody reads blogs on Sundays and nobody writes blogs on Sundays. Ergo, it would seem rather pointless to put a lot of effort into this, so I trawl back through my search engine data and try to help the cyber-travellers who might have found my page by accidentally taking a wrong turn on the information superhighway, or by providing information that might answer a certain type of question that's been asked.

earth's internal heat dies
Oh, you're a cheery character aren't you? The earth will cool and we'll all fly off into outer space, screaming and squealing as we go. Seriously, the earth's nuclear and solar powered.... it's been a lot hotter in the past and it's also been cooler in the past..... but it will eventually cool down, but you have nothing to worry about in your lifetime... or mine for that matter. Now cheer up.... go outside and do something good!

how many artic foxes are still alive
I presume you mean "arCtic"?? My pet hate spelling mistake. Don't do it again. I can not vouch for any others arCtic foxes, but I can tell you that there is at least one. I'd be lying if I told you any different. I CAN tell you that the arctic fox is NOT endangered. Treat them nicely and they'll last forever.

images arctic fox sophie ryder
I don't know about Sophie Ryder AND arctic foxes.... but I have been to a Sophie Ryder exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.... and I do have some photos of various exhibits there. There was one where there was a fox dancing (although they look like they are boxing) with a rabbit. You can see that one here? (not my work unfortunately)- see footnote of this blog entry for updated content and my own photo of said sculpture!

disney pinocchio

noodle doodle went to town
Noodle doodle came to town,
With lots of straight spaghetti.
He twisted it around around around,
And this is what you get-i.

A-noodle-doodle-doodle-doodle motor cars,
A-noodle-doodle-doodle-doodle houses,
A-noodle-doodle-doodle-doodle butterflies,
Eek, noodle-doodle mouses!!

Normally I would never edit a blog entry - it's the spontaneity that keeps things fluid around here.... but I am kicking myself for not noticing that a previous blog entry (it was some time ago mind) contained the fox and hare picture from Sophie Ryder (taken by me!) and here it is!


  1. Are you sure were ok? Its cooling lots in Hebden Bridge today!

    1. honestly - it's ok..... just put an extra jumper on for the next half a billion years or so, then it'll be thermals all round!

  2. +10 points for The Prisoner reference, keep it up or I'll set Roger on you! ;Px

    1. what kind of back handed compliment is that? Thanks... I think!!

  3. Gift of the gab, you have. I like this formula post almost as much as the weird-things-left-in-the-wrong-place-in-the-shop formula.

    1. why thank you kind lady for your words of encouragement.... the "search engine sunday" idea is an old one but it works on a couple of levels.... firstly it gets me out of having to think of something to write about - i just write the way i think based on a few choice search criteria.... and secondly, it indirectly promotes my blog back to the search engines.... if someone asks the question "disney pinochio" now of a search engine.... not only did it turn me up before but now I've doubled the weighting of it by mentioning it again..... free advertising and if I pick the right search criteria to write about then my blog gets some funny visitors turning up - i like to attract as many random readers as possible.... let's face it you never know who could show up and find something out by reading a random page