Monday, June 15, 2009


For some reason I feel like I'm in limbo.... I think I need to get out of my funk and go and do something..... it's the half life of a Big Brother addict but without the usual companionship of the live feed from the house. Perhaps I'll watch bowling-cam instead??

I am starting to think about camping?? Is that right?? There just seems to be no end to the internet bargains in the camping department, and I get a step closer to indulging with each discount email that manages to resist my spam filter.

Perhaps I'll just swap my quilt for a sleeping bag and kip on the floor instead, and I will still get to drink a decent cup of coffee on demand.

New music to accompany your visit.... and a new photo too.... what more could you ask for?

A skylark rests atop St George's day commemorative stone at Wholestone Hill - part of the White Rose Forest walk.


    Purchase camping gear and travel somewhere...keeping your fingers crossed re. the weather. Camping is cheap and memorable and counterbalances procrastination.
    Try Wensleydale...The Lake District... Upper Teesdale, Edale in Derbyshire. You would love long as the rain stayed off.

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