Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hurricane Mucus has reached land, somewhere around the Bay of Arctic Fox at 11:00hrs today.

Scientists predict high blood pressure, gusting sneezes in excess of 300 miles per hour with prolonged showers of snot.  Extreme periods of abject frustration and intense seismic activity are highly likely sometime around bedtime!

Local residents have been warned to stay out of the path of this flu-nami and to seek shelter at the earliest opportunity and start panic buying (amongst other things) petrol; Kleenex (mansize); beer; and Beecham's Powders.

The Met Office have issued a severe bad mood warning for the rest of the week.

Fiddlesticks!  Don't forget to see what films I am managing to stay awake to watch - and here's a picture of brighter, happier times!


  1. Hi Arctic Fox - nice to meet you! Hope the flunami has not caused too much havoc and has now passed by.
    Huddersfield eh? Not a million miles from here. I spent many happy holidays in Huddersfield as my aunt lived there when I was a child. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the suburb, but do remember a lovely park with a glass fronted beehive where you could watch the bees at work - I spent hours there.
    Would put you on my side bar but can't find how to refresh now that blessed Google have altered everything. Nice to meet you anyway. Just remembered it - Almondbury (I think)

  2. I am pretending I am am a Jewish Momma and am making you some choicken soup!"WHY ARN'T YOU EATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  3. Ms. Grass - I don't know the park you're referring to but I will try my best to find out about this fascinating beehive you mention.
    Mr. Gray - Despite the amount of gratitude I would heap upon you for such an act.... I refer the honourable gentleman to the fact that I don't eat meat!

  4. quorn in a soup is probably not so nice.... it's ok in stir fries and stuff when you get a bit of colour on it..... I think I'd settle for a lovely bowl of spicy moyashi ramen or something like that..... otherwise I'd settle for one of them cheap packets of noodles from any supermarket for about 11p a pack and drink the soup from that as well - they do chicken flavour and chicken curry flavour - both of which are vegetarian and I love them! Cheap and cheerful that's me!