Wednesday, May 30, 2012


"..... better get a bucket.... I'm gonna throw up!" - Mr. Creosote!

OK we've had some actually clouds today... white fluffy ones.... and later in the day..... big black ones.

The net result, we've even had an evening downpour.... heavenly.

Cooler temperatures.  Might even get a decent night's kip tonight.

I mowed my lawn.  I've even "strimmed" round the edge, revealing a small border wall, which Dawn never even knew existed.... It is a good few years since last it was visible.

You may, quite rightly, surmise that my gardening is none too fastidious.  I tend to garden out of necessity - when things look TOO wild.  I garden mostly for the benefit of wildlife and apart from not having a pond (a real wildlife winner), I think my garden scores reasonably high on the wildlife friendly scale.

I've got a nice rotten wood pile made entirely from wood gathered in the garden.  I've got garden beds that are full of wild flowers (well, weeds are just wild flowers in the "wrong" place) and I don't generally "weed" much.  I have a wormery and a compost bin.  I put cat and dog hair (that we've brushed from the animals) out for the birds to collect.  There's a cherry tree and a load of shrubs.  It's "cottage" and "rustic".

I trimmed a spiky tree.... pulled up a great load of "stickywilly".... pulled a few dandelions up.... cleaned up a few lawn clippings, which I generally leave around - I don't think it does much good to a lawn to keep it all neat and tidy.  I cleared some space around the few actual "plants" that I've got.... the lavender, the blueberry, the peony and the gooseberry bush...... buttercups everywhere felt my wrath.

I've maintained the strimmer and the mower.... I've even oiled and cleaned a pair of secateurs that were long lost, found during the recent shed renovations.

It's been a nice day.... steady away.... and I've  even managed to sit out and read some of my book..... only one more chapter left and we'll be moving on to pages new.

My new fishing tackle order arrived too..... might even get to fish tomorrow if this temperature keeps down a bit.  I've got a date with some flag stones tomorrow to repay John's assistance at the weekend with my shed..... cue bad back in the not so distant future!

Normal service is slowly being resumed!


  1. Sounds splendid. I too was as happy as a politician in a constituent's pocket to hear the rain.

    My "The next person who wants me to say that hot sunny weather is fantastic and who then treats me like an idiot when I say it is truly foul and unpleasant gets thumped" index has been reset to zero.

    I may take advantage of this cooler, more sane spell to come up with a shorter name for the Meteorological-Assumption Enthumpinator.

    1. I like the name just the way it is!!

  2. I was going to say can i see a photograph of this said garden, when lo and behold it appeared.

    1. hahah and I wish that WAS my garden, but that is actually a small cross section of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where we stopped for a picnic I prepared!!