Thursday, June 04, 2009


Adverts are not my favourite aspect of existence. Bad adverts are REALLY bad. Adverts that have to carry small print are even worse - Just watch any mascara advert and spot the "filmed with lash inserts" disclaimer to see the pointlessness of it all.

I make no secret that I enjoyed the Smash adverts with the martians. There HAVE been a few that have been worth seeing, but for no more than their intrinsic entertainment purposes. The thought that any of them have made me buy anything is too sorry a conclusion to reach.

Sat, today, as I often do, with the TV blurting into the ether of my living room while I do something completely different..... two adverts dragged my attention away from whatever I was doing, and they compelled me to write:

In jeopardy style, give me the product to the advert:

a) Just pop it up your nose for a couple of minutes, two or three times a day, and start making the most of your summer!!

b) This isn't just music - This is [blank] (A blatant M&S rip off on behalf of Asda - hint: the blank is the name of the band!!)

PS: Big Brother kicks off tonight - I've heard there will be no "live stream" this series and that means I might actually get time to write/eat/wash/sleep during the course of this series.


  1. Was (a) an advert for condoms?
    The thing with advertising is it gets under your skin even when at a conscious level you are utterly rejecting the advertised product. The seeds are sown and you are asking yourself - Would my life be more fulfilled if I had that?

  2. Of course you're right that advertising seeps into our subconscious and there's nothing we can do to stop it......

    You're wrong about condoms though......

    I personally would have guessed:
    a) cocaine
    b) perhaps a second rate "britain's got talent" runner up

    The answers are:

    answer a
    answer b

  3. Is the answer to b) Captain Badger & His Syncopated Mole & Vole Orchestra?