Friday, May 29, 2009


Just a two DAY absence this time.... beats the previous record of two months by a country mile!!

Been farting about with my crappy webcam, and have now managed, without the assistance of any crappy third party and their crappy free webspace, to get a bowling green webcam back up and running. Simple things and all that. There's possibly too much crap and farting in that last sentence to be very healthy really. I'm sure that Dr. John Harvey Kellogg would approve quite heartily.

My crappy webcam now has some unbeatable refresh rates.

Next thing to fix is the music......

I'm disappointed that nobody was arsed, or had a relevant sign-in ID to comment on my Scotland photos..... boo hoo..... Saying that, even when emailed to my relatives, they never even acknowledged that they had looked at the pictures either!! You have to wonder why you bother sometimes.



  1. Give us a chance - I've been busy this week!

    Great photos. Those statues are quite spooky. And sad at times. Excellent camera work as always.

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  3. Thanks Rol - for the record the statues are all on a walk - The Glenkiln Sculpture trail - a bit of a hill walk of 4 or 5 miles but very atmospheric - some of it was VERY spooky - the visitation in particular was most unnerving.

    Glenkiln Sculpture Walk