Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I'm typing this in a bit of a flap.... 

Having reached the end of my very short tether regarding my under-performing antiquated laptop and its very own personalised geriatric copy of win-doze.... in a peak of fury I decided to completely wipe it and install windows from scratch AGAIN.

This is the life of a windows user.

Anyway, the machine's looking alright now and it's got a new lease of life.  The only thing left to do is install a few pieces of software - no doubt crippling windows in the process.

This is the life of a windows user.

Well I was planning a large-scale jaunt out to the Dark Peak tomorrow with my mate Ben, but as I type it's bloody hammering down with snow, the forecast for Edale for tomorrow is snow, rain and twenty five mile an hour winds.... the sort of thing you really ought not to be clambering about on a large millstone grit escarpment in.

So we've pared back the expedition and we're doing the 12.5 mile Colne Valley Circular - a route I know quite well - and which provides us with several safe bail-out zones where we can curtail the adventure with no harm done.

Right now I am cursing the snow and desperately trying to find the Memory Map software and the routes that I've created......  

This is the life of a windows user that goes out walking in the snow!


  1. My computer blew up a couple of weeks back and although a nice fix-it man was able to save the hard drives onto a new machine, I haven't yet ironed out the bugs. Sometimes I just want to go back to using pen & paper.

  2. Rol, sorry to hear that.... the best advice I can give is to store your "working" data elsewhere so that the only thing you'll lose when your computer goes "pop" is largely expendable - of course the other location you store things in can also go "bang" and I DID lose nearly all my digital photographs a while back.... there are some good online storage options around though - try Bitcasa maybe? Alternatively spread things around so you only ever lose "some" of your data!! It's complicated isn't it.... I'm inclined to think pen and paper is a winner!