Sunday, May 20, 2012


Guess who's back?  Sunday search is back!!

Back by incredibly, inedibly, indelibly, popular lack of demand!

You all know the pack drill by now.....  if you came here looking for something that you couldn't find, then I'm here to help.  I live to give....  as long as you only want information... and not money!

noel redding
Oh, Noel.... he was the bassist with the Jimi Hendrix Experience.  He had an amazing... I mean AMAZING bouffant coiffure!  A friend of mine once commented that with my long, flowing (for "long, flowing" read "bushy, and wiry") hair made me look like Noel Redding, and the similarity and connection with my blog... starts and ends there!  Genius with a bass guitar he was.... great hair he had......

slut suzie blackpool
She was (possibly still is for all I know) a "hooker" from Blackpool in the North of England, who advertised her services on the internet.... and her speciality was catering for disabled clients!  She used to have a rather interesting blog about her life as an "escort" but it's long gone.... and unfortunately for the people who are STILL searching for her.... I have no idea where to send you.....  apologies for my fail, and Suzie, if you come looking.... let me know where to send the cheeky monkeys that come here trying to find you!!
walking dead wallpaper comic
Wow, a multiple criteria search.  I mean, make your mind up... do you want Walking Dead wallpaper, or do you want Walking Dead the comic, or do you want wallpapers from the Walking Dead comic?  Enjoy, and please be more specific with your search criteria in future!

um bongo lyrics
Ah, that old chestnut.... one of my party pieces.... It was a fruity drink...  don't even know if you can still get it... it probably contained too many flavourings, preservatives and nasty "E" numbers to have made the transistion to modern day living.  There was also a cheeky version where you could mix a bottle of Diamond White (cider) and Castaway (alcopop) to make a rather potent Um Bongo flavoured drink we laughingly referred to as "Blastaway"!!

Um bongo um bongo, they drink it in the Congo.

Way down deep in the middle of the Congo,
A hippo took an apricot a guava and a mango,
He stuck it with the others, and they danced a dainty tango,
The rhino said "I know, we'll call it um bongo".

Um Bongo Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo.
The python picked the passion fruit,
The marmoset the mandarin,
The parrot painted packets that the whole caboodle landed in,
so when it comes to sun and fun and goodness in the jungle,
they all prefer the sunny funny one they call um bongo.

blog arcic fox
Firstly... well done, you made it to the right place.  Secondly, I'm surprised you made it to the right place you moron.... it's arcTic fox..... this comes a close second to my other pet hate of people missing out the first"c" and spelling it like "artic" - as in articulated waggon.... and believe me when I say this.... you do not want an eighteen wheeled articulated fox bearing down on you at ninety miles and hour baby (that's the speed I drive) - not that I actually drive at this speed, but it brings me full circle to finishing off this blog entry with lyrics from Jimi Hendrix's "Cross Town Traffic"!

Peace out!


  1. Hmm. I don't remember Um Bongo. Possibly I was too zonked out on Cresta (It's frothy, man!) and didn't recover in time for the Um Bongo era. I did something similar with Double-Decker bars, I went straight from Old Jamaica chocolate to Caramac.

    Do you know that you also come up if you enter no search terms at all in Google? How do you manage that?

    1. Cresta was tops!
      As for "old jamaica" we still buy it and love it but have to limit ourselves to just a couple pieces a night or we'd be drunk out of our tiny minds!
      As for caramac.... can't stand it, but DO have fond memories of chewing it up and spitting it onto cars on the m62 from the motorway bridge!
      Re: google... and no search criteria.... it's simply connected to the vacant expression I so often display! I have still never felt lucky enough to click the "feeling lucky" button just in case..... you don't want to tempt fate do you.... look what happened when Clint Eastwood asked the same question!!

  2. So these are search terms that brought people to your blog? But I still don't get how you know that they've searched with these terms. You must be some kind of computer whizzkid like Zuckerberg or Gates. Have a nice day!

    1. There are loads of ways to do this.... you were just saying how you'd used blogpatrol or whatever to track your page views.... well blog patrol also has an option to show search criteria..... also if you go to your dashboard for your blog.... or go to then select your actual blog page from the list of your blogs (I have a blog that I use for testing and I imagine you might have more than one in there.... hence it's a list otherwise if you've just got one then it obviously wonb't be a list)..... then down the left hand side of the page select the "stats" option.... then within the stats option select the "traffic sources" option and look down that list for "search keywords" et voila!! Alternatively head on over to statcounter and get an account there and after a while you'll be able to view your "keyword" analyses!! I live to give!!

  3. Sorry , a big hands up here - I didn't know there was a C in arCtic until I was 39, but ever since I won't let a C-less arctic get past me from any of my students, if that makes up for it.

    1. Brian: No need to apologise.... just don't ever let me catch you doing it again!! Seriously, I'm more impressed that you can actually remember the VERY moment that you had your epiphanic arCtic experience... I'd like to think I'm simply sharing that experience so that others may also be enlightened!? Remember where you were when Kennedy was shot? No, but I can sure as hell remember where I was when I noticed the C in arCtic fox!! Marvellous!

    2. Got a reasonably good memory for some things - apart from people's names/faces/telephonenumbers/birthdays, my wedding anniversary, or where were you when Kennedy/BerlinWall .. type trivia. This one came about when I started using a new English teaching book for kids, 6 years ago, and in unit 4 the kids had to put continents in order of size and suddenly I thought, OMG, I've been writing this wrong(ly) all this time !!
      Now my problem is pronouncing it, as I rarely, if ever, voice the C (should I?).
      Around the same time, probably seconds later, I also noticed the C in AntarCtic.

    3. I've got a good memory for every piece of useless information you'd care to mention.... most of it quite obscure. I can't remember anything important though.... I don't know why this is.... my life is one long trivial pursuit!!