Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well it started a bit chilly this morning, but by ten o clock it was turning into another scorcher.

Sadly, I'd recorded a few hours of the live Big Brother that went out at one in the morning, and found that it featured three hours of sleeping housemates. A more pointless six hour broadcast I can not imagine.

I fast forward through three hours of sleeping and reach a stage of complete disgust at what a waste of time it's turning into.

I put my boots in the car and grab a bottle of water. I put my camera back together and grab my car keys. I drive out to Blackmoorfoot and embark on a six mile walk in the sweltering sun. It's not long before the sweat is quite literally dripping off me. I find that carrying a rucksack ALWAYS makes me hotter and before long all my clothes are clinging and clammy.

I combine two of my favourite walks into one. I walk round Blackmoorfoot, through Helme, and out to the shooting lodge at Deer Hill. I have so many good photographs from today that I can't imagine I'll ever get round to choosing a suitable selection.

Later this afternoon I spotted an accident on the motorway outside my house. I took a few photos from my bedroom window and managed to get the local newspaper to publish one on the website. I don't know how long this link'll work.

This season's chick. The first real feathers are appearing on this young fuzzy duck. A lovely glassy surface on Blackmoorfoot Reservoir. (I'm always guilty of (badly) photographing wildlife but I like the water surface and first coloured feathers on this little darling, so you have my apologies for yet another duck pic).


  1. I saw that accident. It must have happened about a minute before I passed it, going in the opposite direction. Man, I must be within yards of your house twice a day every day!

  2. I know that textiles and weaving are specialities of the West Riding and that some old weavers used to produce piles of "jasons" which are bed jackets for old ladies...apparently beige was the most popular shade.

  3. My ex-girlfriend's dad had waitied a long time to say the line to me..... "you're a weaver, I'm a weaver too..... a pattern weaver!!" - boom boom - Besides which, beige happens to be my favourite colour, or taupe or fawn.