Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vicious circle

Stuck in an anticyclonic tango with bad health and bad weather.

Miserable outside... miserable inside.

Not even the chance of watching a hitherto unseen movie or playing a video game could lift my dank spirits today.

More of the same antibiotics... more of the same alarm bells signalling mealtimes.....

I decided I'd fix myself a nice big pan of stew, the ultimate comfort food, but of course, when I got there the cupboards were indeed bare.  In order that this poorly dog shouldn't have none, I decided to get dressed and head on out for supplies.

I picked a suitable gap in the rain and made a dash for the car.  To my surprise, something you can never really gauge from your armchair caught me unawares, and I found it was actually quite warm outside.  Warm to the extent that the road was actually beginning to steam.

I set off in one direction, changed my mind, took a detour, got stuck in some traffic lights and ended up at a local Aldi.  Now I've nothing against Aldi, but I find that you need to prepare yourself for a visit when you decide to go there.....

a) I've got no change.... not one single coin.... no trolley and they don't have hand baskets at Aldi either.

b) No shopping bags.  Usually I carry a few bags in the car for such emergencies.  I'm a big fan of reusing bags and we have a plethora of jute and canvas bags for such occasions.  Not today though.

c) Car parking.... whenever I go to Aldi there's never a car parking space and I had to do two circuits of the car park turning round by the recycling bins at one point before I finally parked in the loading bay!

Ok so I've parked.  I can't get a trolley.  I've got no bags.

First thing on the list.... bread.  I pick up a cheap brown sliced loaf.  Then on to the fruit and veg section, picking up a tin of tomatoes on the way.

It's about this time that my lack of energy due to lack of food decides to kick in and I get that unmistakable shuddery feeling inside, which I presume is low blood sugar or something.

So, a family pack of mushrooms..... a turnip... some potatoes.... some carrots..... some onions.....  by now the loaf is getting slightly squashed......  I put the turnip in my jacket pocket, like some weird shoplifter and carry on..... to the till..... feeling like I could faint for lack of nourishment at any given moment.

It's turning into a weird episode of Double or Drop (if anyone's old enough to remember that Crackerjack classic?).

To add insult to my injury in this unpleasant shopping experience.... I have to pay three pence for a carrier bag.  On the plus side, I DO remember to take the turnip out of my pocket and I don't get charged with shoplifting.

I DID forget to buy Greek yoghurt - and that scuppers my plans for teatime tomorrow.....

I think I will go to Morrison's next time.....  Stew is finally cooking away as we speak.


  1. when I am not well the following always helps
    ( The film and NOT a 7 in a bed romp)
    chin up

    1. wow replace judge judy with World of sport Wrestling and add some jelly to the tin of cold custard and I have every day I ever spent with my dear departed Gran!

  2. Oh, you poor old dear. Hope you feel better having eaten that marvelous stew. My mouth is watering. Swap for a pawpaw, a piece of coconut and some pounded glutenous taro mush?

    PS. I'll remember that formula John, for the next time I'm unwell, or 'crook' as we call it in Ne Zealand).

    1. Stew was actually very good tonight..... I also chucked some mixed beans into it and that gave it a bit of something extra.... along with some brown sauce (like HP sauce but a bit spicier) and a dash of Worcster sauce and some toasted pitta breads..... a great way to beat the blues!

  3. I would have just gotten some containers of Greek yoghurt and some bananas because I would not have had the patience to make the stew. I'm glad you didn't faint with hunger. Low blood sugar can be a nasty thing to deal with. My ex has it andneeds to eat something immediately. Hope you're feeling much better now.

    1. I hear you but the yoghurt is for a fish curry I will be making tomorrow!! I am replacing the eggs in my normal egg curry recipe for some nice pieces of cod!

  4. Hang on! How can stew be "on" without a 500g pack of stewing beef and later some nice dumplings? You need some culinary guidance young sir!

    1. Stew's all about the brown sauce baby.... I sometimes put some quorn steak strips in it but if you put enough nice veg in (I make a separate vegetarian gravy that I use once the veg are sweated down a bit) then you certainly won't miss the meat! Yesterday's stew (which will be even nicer today) featured home-grown leeks.... onions, carrots, swede, potatoes, celery, and a mix of five different kinds of beans.