Thursday, May 17, 2012


Believe it or not, I've spent the day plagued by fairies!

I went fishing (of course) - and although I spent a totally fruitless morning and early afternoon on Brookfoot pond.... with not a single bite to show for it..... AND the whole pond is covered in blue green algae which is collecting in turquoise shimmering pockets around the marginal areas.... it's hideously beautiful and tantalisingly toxic.

There is another pond as part of the complex down at Brookfoot and I believe it was paid for by a generous legacy from a dear old departed club member.... hence it is now know as Riley's Pond after Tony Riley.  I decided, at about three o clock this afternoon to head on over to Riley's and give it a go..... nothing to lose.

Well it was hard going..... I fished and worked at it and fed the fish and tried different depths and weights and floats and baits.......  Eventually I found the fish up near the surface - a notoriously difficult place to catch them - and I settled into a nice routine catching lots of small roach and rudd.

As the afternoon wore on, the whole thing became much more predictable and easier to work..... but then the annual event that I ALWAYS dread.... occurred.......


Thousands of them!

I think they come from the catkins blossoms on the trees..... This time every year they go mad.... it happens in one big week long burst and they float unassumingly through the air.... land on the water..... wrap themselves around the line..... get wound up into the reel and into the eyes of the rod creating sticking spots where the line won't flow freely and eventually causing the line to tangle.....

...which it did!

.... several times!!

I think I'm supposed to say "I don't believe in fairies" ( times one million) and they'll all die painfully and never trouble me again!

Despite the fairies, I fished till about a quarter past eight this evening and had a string of 5 lovely tench to finish with.  Superb stuff.


  1. Well, I'm glad it turned out ok in the end. And I hope you're feeling a lot better.

    1. waves..... it's coming and going in waves.... seems everyone I know is reinfecting themselves with this ever mutating flu/cold..... one step forward... two sneezes back!

  2. Ah yes, it's well known that there are plenty of fairies in the Huddersfield and Brighouse area. Some of them play for the Huddersfield Giants.

    1. and here was me thinking all the fairies lived in Cottingley?