Sunday, May 27, 2012


Stuck between a rock and a hard place is where you will currently find me.

On the one hand, I should have posted a blog yesterday that was all about me fixing my shed and getting SEVERELY sunburnt into the bargain.

I had also planned a little blog about an exhibit at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park that was a series of bee boxes made out of bee related books.

When you consider that it's Sunday and it's red hot and I'm less than cheerful, you'll forgive me for sinking back into a blog about ..... Search Engine Sunday!

there was a cow from huddersfield
A poem once taught to me by a distant relative of the Peaker clan... possibly my mum's cousin David or some such person, that goes a little something like this.... (sound of fox clearing throat)......
There was a cow of 'Uddersfield,
Who said tha' 'er milk would no' yield,
Unless she 'ad 'er udders feeled!

fashion girls cool KART
Now, I'm as puzzled by somebody landing on my page as a result of asking a search engine this specific query.  I've tried desperately to understand what/why.where/who this was all about and in what direction I should gently "shove" them, and the best thing I can come up with is this VERY disappointing (loosely called) video game!!  Click here to play it!  I have to admit to having one go at it and was waiting for something to happen, when I realised.... that's it.... I mean that is literally all it does!!  Piss poor!

mission impossible and line burn
Are you suggesting that little Tom Cruise singed his pinkies by throwing himself off a building, tethered only by a little piece of rope and subsequently ended up say "ouch that really chafes"?  I can actually imagine that.  I don't, however, know anything about the Mission Impossible franchise.... don't recall having seen ANY of them..... perhaps Rol might have some information on this (he knows about movies and that)?  Or IMDB and their Movie Trivia!?!

death traps for arctic fox's
Good grief internet searcher.... where's your grandma?  I mean grammar!!  fox plural = foxes, something belong to a fox = fox's.  However, much more alarming is the fact that you're looking for a death trap for an arctic fox.... I can only hope that you are looking for this in order to ensure that no such things are present in your local fox friendly environment and not that you are planning a foxy genocidal mission!!  As an example... DON'T use these!

Hang on... that's not even a valid search.  I hope the search engine spat you out in a semi-digested state suggesting that there is far from enough information to compute your request.  Do you want a fancy dress outfit for a slog?  A way to trap slugs in the garden?  A picture of a slug?  A slug of whisky?  It's too vague and you're making my head hurt, now go away!!


  1. Oh dear, the Kart game. In my experience, anything with a pink background doesn't deserve that title!

    1. despite the pinkosity of it all, which I CAN forgive on the basis it's a girl's gaming site.... there's not much of a game behind it.... in fact there is no game behind it at all!! You're right though, it's not cool!!

  2. Huddersfield Town promoted via the Wembley play-offs and you didn't mention it! What's up with you man? Are you a...(CENSORED BY BLOGGER)

    1. to be fair.... and I did rant about it on facebook a bit..... it was an dreadful game - far too cagey and it looked like both sides played for penalties.... then when it DID come down to penalties it was a very poor display - we were lucky to take it, but law of averages says if you're bridesmaid enough times, one day the bride doesn't turn up and you'll be able to step in!!
      Don't get me wrong.... well done town and all that.... shame it was a crap match!

  3. Just my twopennyworth, old chap, but if you got severely sun-singed fixing the shed then you have probably got a bigger problem with the roof than you hitherto might have thought.

    1. it's the back of my neck that got singed you cheeky monkey! You're right though, the thatch is wearing slightly thin, hence the only decent thing to do is go skinhead! Combover free zone!