Friday, April 06, 2012

Are you local?

One thing I love about living where I do, is that you don't have to go very from the doorstep to feel like you're outside... I don't mean like in the garden or even in the village.....  but REALLY outside!

I can walk for five or ten minutes in any direction from my house and be away from roads, on public footpaths or bridleways and find myself heading in all manner of directions.

Today's been a classic example... my mate Ben came round with his lovely dog Lola for a bit of a walk now that the snow's finally decided to budge....  So we actually set off from my house on foot and managed a sort of convoluted circular sort of walk on a route I've never done before, with no planning, and we've been out for maybe four hours, up and down hills and wombling free.

My GPS device was not turned on correctly so I'll have to give you a brief guesstimate of our path....  apologies for my technical failings.

Must be energised by the full moon tonight - didn't think we'd walked anywhere near this distance today.... could have gone on a bit more!

Stats:  distance 8.09 miles with 1511 ft ascent

Here is a Flickr set for the walk today.


  1. Wow. 8 miles is good going.

    I love the little bluebell. Quintessential English spring, for me, since my first one when I was 11.

  2. 8 miles is comfy - can manage 12 or 13 but I get tired back and feet these days....
    Yep the bluebells are just starting to make a break for it.... expect more pics in the not so distant future!!

  3. Nice to see a real English bluebell. We're slowly ridding our garden of hybrids.